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Watt, Chas., consulting, inspect-
ing, and superintending, 75
Bothwell street
Werayss, G. B. 6 Oswald st
Williams, Jas. & Ca. 156 Eglia-
ton street
Williamson, John, 65 W. Regent st
Young, Thomas, consulting, 4 W.
Regent st
Arthur, Gilmour, & Co., Baltic
chambers, 50 Wellington street
Barr, Prof. A. Royston, Dowanhili
Boyd, R. C. 1 Dixon st
Carlaw, David & Sons, (and
engineering agents), compass
makers, II Finnieston street.
Telephone No. 5363
Carruthers, J. H. & Co. (steam
pumps), Hamilton st. Polmadie
Clarkson Bros. City Engine Wks.
8 and 12 Little Hamilton St.
and 95 High John st
Collins, H. B. Sun buildings. West
George st.
Cross, Jas. 445 Eglinton st
Bron, Robert W. 79 W. Regent st
Duncan, Frederick (agent), 196 St.
Vincent st
Frew, Ja». C. 180 Hope st
Frew, Robert, 180 Hope st
Gemmell, John, 180 Hope st
Hamilton, Claud, Ltd. (electrical),
247 St. Vincent st
Hunter & Jack (electric power and
light), 101 St Vincent st
Johnsons, Messrs. patent office,
115 St. Vincent st.; handbook,
" Hints to Inventors," gratis
Johnstone & Rankine, 238 West
George street
Laird, And. 121 W. Regent st
Landale, Frew, & GemmeU, 180
Hope st
Lester, Wm. & Son, 11 West
Regent st
Lewin, H. W. 154 W. Regent st
M'Creath, Geo. W. 208 St. Vincent
M'Creath, Jas., 208 St. Vincent st
M'Creaths & Stevenson, 208 St.
Vincent street
Maclellan, A. 6s Co. (electrical),
54 & 56 Waterloo st
M'Naughton, Jas. J. 52 St. Enoch
Mavor & Coulson, Ltd. sole
licensees for the manufacture
■of Hurd's coal cutting machines,
.patentees for the " C.C." system
of water and dust proof wiring
<for mines, manufacturers of
open and enclosed dynamos
and motors for pumping, haul-
age, lighting, &c. 47 King st.
Moore, Robert T., 156 St. Vincent
Ormiston, J. W. & Sons, 203 St.
Vincent street
Paterson, Thos. 180 W. Regent st
Riddle, John H. 40 St. Enoch sq
Robertson, Mure, I4l St. Vincent
Robertson, Wm. 141 St. Vincent st
Robertson, Wm & Son, 141 St.
Vincent st
Simpson & Wilson, 175 Hope st
Stewart, Robert, 1 Dixon st
Strathern, Robert, 34 West- end
Park st
The Faraday Electrical Engineering
Co. Ltd. Campbell street, Govan
Adam, J. M. & Scott (pneumatic
dust separating), Ibrox Works,
Adams & Co. 41 Bothwell st. ;
also at London, York, Leeds, &c.
Allan, Jas. senr. & Son, Elmbank
Anderson, Wm. 284 Buchanan st.
58 Greenside st. and 30 Gower
St., Bellahouston station
Arnot, James L. R.P.C. 204 Bath
Baird, Thompson, & Co. (ventilat-
ing and heating), 20 Union st.
and at London
Barrie, Jno. 195, 197 Bothwell st
Blackman Ventilating Co. Ltd.,
specialists in ventilating and
warming, and in drying, 162
Hope st — See Advt. next to
Suburban map
Boyle, Robt. & Son, Limited,
(ventilating), 110 Bothwell st.
— See Advt. in App.
British Sanitary Co. 66 Bothwell st
Brown & Young, 7 Bath street
Bruce, Arch. 67, 73 Cathedral st
Bruce, John, 153 Dumbarton rd
Buchan, W. P. 36 and 38 Renfrew
Burns & Glover, 23-25 Oswald st
Caird, Douglas, 399 Great Eastern
Cairns & Laing, 5 Carlton place
Cameron, Charles, 219 Cambridge
Cameron & M'Connell, 8 Brown
St. Anderston
Cameron & Co. Phoenix Engineer-
ing Works, Campbell st. Govan
"Climax" Ventilating and Heat-
ing Co. Ltd. ventilating and
heating engineers, patentees and
sole manufacturers of " Cous-
land's improved Climax" patent
direct acting ventilators, 93 Hope
street ; works, 41 Port-Dundas
Can-ick, Jas. G. & Co. 23 North
Wallace st
Caw, D. & Co. 5 Cathedral street
Collins. ^^^ & Co. 25 Shields rd
Combe, James, & Son (established
1840), patentees of public baths
and washhouae arrangements,
laundries and drying stoves,
steam cooking ranges, &c. 103
North Hanover st
Cormack, James, & Sons, patentees
and manufacturers of man and
soot-hole doors, heating and
ventilating of wash-houses,
laundries, and baths, direct
heating radiators, and steam
cooking ranges, 36 Abercorn st
Costelle, James, 29G Caihcart rd
Cousland & Mackay (ventilating
and heating) 150 Hope st
Craig, J. & M. makers of Buohan's
sanitary appliances, sewerage
pipes, and every description of
fire-clay goods and sanitary
earthenware, 98 Commerce st
Crossley, A.M. 52 St. Enoch sq.
Cuthbertson, Jas. 423 Shields rd
Dobbie, W. L. & Co. (^sole agents
for John Rogers, Belfast), dry
hair and tarred felts, wire cloth,
aU kinds, perforated zinc, tallow;
sole agents for Clyde Pottery Co.
Greenock, sanitary ware, 101
Waterloo st
Donald & M'Pherson, 8 Bath st
Donald & Donald, ventilatino and
heating, 60 Bothwell circus ;
works, 27 Douglas st
Doulton & Co. 38 and 40 Both-
well st
Duncan, A. & C. 346 Langside rd
Forrester, Thomas, 113 W. Nilest
Fulton, D. & R. 104 and 106
Woodlands road
Gardner, Robt. & Co. 136, 138
George st
Glendinning, John, & Sons, 116
Bothwell st
Goodlet, Jas. 243 St. George's rd
Grahtryx Ventilating & Engineer-
ing Co. Ltd. (successors to Baird,
Thompson & Co.), ventilating
and heating, 20 Union street,
and at London
Grant, Alex. 81 Byres rd. Partick
Hamilton & Co. 53 Waterloo st.
and at London
"Hanna, R. Walker, 551 Sauchie-
hall st
Hegney, Chas. & Son, 458 Great
Western road, Hillhead
Hendry, Wm. & Son, 87 Bothwell
Hunter, M' William, & Co. 28 Mil-
ton lane
Hutchison &, Co. 229 Berkeley st
Ingleton, Jas. & Co. 166 and 168
George st
Johnsons, Messrs. patent office,
115 St. Vincent St.; handbook,
" Hints to Inventors," gratis
Johnston, Ja9. & Son, 130 Renfield

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