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Hendry Brothers, 79, 80 Gt. Clyde
Hinshelwood, Tlios. & Co. Glen-
park street
Hiril, Hastie, & Co. Kinning Park
Oil, PaiQt, Colour, and Varnish
Works, 7.S Park st
India (The) Rubber, Gutta Percha,
■ and Telegraph Works Co. Ltd.
8 Buchanan st
Irwin & Campbell, 38 Stockwell
King, Alfred, glass, china, and
■ eatthenware, 24and 26 Unionst
Lindsay, E. B. &, Co. 43 Mair st.
Loudon Bros. 46-50 Waterloo st
Macarthur & Co. (engine waste
manufrs.), Millerfield rd. Dal-
M'Coard, Wm. & Son, (manufrs.
of engine waste, and of sponge
, cloths, goods press-packed for
shipment). East Nelson street.
, Telephone No. 2559; telegrams,
"Maocoard, Glasgow"
M'Dermott, J. B., 11 Bothwell st
M'Donald, Eobt. 45 Union st
M'Dougall & Sons, glass, china,
and earthenware, 2-22 Jail sq
M'Ewan, Wm. A. ship furnisher
and maker of every description
of condenser packing rings, cord
and lappings, 199 Claythorn st
M'Geoch, Wm. & Co. 108 Ar-
gyle street
M'Gregor, D. & Co. instruments of
navigation, 37, 38 Clyde place
M'Gregor, Peter, & Co. 200-202
George street
M'Innes, T. S. & Co. Ltd. steam
engine indicators, gauges, count-
ers, timepieces, lubricators,
gauge glasses, etc. 41 and 42
Clyde place
Macfarlane, A. & P. 93 Hope st
MacLellan, George, & Co. Glasgow
Rubber Works, Maryhill ; ware-
house, 253 Argyle street
MacLellan, Lewis & John, 65, 67,
and 130 Port-Dundas rd
MacLellan, P. &. W. Limited, 129
M'Symon & Potter, 26 Clyde pi
Maitland, Hands, & Co. Kelvin-
haugh st
Malloch, C. & J. (ships' mirrors,
sidelight glasses, glaziers, &c.),
304 St. Vincent st
Martin, Robert, 12 York st
Mathews, Maclay & Manson, 104
Hvdepark street
Mavor & Coulson, Ltd. " C.C."
system of electric wiring (water-
proof), also dynamos, motors,
&c., 47 King st. Mile-end
Mechan & Sons, 60 Elliot st
Meikie, Wm. & Sons, 21 Welling-
ton st
Metallic (The) Art Co. 53 Water-
loo st
Miller, A. D. & Co., 53 Stockwell st
Moore, Taggart & Co. Tontine
House, Cross
Munro, Donald, 13 Robertson st
Murray, James, & Co. 8 Anderston
quay; also at Mavisbank quay,
s.s. — See Advt. in App
Murray, M'Vinnie & Co. Mavis-
Murray, E. C. & Co. 5, 7, 9, 11
Carlton court, Bridge st
Nairn, Michael, & Co. 113 Centre
street, s.s.
Nimmo & Co. 57 and 59 Mains
North British Rubber Co, (Ltd.)
60 Buchanan street
Paisley Peter, 82 to 96 Jamaica
Paterson, Geo. & Co. 16 Spring-
field lane
Paterson, Wm. & Son (electric and
pneumatic bells, gin and steering
chains in stock or to order), 65
Pitt st
Phillips, John, & Co. 17 Anderston
quay and 113 Hydepark street
Potter, Robt. & Sons, Barrowfield
Foundry, 48 French st. Bridgeton
Primrose, T. & Son, 52 York st
Ramage & Whitehead, 30 Cado-
gan st
Ramsay, Wm. & Co. (electric),
11 Jamaica street
Reid, A. Dawson, & Co. 5 West
Regent st
Reynolds & M'Culloch, 581
Sauchiehall st. Charing cross
Robb, Moore, & Co. 70 to 74
Safety Tread Syndicate, Limd.
103 Bothwell st
Schiiffer & Budenberg (steam and
vacuum gauges, thermometers,
injectors and ejectors), 5 Well-
ington st
Scott, Ernest & Mountain, Ltd.
(electrical plant, fans, pumps,
and auxiliary engines). Close
Works, Newcastle - on - Tyne ;
res. engineer, R. Hood Haggle,
jun. 137a St. Vincent st
Scott, James & John G. Ltd.
28 Dobbie's loan
Scottish (The) Asbestos Co. Lmd.
5 Royal Exchange sq
Scottish Oil and Chemical Co. Ld.
Masterton Works, Keppochhill
Smith, Andrew, 12 York st
Stephenson, Brown & Co, 51
Cadogan st
Stevenson Bros. 3 and 5 M 'Alpine
Stewart, John, & Co. (iron,
steel, and ironmongery), 28-32
Oswald street
Storer, James, & Co. Barrowfield
Works, 48 French st. Bridgeton
Summers, James, 41 Moir st
Tennant, Robt. & Co. electro-
platers of ships' fittings, 419J
Argyle st
Thomson, Eobt. B. & Co. all kinds
of glassware for ships use, 54
W. Howard st
Thomson, Wm. & Co. pulleys,
blocks, chains, tube expanders.
Smith St. Kinning Park
Tudhope Bros. 62 Howard st
Wad dell, Douglas & Co. (electro-
platers of), 110 John St. city
Walker & Hall, 8 Gordon st.
Wallace & Connell, patent com-
bined spray wave and douche
baths, pumps, water closets, &c.
44 St Enoch sq. and branches
Walton, John, & Sons, 36 Charlotte
Williamson, Morton & Co. London,
and Glasgow Colour Works, 349
361 Dobbie's loan
Willock, Fred. G. 109 Hope street
Wilson, Wm. & Alex, manufrs.
of cotton packing rings for con-
denser tubes of marine boilers,
condenser cord, and grey and
cotton lapping rings, as supplied
for H.M. gunboats, 24, 26, 28
Broad st. near Bridgeton cross
Wiseman, Wm. & Son, New
Adelphi Mills, 205 Rutherglen
rd. (cleaning waste manufac-
Wylie & Lochhead (Limited), 45
Buchanan street
Chalmers & Co. 39 Kelvinhaugh.
St.; works, Woodville st. Govaa
Kelso & Bryson, 206 Scotland st
Kelso & Co. 47 to 57 Oxford st.
— See Advt. in App
Mackenzie & Co. (in wood and
metal, for shipbuilders and
patentees), 17 Douglas st
Chalmers & Co. 39 Kelvinhaugh.
St.; works, Woodville st. Govaa
Kelso & Co. 47 to 57 Oxford st.
— See Advt. in App.
Mackenzie & Co. 17 Douglas st
Welsh, John E. & Co. 10 Hydepark
Orient Line Steamship Co. Ltd.
46 Renfield st
Scottish (The) Ship and Ship Share
Investment Co. Ltd. 145 Queen
Scottish Shipping Investors' Pro-
tection Association, 26 Renfield
St.; James Wilson, C.A., auditor
and secy

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