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France & Morgan (ships), White-
field Brass Works, Carmichael
St. Govan
Grant, Cameron & Curie, hose
reels, hose and ladder carriages,
83 to 99 Kennedy st.; tele-
phone No. 3801
Hannan & Buchanan, 75 Robert-
son street
Hildesheim, John, 48 W. Regent st
Hume, Wm. & Co. Clyde Works,
Port Glasgow
Lee, Russell & Co. 50 Charles st.
St. Rollox
Lincolne & Co. 65, 67 N. Wallace
London Fire Appliance Co. 100
Sauchiehall st
M'Fie, Robert, 9 Shuttle street
MacLellan, P. & W. Lmd. mer-
chants, 129 Trongate, and
Clutha Works, Plantation
Main, R. & A. (fire estincteurs),
27 Park st. Kinning Park
Mechan & Sons, 60 Elliot st
Miller, Wm. patent "Concussion"
and " Handy " fire engines,
- fusible wire fire alarums, patent
automatic fire buckets, ink puri-
fiers, &c., 212 St. Vincent st
Mills, George, & Co., Radcliffe,
Manchester (The Titan Sprink-
ler); agent, Jas. M. Sim, 2 Royal
Exchance court, 85 Queen st
Spence, David & Co. (patent
alert), 75 Robertson st
Stone, J. & Co., London ; sole
agent, C. R. Stewart, 4 6 Gordon st
Tangyes (Lmd.), 96, 98 Hope st
Wallace & Connell, 44 St. Enoch
square, and branches
Wylie, Brown & Co. Ltd. 136
Nelson st. s.s
Achnach & Co., Thistle Rubber
Mills, 110 Commerce st
Anderson & Nicol, 27 Ann st. city
Banham, Geo. & Co. Ltd. ; James
Campbell, agent, 120 Welling-
ton street
Binney & Son, 68 West Howard
Burt, John & Co. 143 Gt. Hamilton
Cameron & M'Connell, 8 Brown
st. Anderston
Campbell, George, & Coy.
108 Argyle street; retail, 33
Jamaica street
Campbell, Jas. " Bon-Accord "
, brand, 120 Wellington £t
Clyde Rubber Works Co. Ltd.
(The); telephone No. 27; 2 Clyde
St. Port-Dundas ; town ware-
house, 76 Broomielaw, telephone
No. 4928
Clydesdale Rubber Co. 58 Gordon
Currie, Thomson, & Co. 43, 45, 47
Jamaica street
Dalziel & Co. sole agents for Jones'
patent wire-bound hose, canvas,
rubber, and leather hoses, 8 Both-
well st
Donald, John, Ltd., 42 Cadogan st
Dowson, Taylor, & Co. Ld. 76 Bu-
chanan street (the " Evertight
Hose," instantaneous couplings,
and general hand appliances),
J. H. Watson, resid. manager
for Scotland and Ireland
Glasgow Rubber Works, Maryhill,
India rubber and canvas; ware-
house, 253 Argyle st
Goudie, James T. & Co. 149, 151
Argyle st
India-Rubber, Gutta-Percha, and
Telegraph Works Co. Ltd. 8
Buchanan street; works. Silver-
town, London, E.
Leckie, Graham, & Co. 116 Union
London Fire Appliance Co. 100
Sauchiehall st
Macbean, Edward, & Co., india rub-
ber, leather, and canvas, 127
Stockwell St.; works, Welling-
ton Mills, Port-Dundas ; Elders-
lie Mills, by Johnstone
M'Intosh, Peter, & Sons, 129
Stockwell st
M'Lellan, George, & Co. (india
rubber and canvas) Glasgow
Rubber Works, Maryhill; ware-
house, 253 Argyle st
MacLellan, P. &W., Ld. merchants,
129 Trongate and Clutha Works,
Macpherson, Dunlop & Co. Gor-
bals Rubber Works, 150 Mainst
Martin, W. & J. 63 Brunswick st
Muirhead, Andw. & Son, Ld. 6 to
14 Brunswick lane
Munro, Robt. & Co. (india rubber
and canvas), 27 Union street;
works, Kelvin Rubber Works,
Norris, S. E, & Co. London ; J. J.
H. Cruickshank, 95 Bath street,
North British Rubber Co. (Limtd.),
60 Buchanan st
Ramage & Whitehead, 30 Cadogan
Robertson, Peter, 32 Queen street
Steel, Thomas C. & Co. 10 Carrick
Stevenson Bros. 3 & 5 M' Alpine st
Stewart, John, & Co. 28, 30
Oswald st
The Scottish India Rubber Co., 45
Queen st
Thornton & Co., 90 Gordon st
Tullis, John, & Son, St. Ann's
Works, John street, Bridgeton
Walker, Wm. & Sons, 61 East
Howard street
Walton, John, & Sons, City Leather
Works, 36 Charlotte lane
Wotberspoon, James, & Sons,
steam loom weavers, 41 St.
James' st. s.s.
Auld & Donaldson, 32 Possil rd
Glasgow Firelighter Co. Rockvilla
Laird, Andw., 142 Trongate
N. B. Coal & Firewood Co. (Currie
& Co. Ltd.) firewood split and
bundled by patent machinery
(telephone Nos. 544 and 652),
18 Bothwellst.; depot, General
Terminus, s.s
Paton, James, RockviUa Bridge
Templeman & Dudgeon, 20, 22
Possil rd
Waldie, John, 369 London rd
Wilden, S. & Co., 399 Old Kep-
pochhill road
Young, J, & R. Broomloan road,
Bladen & Co. 198 St, Vincent St.;
works, Parkhead
Cochrane & Co. Eclipse Iron
Works, Shettleston
Connell, Geo. R. (Potter & Co. Ltd.
patent fireproof floors),79 Robert-
sou st
Donald, James T. & Co. Ltd. 345
Argyle st
Dorman, Long, & Co. Lim. Mid-
dlesborough (W. H. Lindsay's
patent fireproof flooring) ; sole
agents for Scotland, W. Lester
& Sons, 11 West Regent street
Elder & Co. 60, 64 Galbraith st
Expanded Metal Co, Ltd. 70 Great
Clyde st
Ferguson & Co. 10 Saracen st
Fleming, P, & R. & Co. 29 Argyle
Hurst, Nelson & Co. Ltd.; reg,
oflfice and work?, The Glasgow
Rolling Stock and Plant Wka.
Motherwell; Glasgow ofiice, 160
Hope St.; London ofiice, 11
Queen Victoria st, E.C.
Iron and Steel Fencing and
Buildings Co. 60 Wellington st
M'Ara, Alex, (hydraulic plaster
fire proof and damp proof), 65
Morrison st. s.s. — See Advt.
MacLellan, P, & W, Ld, 129
M'lilillan, Jas, Vulcan Ironworks,
57 Scott st, Port-Dundas
Robinson's Fireproof Cement for
improving plastering ; Carrie &
Co. Ltd. 18 Bothwell st
Rome, Geo. & Co. expanded metal
fireproof lathing, ceilings, floor,
and partitions, 136 Waterloo

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