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Oopland & Co. (Canadian), 146
West Regent st
Crai^, John S. & Co. Ltd. (paints,
oils, varnishes), 50 Paterson
street, s.s.
Craig & Rose (paints, oils, and
varnishes), 85-89 Cadogan st.
and at London, Edinburgh, and
•Crailsheim & Herman, 2 W. Regent
Crawford & Co. (coal), 26 Renfield
•Oummock, John, mineral water
requisites, machinery, bottles,
boxes, essential oils, essences,
spices, &c. &c. 45 Ropework In
Oe Mattos & Co. 19 Bothwell st
Deans, Jas. G. (glass), 79-105
Bishop street, Anderston
Dickson, J. & J. & Co. 54, 56
Brown st. Broomielaw
Dickson, Wm. (steel trunks) 186-
188 Aldert st
Dobbie, W. L. & Co. (sole agents
for John Kogers, Belfast), wire
cloth, wire work, and riddles,
tarred and hair felts, perforated
zinc, grease, tallow, and oils,
" Welcome" soap ; export agents
for Cljde Pottery Co. Greenock,
earthenware all kinds, sanitary
ware, 101 Waterloo st
Donald, Jas. T. & Co. Ltd. 35
M'Alpine st
Downie, R. M. & Co. 104 West
George st
Enderoann & Co. 52 St. Enoch
Ferguson, Alex. & Co. whisky &
other hquors, 106, 108 West
Regent st
Ferguson, John, & Sons (wholesale
and export household paint,
stable, toilet, and fancy brush
manufacturers, cocoa mats and
matting), 5i York st
<jrarroway, R. &. J. 58 Buchanan
■Glasgow Patents Co. Ltd. anti-
fouling composition, paints, oils,
varnishes, &c. 23 Hope st
<Jlen, John (boots), 159 Ingram
street; telephone No. 4084
<jow, Watson & Co. (general), 81
Buchanan st. and 9 Gordon st
XJrabowsky, E. A. (coal), 127 St.
Vincent st
■Grischotti & Co. (coal), 141 West
George st
Haacke, A. & Co. (boiler com-
position and oils), 146 Broomie-
Hamilton, Claud, Ltd. electrical
apparatus, 247 St. Vincent st
Hannah, Samuel & Co. (pickles,
sauces, &c.), 189 Rutherglen rd
Hatrick, W. & R. & Co. 158 Ren-
field st
Heilbron, David, Scotch whisky, 72
Bath st
Henderson, John, & Son, Ltd.,
artesian well boring and mineral
prospecting plant, General ter-
minus. Paisley road toll
Hendry Brothers (machinery), 79
and 80 Great Clyde st
Hill, Thos. & Co. (machinery),
66, 68 Robertson st
Hillcoat, Robt. & Sons (whisky),
39 Stockwell st
Hinshelwood, Thos. & Co. (chemi-
cals, metals, oils, &c.), oils,
paints, grease, and varnishes.
Glen park st
Hird, Hastie & Co. oils, paints,
varnishes, greases, &c.; also coal
tar, pitch, creosote oil, and chemi-
cals, Kinning Park Works
Holland, Becketts & Co. (chemi-
cals, metals, oils, rope, paints,
coal tar products, hardware, &c),
149 W. George st
Hunter, John & Co. (coal, &c.),
11 Bothwell st
Kidston, A. G. & Co. (chemicals,
metals, oils, &o.), 81 Great Clyde
Kirkpatrick & Barr (coal), 179 W.
George st
Kirkwood & Co., coal, 68 Bath st
Leitch, Archibald A. wire cloths,
riddles, &c. 113 Stockwell st.;
works, Goosedubs
Livingston, G. B. & Co. 5 Oswald
Lundy, F. G. C. 20 S. Frederick st
Macbean, Edw. & Co. (wholesale
and export oilskin clothinsf
manufacturers), 127 Stockwell
street ; works, Wellington Mills,
Macbean & Ridge Beedle (general),
57 West Nile st
M'Coard, Wm- & Son, exporters of
engine waste and sponge cloths,
spinners, doublers and manufrs.,
15 to 41 East Nelson st. east
end of Gallowgate. Telegrams,
" Maccoard, Glasgow ;" tele-
phone. No. 2559 — See Advt. in
Macdermott, J. B. 11 Bothwell st
MacKay, A. & B. Scotch whisky,
501 Sauchiehall st
Mackie, Koth & Co. (coal), 45
Hope st
M'Kie, Speirs & Co. 141 West
George st
M'Kinnon, R. Cowan & Co. 134
Bath st
Maclachlan, G. & J. whisky, 25,
27 St Enoch sq
M'Lachlan, Peter & Co. chemicals,
metals, oils, &c. pumicestone,
rottenstone, rale, beeswax, car-
bolic, plumbago, &c. 134 St.
Vincent st
M'Lellan, Lewis & John, oils, &c.,
65, 67 and 130 Port-Dundas rd
M'Naughton Bros, pipes, &c. 79
St. George's pi
Marshall, Robt. cannel coal, 97
Welliogton st
Mavor & Coulson, Ltd. (electrical
apparatus and engineering ma-
terial), 47 King st, Mile- end
Helling, Melling & Co., 11 Both-
well st
MiUar & Lang, Christmas cards,
5 and 7 Robertson st
MiUer, John, stationery, 116 Ren-
field st
Mitchell, Andrew, & Co., canvas,
hessian, &c., 12 Prince's sq
Murray, Jas. & Co. (ships' stores
of all kinds), 8 Anderston quay,
and at Mausbank quay. — See
Oliver, Kirk, & Co., Indian, Cey-
lon, and China teas. 278 St.
Vincent st
Phillips & Co. (dyewood extracts
and chemicals), 93 Hope street;
telephone 5017
Poynter, John, Son, & M'Donald,
chemicals, metals, oils, &c. 72 Gt.
Clyde street
Radford & Bright, Ltd. (coals, &c.)
London, Cardiff, Paris, Bordeaux
and St. Nazaire ; agents, W. B.
Barr & Gourley, 53 Bothwell st
Reid, R. A. & Co. (coal tar pro-
ducts), 125 Buchanan st
Risk, Moses, & Sons, Ltd. (Scotch
whisky), 58 Dundas st
Robertson, John W. & Co. (coal),
5 W. Regent st
Rogers, John, Belfast, wire cloth,
wire work, riddles, perforated
zinc, tarred and hair felt, grease,
tallow ; sole agents, W. L.
Dobbie & Co., 101 Waterloo st
Rosenberg, Adolf, South African,
glassware, electric fittings,
bottles, &c., 30 Great Clyde st
and 62 Ropework lane
Rowe & Co. 69 Buchanan street
Russell, W. F. (coal), 48 West
Regent st
Saviile, J. J. & Co. Sheffield,
" Saville's " best tool steel, and
" Triumph " files ; sole agents,
W. L. Dobbie & Co. 101 Water-
loo street
Sclanders, D. & Co. (sugars,
syrups), 49 Virginia st
Scottish Oil and Chemical Co.,
Ltd. (chemicals, metals, oils.
&c.), Masterton st. Keppochhill
Sevestre & Co. (coals, &c.), Swan-
sea ; agents, W. B. Barr &
Gourley, 53 Bothwell st
Shields & Brown, coal and colliery
agents, 12 Gordon st
Slater, Roger & Co. Ltd. 80 James
Watt st

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