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Hamilton, Archd. (in zinc, brass,
and copper, also ink and
brushes), 35 Ann street, city, off
Jamaica st
Lugton, Richard, 4 New wynd
M'Gregor, Alex. 40 John street
M'Haffie & Co. 107 John st
M'Laren & Meikle (practical), 25
Gordon street. — See Advt. in Ap.
Metallic (The) Art Co. (in metals,
also brushes and ink), 53 Water-
loo street
Munro, James, 4 North Court,
St. Vincent st. — See Advt. in
Parata Rubber Stamp Co, 146
Hope street
Ramsay, Wm. & Co. 11 Jamaica st
Robertson, Wm. (practical), 62
Argyle st
Walker, William, & Co. (zinc,
brass, copper, &c., also inks),
125 London st
Aird & Coghill, 263 Argyle st
Bell & Bain, Ltd. 41 and 43 Mit-
chell st
Blackie & Son, Ld. 17 Stanhope st
Collins, W. Sons, & Co. (Ld.) 139
St. James' road
Erskine, Jas. C. 140 Hope st
Fleming, David B. 43 and 45
Old Wynd
Gilmour & Carmichael, 37 Glass-
Hodge, Wm. & Co. 34 and 36 N.
Frederick st
M'Kell, John, 40 John st. city
Mackenzie, Wm. 43 Howard st
MacLehose, R. & Co. 153 W. Nile
Wright, C. L. 100, 102 W. George
St. and 100, 106 Stirling rd
Banks, Thos. 11 Gt. Wellington st
Brady, Wm. & Co. Gen. terminus
Brown, Gavin, General terminus
Conlan, James, 11 Taylor st
Craig, Alex. & Son, 1 Finnieston
Creighton A. J. 119 Hydepark st
Duncan, J. M. & Co. 21 Queen's
Eadie, Wm. 21 Queen's dock
Gow & Lumsden, Genrl. terminus
TVI'Cabe, James, 3© Queen's dock
M'Creadie, D. J. 20 Queen's dock
M'Govvan, James, Queen's dock
M'Gregor. James, & Ferguson,
Yorkhill wharf and 48 Tunnell
M'Kellar, D. General Terminus,
Paisley road, and Queen's Dock
M'Laughlio, Rod. General terminus
M'Menemy, J. Queen's dock
Maxwell, Wm. 36 Blackburn st
Mills, James, 173 Finnieston st
Munro, Geo. (formerly Brown,
Gavin & Co.), Gen. terminus
Murphy, John, 3 Avon st
Pearson, George, Queen's dock
Paton, John, 5 Queen's Dock
Robertson, David, 169 Finnieston st
Sember, A. Sons, & Co. 37 Paisley
Shaw, Robt. P. Kingston dock
Smith, James, General terminus
Spencer, Jas. & Co. 50 Tunnel st
United Grain Elevators, Ltd. 230
Stobcross st
Whitelaw, Wm. General terminus
and Queen's dock
Sneinwortzel & Baird, 74 Ai-gyle st
(Arranged under Firms.)
Aitken, Charles K. 97 Buchanan
Aitken, Mackenzie & Clapperton
2 West Regent st
R. EastoD Aitken, R. C.
Mackenzie, Lewis Clapper-
Anderson, A. C. & Co. 75 St.
George's pi
A. C. Anderson
Wm. Ritchie
Anderson, R. Derby, 67 W. Nile st
Auld& M'Ewan, 24 St. Vincent pi
Andrew MacEwan, R. 0.
Murdoch, Wm. Auld
Bell & Provan, 40 West Nile st
James Provan
Binnie, John, 21 St. Vincent pi
Black & Robson, 14 Prince's sq
Walter M. Taylor
Blair & Cross, 24 St. Vincent pi
Wm. Blair, John Cross
Bremner, A. H. 104 W. George st
Brown, A. Ralph, 48 W. George
Brown, T. E. 58 Eenfield st.
Buchanan & Fergusson, 27 St.
Vincent place
Buchanan, William, 49 W. George
Cairney, Douglas, 141 W. George
Carrick, Kellock, & Barclay, 26
Eenfield street
John Carrick, James Kellock,
James J. Barclay
Chalmers, George, 121 W. George
Chrystal, Jas. 75 St. George's pi
Church & Greig, 104 West George
W. E. M. Church, R. C. Greig
Colvin & Laird, 4 North court.
Royal Exchange
Wm. Colvin, John Laird
Coulson, Alf. H. 45 Renfield st
Couper, Keir, 166 Buchanan st
Craig, Neilson, 166 Buchanan sfi
Crawford, Robt. 62 St. Vinceat
Cunningham, T. S. & Brown, 96
Buchanan st
T. S. Cunningham. C. H. T.
Brown, Alex. R. M. Lindsay
Cuthbert, Alex. D. 162 Buchanan
Dixon Bros. 25 Gordon st
George Dixon, A. J. Dixon
Donald & Co. 104 West George st
T. F. Donald, J. E. Donald
Drew, Wm. 67 W. Nile street
Dunn, David, 7 Royal Bank place
Dykes, John, jun. 92 St. Vincent
Easton, Robert, & Co. 21 West
Nile st
R. E. Cunningham
Elder, R. H. 125 Buchanan street.
Ewing, A. H. 21 West Nile street
Ewing, Leckie H. 27 St. Vincent pi
Ferguson, Wm. Pettigrew, 166
Buchanan sireet
Findlay, Kidston, & Goff, 102
Hope st
E. D. Findlay, D. W. Kidston,
Wm. H. Goff
Finlay & Clapperton, 31 St. Vin-
cent place
Wm. Cowan Finlay, Eobert
Fleming, Moffat & Martin, 109 St.
Vincent st
John G. Fleming, David
Moffat, Wm. Martin, junr,
Forrester, Henry, 45 W. Nile st
Forrester, J. M. 45 W. Nilest
Eraser, A. R. 81 St. Vincent st
Fraser, Kirkpatrick, & Smith, 88
St. Vincent st
A. B. Kirkpatrick, W. R. Smith
Fraser, Patrick W. 33 Gordon st
Gairdner & Tennant, 63 St. Vin-
cent st
Jas. M. Gairdner, John D.
Gemmel, H. S. 15 Gordon st
Gillies, E. N. 63 St. Vincent st
Gow Bros. & Gfmmell, 21 West
Nile st
J. Barnett Gow, W. IMearns
Gow, Robert Gemmell
Grahame, Crum. & Connal, 105
West George street
Hugh B. Crum, K. H. M.
Connal, John G. Crum
Hamilton, Wm. 58 Renfield st
Eart & Watson, 63 St. Vincent st
A. Hart, D. H. Watson
Herbertson, Charles H. 92 St.
Vincent st
Hodge, T. 21 St. Vincent pi

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