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Eoggan, John, & Co., 166 Bu-
chanan st
J. Hoggan
Holms-Kerr & Hedderwick, 79
St. George's place
E. K. Holms-Kerr, James D.
Hedderwick, A. B. Balmain,
A. W. H. Hedderwick, W.
Johnstone, H. B. 136 Buchanan st
Kerr, Andersons, & Macleod, 149
W. George st
W. J. Anderson, H. K. Ander-
son, John M. Macleod,
Thos. Ander.o.on
Keyden, T. E. 92 W. Nile st
Kirkwood, Jas. & Son, 62 Bu-
chanan street
James Kirkwood, John A.
luiox & Service, 92 St. Vinct. st
John Knox, Edward Service
Lamb & Tulloch, 121 W. George st
Thos. E. Lamb, F. G. Tulloch
Lamont, Lewis E. 33 Eenfield st
Logan, E. G. 69 St. George's pi
irCall, D. E. 49 West George st
Macindoe, A. D. 75 St. George's pi
MacLagan, J. A. Sinclair, 166
Buchanan street
M'Lean, E. A. 44 W. George st
M'Lean, W. & D. & Paton, 98
West George st
John B. Paton
SlacLure, D. G. L. 21 West Nile st
Macnair, Allan, Young, & Rowan,
27 St. Vincent pi
Thos. Macnair, D. S. Allan
D. J. Young, John Rowan
MacPhee & Macindoe, 104 West
George street
Alexander Macindoe
Miller, Douglas G. 125 Buchanan st
Miller, Jno. & Quaile, 69 St.
George's pi
William Quaile
Mitchell, Watson. & Co. 73 St.
George's place
J. W. Watson, C. J. Wafson
Jloffatt, J. & G. 136 Buchanan st
Geo. Moffatt
Moffatt, John, 104 W. George st
Moore, Alex. 209 West George st
Moores, Carson & Watson, 209
West George street
Alex. Moore, jr. D. S. Car-
son, John K. Grahamsley,
E. M. Maclay
Morton, Geo. 104 West George st
Mowat, Eonald W. 146 Buchanan
Munro.Donald M. 88 St. Vincent st
Outram & Hamilton, 82 W. Nile st
Jas. Outram, A. F. Hamilton,
W. J. S Ballantyne
Parsons & Gedge, 166 Buchanan st
C. C. S. Parsons, E. C. Gedge
Paterson, M. Hope, 81 St. Vin-
cent st
Paterson, Newlands, & Co. 28
Eenfield street
R. Paterson, J. F. Newlands,
H. L. Seligmann, jun.
Penney, S. M. & Macgeorge, 24
George sq
B. B. Macgeorge, W. R. Mac-
george, Henry Macgeorge
Robertson & Mitchell, 54 Gordon st
James Robertson
David Mitchell
Robertson, L. & R. H, 58 St. Vin-
cent street
R. Hope Robertson
Hugh Brown, jun
Robertson, Wm. 21 West Nile st
Roxburgh & Nimmo, 96 Buchanan
Robert Roxburgh
Farquhar Roxburgh
Scott, W. Norman, 62 St. Vincent
Service Bros. 58 Eenfield st
Jas. B. Service
Douglas D. Service
Sinclair, John M. & Co. 49 West
George street
George Laidlaw
Sloan, Alex. & Co. 140 Hope 8t
Alex. Sloan
Geo. M. King
D. Norman Sloan
Smith, Alex. 16 St. Vincent pi
Smith, James G. M. 104 West
George street
Stables & Fulton, 11 Royal Ex-
change square
Alex. Stables, E. 0. Fulton
Steel, J. & M. T. 106 Buchanan st
M. T. Steel
Steven & Connell, 157 W. George
Jas. L. Steven
Thos. Conbell
Stirrat & Holms, 160 Buchanan st
James Stirrat, J. A. Holms
Strang, Robert^ 62 Buchanan st
Struthers & Stewart,146 Buchanan
Andw. Struthers, J. Stewart,
M. W. Struthers
Todd, Gourlay W. 75 St. George's
Turner, Jas. & Co. 97 Buchanan st
Joseph Turner
Walker, Chas. W. 4 West Nile st
Walker, R. H. 147 W. Regent st
Wallace, Geo. H. 127 St. Vincent st
Wallace, Hamilton, 44 W. George st
Watson, Jas., & Smith, 40 St.
Vincent place
John Harvey, F. J. Smith, A.
H. Smith, G. Murdoch
Weir & Robertson, 7 Royal Bank
D, B. Weir, W. Robertson
Young, T. S. & Co. 104 West
George street
T. S. Young
Davis, J. & Sons, Ltd. 27 St.
Vincent pi
Gray & Co. 12 Waterloo st
Fairie, John, C.A., Faculty build-
ings, 82 W. Nile st
Laidlaw, Geo. 49 W. George st
Lindsay, W. G. & J. W. 156
St. Vincent st
M'Farlane, Button, & Patrick,
203 West Georse st
Muir, Alfred, 104 W. George st
Somerville, John, 93 Waterloo st
Stanley & Macara, 62 Buchanan
Thomson & Co. 15 Gordon st
Zimmermann, R. 8 Gordon st
Baird & Stevenson (freestone), 13
Carlton place
Currie & Co., 18 Bothwell st
Donald & M'Pherson, 8 Bath st
Edwards, Macdougal & Co. ; store,
189 W. Regent St.; office, 180 do.
Morison, John & Son, 8 Dixon st
Murray & Stewart, 98 Commerce st.
Telephone No. 965
Scott & Eae (telephone No. 1380),
granite, freestone, Arbroath,
Caithness and oven stones ;
depot, 380 to 396 Eglinton st.
and 348 West street (West st.
station); office,91 Bothwell st
Stoer Bros. & Coles, Ltd., litho-
graphic stone quarry owners and
importers, Howard square, 9 W.
Howard street
Struthers, R. City Pavement Depot,
22 Crookston street
Winstone, B., & Sons, Limited,Lon-
don, German lithographic stones;
A. B. M'llvi-ide, 72 Waterloo st.;
telephone No. 4162
Gibson, J. & Co., 323 Paisley rd.,
M'Gregor, John, 48 Kelvin st
Allan, James, sen. & Son, Elm-
bank Foundry
Blackley, Young & Co., 70 Wel-
lington street
Borland, Wm. & Co. 62 Queen st
Cera Light Co. Ltd. 70 York st
Clarkson, Bros. 8 & 1 2 Little Ham-
ilton St., and 95 High John st
Columbian Stove Wks. 11, 13, 16
Dixon st
Dobbie, Forbes & Co. 51 Waterloo
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