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Works, Windsor st. Scotstoun,
Buchanan, John H. 5 Oswald st.
dameron & Co. heating of all de-
scriptions by high or low pres-
sure, public baths and wash-
bouses and general laundry,
Phosnis Engineering Works,
Campbell st. Govan
Cameron, John B. & Co. court
experts, 111 Union st
€artmell, J. Monkhouse, 70 Great
Clyde st
Clark & Aiton, 75 Buchanan st
■Clark, Wm. 11 BothweU st
Clarkson, Peter & William, 8 to
12 Little Hamilton St. and 95
High John st
'^'Climax" Ventilating and Heat-
ing Co. Ltd. ventilating and
heating engineers, patentees
and sole manufrs. of " Cous-
land's improved Climax" patent
direct - acting ventilators, 93
Hope St.; works, 41 Port-
Dundas road
Combe, Jas. & Son, 103 N. Han-
over street
Conner, Ben. 196 St. Vin. st
Copeland, J. & A. 24 George sq
■Cormack, James, & Sons, heating
and ventilation, and general en-
gineering work, 36 Abercorn st
Coulson, W. Arthur, M.LE.E.
(electrician), 47 King st. Mile-end
Cousland, James, 93 Hope st
Cousland & Mackay, 150 Hope st
Coutts, Muir & Co. 140 Bath st
•Craig, David K. 101 W. Nile st
Crockatt, Wm. 21 Hope st
Crossley, Arthur M. 52 St. Enoch
Cruikshank & Fairweather, Fels.
Inst. Patent Agents, 62 St. Vin-
cent street; telephone No. 791
Cummock, John, 45 Ropework la
Davie, James, Atlantic Chambers,
45 Hope St. — See Advt. in App.
Dobbie, Alex. B. B.Sc. 24 West
Cumberland st
Donald & Donald, ventilating, heat-
ing, and sanitary, 60 BothweU
circus; works, 27 Douglas st
Donaldson, James, 88 Great Clyde
. street
Dougan, John, 52 St, Enoch sq
Ewing & Lawson, Crownpoint
Boiler Works, Crownpoint road,
and St. Marnock st. Mile- end
Fairweather, Wallace, 62 St Vin-
cent St.
Ferguson, Dan. 27 Oswald st
Fitzpatrick, Hugh D. (patent
agent and expert in patent
cases), 100 Wellington st
Fraser, Wm. 121 N, Montrose st
Fulton, T. Crichton, A. Inst. E.E.
(electrical), 44 W. George st
Giffen & Bissett, laundry, Cath-
kin Laundry, Rutherglen, and at
Putney, London
Gilcbrist, Jas. A. R. 52 St. Enoch
Gillespie, Andrew, 34 St. En. sq.
Goodwin, Eobt. 58 Renfield street
Gray, David, M.Inst.Con.E. also
valuator, plant & machinery, 77
W. Nile street
Hall, J. P. & Co. Oldham ; agent,
Robert G. Warren, 115 Wel-
lington st
Hamilton, Claud, Ltd., mechanical
and electrical, 247 St. Vincent st
Hamilton, Wm. 88 Gt. Clyde st
Hamilton, W. D. E.N.R. M.LM.E.
116 St. Vincent st
Harraan, Bruce & Co. 48 West
Regent st
Henderson, John, & Son, Ltd.
(artesian well supplies) General
Terminus, Paisley Road Toll
Hill, Thos. & Co. 66, 68 Robertson
St.; stores 12 to 30 Spoutmouth,
Home, Geo. S. 45 Hope st
Hunt, Edmund (patent agent), 121
West George st
Hunter, M'WiUiam & Co. laundry,
drying closets ; works, 28 Mil-
ton lane
Jackson, P., 109 Hope st
Jamieson, Professor Andrew, M.
Inst. C.E.,F.R.S.E., laboratory,
38 Bath street; ho. 16 Rosslyn
terrace, Kelvinside
Johnsons, Messrs. patent office,
115 St. Vincent St.; handbook,
" Hints to Inventors," gratis
Kesson, Andrew, 312, 314 Argyle
Key, Wm. (ventilation mechani-
cally with warm pure air), 109
Hope St.; works, Havelock st.
Leitch & Davies, 40 St. Enoch sq
Lewin, Harry W. 154 West Regent
Liddell, J. & Sons, 316 Dobbie's
Lyon & Crosbie, 63 W. Regent st
Macdonald, John, 146 West
Regent st
M'Farlane, Geo. M.LM.E. (and
superintending). Sun Insurance
buildings, 121 W. George st
MacFarlane, Stewart, 10 Hydepark
M'Intyre, H. 17 Oswald st
MacKinnon, Jas. D. 93 Hope st
MacLellan, A. & Co. (electrical)
54 and 56 Waterloo street
M'Laren, Thos. 342 Argyle st
M'Millan, C. C. 41 Montgomerie
street, Kelvinside
M'Naughton, J. J. 52 St. Enoch
MacNicoU & Co. (also naval archi-
tects) 6 Dixon street
Mavor & Coulson, Ltd. (electrical
and mechanical), 47 King st.
Mavor, Henry A. A.M.I.C E.
M.LE.E. 47 King st. Mile- end
47 King St. Mile- end
Mavor, Sam. (electrical), M.LE.E.,
47 King St. Mile-end
Moir, James, 135 St. Vincent st
Morton, Alex, (Morton's ejector
condensers, &c.), 16 Radnor st
Morton, David Home, M.Inst.
C.E., M.I. Mech. E., 95 Bath st
Morton, Robt. 237 W. George st
Morton & Williamson, 237 West
George st
Muir, Jas. Harvey, 144 Bath st
Muir & Forsyth, 97 St. James'
Muir, James Ernest, M.I.N.A. 45
W. Nile st
Muirhead, Wm. gas furnace engi-
neer, 37 W. George st
Munro, John, M.M. (electrical),
136 BothweU st
Munro, R. D. M.LM.E. Ill Union
Murray, Richard, 109 Hope st
Napier, D. Dehane, 417 Central
Chambers, 93 Hope st
Napier, Robt. T. M.I.C.E, designs
prepared, mechanical difficulties
considered and reported on,
skilled evidence given, 75 Both-
Nelson, D. M, M.LC.E. 53
Waterloo st
Niccol, David, M.LM.E. 93 Hope st
Niccol, Thomas, 93 Hope st
Norman, John, M.I.E. & S. 131a
St, Vincent street
Oliphant Manufacturing Co, Ltd.
160 BothweU st
Ormiston, Archibald R., 203 St.
Vincent street
Ormiston, J. W. & Sons, 203 St,
Vincent st
Otis Elevator Co., Ltd., 93 Hope st
Paterson, Bell & Co. 65 Bath st
Pearce, J. & Co. 20 years' prac-
tical experience, electric lighting
of mansion and factory a speci-
ality, driven by water power,
steam, gas, and oil engine,
estimates free, 182 W, Regent
Pickering, John, 1 Hillend gardens,
Pollock, David, 128 Hope street
Purdie, Thos. jun. (sanitary), 164
Bath st
Purnell, H. A., & Co. speciali-
ties, heating, ventilating, cook-
ing, and laundry works for
buildings of all kinds; established
1829; 75 Cathedral st
Pyle, Jas, & Co. (domestic water
supply) 38 Elliot st

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