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or pedestals for same, white and
coloured enamel bricks of su-
perior luslre and finish, double
dipped vitrified bricks, and all
articles made of fireclay of the
most superior quality and finish;
Glasgow depot and office, 360
Eglinton st
Browulie, P. S. & Co. makers of
enamelled bricks, enamelled
sinks, wash tubs, and all de-
scriptions of sanitary ware,
reg. trade mark, " Kentigern,"
Crown Fireclay Works, 20 E.
Nelson St.; telegraphic address
" Corona ; " Telephone No.
Bams & Glover, 23 and 25
Oswald st
Calder Fire-clay Co. Calder Brick
Works, Coatbridge
Caledonia Fire-clay Works, Canal
St. Port-Eglinton
Craig, J. & M. (telephone No.
965), makers of enamelled
bricks, enamelled sinks and
washtubs, Buchan's sanitary
appliances, sewerage pipes, and
every description of fire-clay
goods, 98 Commerce st.
Currie & Co. Ld. (Telephone No.
644 and 652), 18 Bothwell st.
city; depot, General Term, s.s
Darnley Fire-Clay Works, Nitshill;
Allan Kirkwood ; office, 69 Gt.
Clyde St.; store 101 Pollokshaws
rd.; telephoneNo.3458; telegrams
*' Kirkwood," Nitshill
Dunlop, James, & Co. Ltd. 7
Eoyal Bank pi
Eglinton (The) Silica Brick Co.
Ltd. (Dundyvan Brick Works,
Coatbridge), patent cements for
withstanding extreme heats and
action of molten slag; office, 8
Firhill road
Farnley (The) Iron Co. Ltd.,
Famley, near Leeds ; manufac-
turers of porcelain baths, glazed
bricks, sinks, wash tubs, mangers,
lavatories, &c.; agent, Julius V.
Scott, 53 Bothwell st
Feldtmann, E. & Co. foreign agents
for the Garnkirk Fire-clay Co.
104 W. George st
Garnkirk Fire-clay Co. 243 Bu-
chanan St.; depot, head of Glebe
Gartcraig Fire-clay Co. Ltd. makers
of white and coloured enamelled
bricks, white facing bricks,
sewerage pipes, and all kinds
of fire-clay goods, 18 Charles
St. St. Eollox ; depot, Monkland
Canal basin ; works, Gartcraig,
by Shettleston ; telegraphic
address, " Gartcraig ;" telephone
No. 1299
Gartverrie Fire-clay Co. Glenboig
Gilmour, John, & Co. manufac-
turers of glazed sewerage pipes,
chimney cans, patent vents,
wall coping, white and coloured
enamelled bricks, white facing
and fire bricks, enamelled sinks,
wash-down closets, garden edg-
ing, &c. 10 Cook St. S.S.; works,
Bounyton, Kilmarnock ; tele-
phone No. 1651
Glenboig Union Fu-e-clay Co. (Ld.)
(The), gas retorts, fire-bricks,
and sewerage pipes, &c.; offices,
48 W. Regent st.; depot, head
of Glebe St. St. Eollox.— /S'ee Ad.
Goldie, James & Son, 52 St.
Enoch square
Heathfield and Cardowan Fire-clay
Co.; offices, 62 Eobertson st.
Hillhead Fire-clay Works, Kilmar-
nock ; telephone No. 965 ; depot,
98 Commerce st
Hurll, Peter & Mark, compo-
sition and plastic clay build-
ing brick, white, blue, and
red terra-cotta facing bricks,
terra-cotta and chimney cans,
glazed sewer pipes, sewer bot-
toms, &c. ; works, Garscube and
Knightswood, Maryhill ; office,
144 W. Regent st.; depot, St.
Hurll, Peter & Mark, Garnqueen
and Gartliston Fireclay Works,
Glenboig; office, 144 W. Regent
st ; depot. Glebe st. St. Eollox ;
telephone No. 147
Ironfounders' Grinding Co., agents
for fire and other bricks ; stocks
on hand, 3 West Scotland st
Kirkwood,Allan,Darcley Fire-Clay
Works, Nitshill; office, 69 Gt.
Clyde St.; store, 101 Pollok-
shaws road; telephone No. 3458;
telegrams " Kirkwood," Nitshill
Luke, F. E. & C. H. & Co. agts. for
Stanley Bros. Nuneaton, manu-
facturers of Eidge tiles, chimney
cans, roofing tiles, sanitary
pipes, enamelled ware, tile and
enamelled bricks, and every
description of fire-clay goods,
261 West George st. Teleph.
No. 6546 ; telegraphic address,
" Lukes," Glasgow
Lylestone Quarry Co. Ltd. 53
Bothwell st
Mather, E. & J. depot 144 Castle
st. ; works, Provanhall, Shettle-
Morison, John, & Son, composition
bricks, tire-clay bricks, chimney
cans, sewer pipes, field tiles, &c.;
depots, St. Eollox and 39 Stock-
well st. ; store, Manse rd.
Dunoon ; office, 8 Dixon st ;
telephone No. 4402
Morrison, Wm. B. & Son (white
enamel), 117 W. Eegent st
Morton, John (of John Gilmour &
Co.), Bonnyton Works, Kilmar-
nock, and 10 Cook at. Glasgow;
resid. St. Hillier's, Kilmarnock ;
telephone No. 66, Kilmarnock
Murdoch, Alex. 11 West Regent st
Murray & Stewart, (telephone No.
965), depot, 98 Commerce st
Nelson, Baird & Co. 53 Waterloo st
Ferceton Fire-clay Works, Kil-
marnock (telephone No. 965),
depot, 98 Commerce street
Rankin, Jas., goods merchant, 77
Canal st. Port-Eglinton
Scott & Rae ; depot, 348 West st..
West Street Station ; office, 91
Bothwell St.; telephone exchange
No. 1380
Shawsrigg Fire Clay and Enamel-
ling Co. Ltd. 370 Eglinton Bt '
Smith, J. B. & Co. 12 Waterloo st
Speirs, Gibb, & Co.; depot, 10
Canal st. Port Eglinton
Stevenson, Wm. & Co. 72, 80
Brown st. City
Stewart, R. B. & Co. 120-130
Salkeld st.; telephone No. 4770
Snmmerlee and Mossend Iron and
Steel Co. 172 W. George st
The Glenboig Union Fire-clay Co.
Ltd. ; Charles Bell, agent for
Denmark, Baltic chambers, 50
Wellington st.
The Morningside Coal Co. Ltd.;
Chas. Bell, agent for Baltic,
Russia, Baltic chambers, 50
Wellington st
Tywood's, Ltd. ClifFe Vale Pot-
teries, Stanley, StaffiDrdshire,
baths, lavatories, w.c. basins,
wash tubs, sinks, &c. &c. 95
Bath st
Wood, Jas., Ltd., Etna and Atlas
Brick Works, Bathville, Arma-
dale station; office, 28 Royal
Exchange square
Wood, WiUiam C. & Sons, 52
Lambhill street, Paisley road
Young, John, & Co., fire bricks,
gas retorts, sewage pipes, fur-
nace blocks, ground fire-clay &
garnicater, &c. ; telegraphic ad-
dress, " Firebrick," Glasgow ;
office, 42 Bath st
Brownlie, Alex. & Co., 33 and 34
Anderston quay
Cameron & M'Connell, 8 Brown
street, Anderston
Carruthers, J. H. & Co. (duplex
pumps), Hamilton st. Polmadie
Dick, W. B. & Co. Ltd. 24 Queen
Dowson, Taylor, & Co. Ltd. 75 Bu-
chanan St. (the Simples Chemi-
cal Fire Extincteur) ; J. H.
Watson, resident manager for
Scotland and Ireland

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