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Kimball & Morton, LmtJ. sewing
machines for sails and grummets,
11 Both well circus
Lewis, W. &. E., 116 and 118
M'Farlane, J. & Co. 147 Shields rd
M'llwraith, James, & Co. 92 West
Regent st
Mills, J. K. & Co. 13 Cochrane st
Mitchell, And. & Co. Ltd. 12
Prince's square
Moore, W. F. & Son, Isle of Man ;
agents, D. Birrell & Co. 117
BIythswood drive
Niven, John, 6 Water st. Port-
Paterson, Baxter, & Co. 16 South
Frederick st
Plantation Sail Works, Eagles-
ham st
Port -Glasgow and Newark Sail-
cloth Co. Port-Glasgow
Port-Glasgow & Newark Sailcloth
Co. sailcloth manufacturers ;
Mungo Gray & Co. agents, 93
Hope 6t
Entherfiird Brothers, 148 and 150
Ingram street
Sonth-Vv'esteru Rope and Sail
Works, 301 Scotland st. ; Wm.
Barton & Co.
Thomson, Arch. Black & Co. 204
Elliot St. ; works, Shettleston
Thomson, M. C. & Co. 98 Holm
Webster, Francis, & Sons, 49
Paisley rd
(Those marked r are Kiggers.)
Allan, James, 25 Lancefield quay
rBarton, William, & Co. 55 Clyde
Brittain, Robt. & Co. 28 Dale st.
rBums, Richard, 11 Plantation st
Douglas, Eobt. & Son, Plantation
Sailworks, 23 Eaglesham st. s.s
Dumbarton Eopework Co. 114
Duncan, P. & Sons, Anderson st.
Frew, George & Son, 64 Paterson
street, s.s.
srGovan Rope & Sail Co. (Ltd.),
Helen street, Govan
Gray, Duncan, & Sons, 28 Great
Wellington street
Henderson & Co. 100 Broomielaw
Hood, Wm. Fairley street, Govan
r Kenny, James, 139 Govan rd
Kidd, Archd. & Son, 32 St. James
street. Paisley rd
M'Allister, John, & Sons, 24 St.
James' st. Paisley road
M'Farlane, John, & Co. 147
Shields road
rM'Kinnon, Hugh, 25 Rutland cres.
rNiven, John, 6 Water st. Pott-
Paterson, Geo. & Co. 16 Spring-
field lane
Eeid, Geo. & Sons, 59 Morrison st
Rose, George, & Sons, 59 Morrison
street, Kingston
Rosenvinge, 0. 106 Broomielaw
Ship Chandlery and Sail Works
Co. 18 Finnieston lane
Stark, Jas. & Son, Ltd. ; office
and works, Grangemouth
Tarbet, Robert, 68 Anderston Quay
Thomson, Archd. Black & Co.,
204 Elliot St. ; wks. Shettleston
r Wilson, John, & Co. ship riggers,
204 Elliot st
Aitken, Jas. 69 Osborne st
Chemical (The) Salt Co. Ltd. 40
W. Nile st
Craig, Walter, jun. 26 Carlton
court, s.s.
Carrie & Co. Ld. 18 Bothwell st.;
telephone Nos. S54 and 552
Gilchrist, Jas. & Co. 37 Carrick st
Hannah, Samuel, & Co. (export
packers), 189 Rntherglen rd
Jamieson, J. & Co. 13 Commerce st
LoDgmuir, MacDonald & Co., 180
M'Taggart, D. (of John Nisbet &,
Co), 18 Mains st. and 74a
Waterloo st
Milne, Wm. 103 King st. city
Nisbet, John, & Co. 18 Mains st.
and 74 a Waterloo st.; telephone
No. 4112
Norwegian Ice Co. Ltd. 142 Main
street, s.s.
Rough, Walter G. & Co. 49 West
George street
Eowat & Co., export packers,
Craigton road, Govan
Walker, George, & Son, Ltd.
packets and export packets, 48
French st. Bridgeton
Wilson, Edward, jun. & Co, 39
Stockwell street
Findlay, James, 68 Mitchell street
Handley, John, & Sons, 101 Argyle
Irving Bros. 86 Eenfield street ;
telephone No. 4397
Thompson, Kemp & Co. sample
bags of paper or linen for postal
purposes. Eclipse Works, 96
Darnlev st. s.s.; telephone No.
Thompson, Robt. B. & Co., 54 W.
Howard street, near St. Enoch sq
Wilson, Guthrie, & Co. 335 St.
Vincent st
Allan, John, & Son, Barlinnie fire-
clay works
Boyle, Robert, & Son, Ltd. 110
Bothwell st
Brown, Eobt. & Son, The Sanitaiy
Earthenware Works, Paisley ;
Glasgow depot and office, 360
Eglinton st
Brownlie, P. S. & Co. makers of
enamelled sinks, wash tubs, and
all descriptions of sanitary ware.
Registered trade mark, " Kenti-
gern," 20 East Nelson street;
telegraphic address, " Corona;"
telephone No. 2680
Bums & Glover, 23 and 27 Oswald
Campbell, T. B. & Sons; show-
rooms and warehouse, 29 Wel-
lington st
Clutha (The) Sanitary Appliances
Co. 12 West Campbelfst
Consland & Mackay, 150 Hope sfc
Craig, J. M. Ltd. makers of
enamelled sinks and washtubs,
Buchan's sanitary appliances,
sewage pipes, and every descrip-
tion of fireclay goods and sani-
tary earthenware, 98 Commerce
street ; telephone No. 965
Currie & Co. Ltd. office, showroom,
and warehouse, 18 Bothwell st
Donald & Donald (ventilating and
sanitary), 60 Bothwell circus ;
works, 27 Douglas street
Falkirk Iron Co. 32-34 Bothwell st;
Glendinning, John, 116 Bothwell sfc
Grahtryx Ventilating & Engineer-
Co. Ltd. (successors to Baird,
Thompson & Co.), soil pipe and
other ventilators, 20 Union st.
and at London
Kirkwood, W. & G. 418 Dum-
barton rd. Partick
Lee, Russell & Co. 50 Charles st.
St. Eollox
M'Leod, Wm. & Co. 56, 58, and
60 Robertson street
Manlove, Alliott, & Co. Ltd. 101
St. Vincent st. and Nottingham
Stevenson, Wm. & Co. 72 to 80
Brown street, city
Twyfords, Ltd. Cliffe Vale Pot-
teries, Hanley, Staffordshire ; 95
Bath st
Brown, Robert, & Son, The Sani-
tary Earthenware Works, Pais-
ley ; Glasgow depot and office,
360 Eglinton st
Gamkirk Fire-clay Co. 243 Bu-
chanan St.; depot, head of Glebe
St. St. Eollox
Glenboig (The) Union Fireclay Co.
Ltd., offices, 48 W. Regent st. ;
depots, head of Glebe street, St.
EoUox. — See Adv.
Heathfield & Cardowan Fire-clay
Co. 52 Robertson st

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