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lation, laundries, drying stoves,
steam cooking, &c. 103 North
Hanover st
Connell, George K. 79 Robertson
Connell, Wm. S. 16 Houldsworth
Copeland, J. & A. 24 George sq.
Copland & Foulis, gas, water, and
sewage, 146 W. Kegent street
Cormack, Jas & Sons, 36 Abercom
Couper, Sinclair (of Lindsay,
Burnet & Co.), Moorepark Wks.
Helen st. Govan
Coutts, Muir & Co. laundry, 140
Bath st
Cowans, John, P. 0. telegraphs,
The Lodge, East Kilbride
Craig, A. F. & Co. Caledonian
Engine Works, Paisley
Craig & Donald, William street,
Craig, Robert, 48 French st
Craig, W. 48 French street
Crawford, Wm. 18 Belgrave st
Crockatt, Wm. (consulting), 21
Hope street
Crompton & Co. Ltd. 81 St.
George's place
Cross, James (colliery), 445 Eglin-
ton street
Crossleys, 52 St. Enoch square
Crouch & Hogg, 63 Bothwell st
Crouch, Wm. 53 Bothwell st
Crow, Harvey, & Co., 89 Sussex
St. Kinning park
Dalglish, John, & Sons, Avenue
Ironworks, PoUokshaws
Daniel], S. A. Ltd. Lion Works,
Birmingham, makers of stocks,
taps, & dies, screwing machines,
ratchet braces, tube cutters,
" Lion " brand copying presses,
&c. &c.; show-room, 33 Vir-
ginia St. ; G. W. Parker, repre-
Davie, Jas. Atlantic chambers, 45
Hope St. — See Advt. in Appen.
Davey, Paxman & Co. Colcheiter;
agents, Bruce, Harman & Co.
48 West Regent st
Deas, John, & Co. 61 Sydney at
Dempster, Moore, & Co. 49 Ro-
bertson street
Denny & Co. Dumbarton
Dennystown Forge Co. Dumbarton
Dick, John, & Co. Chftonhill Foun-
dry. Coatbridge
Dick, Kerr, & Co. Ltd. Britannia
Engineering Works, Kilmarnock
Dixon, Walter, & Co. (electric and
general), formerly at 164 St.
Vincent st
Dobbie, W. L. & Co. sole agents
for the New Carbrook Steel
Works, Ltd. Sheffield, steel
forgings, steel shafting ; J. J.
Saville & Co.Sheffield," Savilie's "
crucible cast steel, files, tools ;
John Rogers, Belfast, " Rogers' "
dry hair felt, wire cloth, 101
Waterloo street
Donald, James T. & Co. Ltd. 345
Argyle st
Donald, John, Ltd. 42 Cadogan st
Donald&M'Pherson, water supply,
8 Bath st
Donald & Donald, ventilating and
heating, 60 Bothwell circus;
works, 27 Douglas st
Donaldson, P. & Co. 6 Oswald st
Dougan, John (contracting), 62
St. Enoch square
Dreadnought Cycle and Engineer-
ing Co. 63 M' Alpine st
Dron & Lawson, 69 Elliot street
Drysdale & Co. (see " Bon Ac-
cord") hydraulic and general,
Bon- Accord Engine Works, 183
Fordneuk st. London rd
Drysdale, J. & Co. 18 Clarendon st
Dubs & Co. Glasgow Locomotive
Works, 321 Aikenheadrd
DufF, Wm. & Co. 79 Finnieston st
Dunbar, John (brewers'), 22 Hyde-
park street
Duncan, Robert, & Co. Ltd. Port-
Duncan, Robert, Partick Foundry,
Dunlop, D. J. & Co. Inch Works,
Dunsmuir, Hugh, Govan Engine
Works, Windsor st
Dunsmuir & Jackson, Windsor st.
Dunwoodie Bros. Carlisle Works,
Edwards, Macdougal, & Co. 180
West Regent st
Eggar, Chas. P. 52 St. Enoch sq
Elder & Co. 50 Galbraith st
Elmpark Engine Works Co. Govan
Engineers in Scotland Institute,
207 Bath street
Entwisle & Kenyon, Accrington,
manufacturers of patent vices,
steam traps, &c. Wm. Muir,
agent, 16 Regent Park terrace
Evans, Joseph & Son, Wolver-
hampton, steam and hand pumps;
agents, W. B. & J. Bain, 65
Waterloo street
Ewing & Lawson, Crownpoint
Boiler Works, Crownpoint rd.
and St. Marnock st. Mile- end
Fairfield (The) Shipbuilding and
Engineering Co. (Ltd.), Fairfield
Works, Govan
Farmer, John, 147 St. Andrew's rd
Ferguson & Co. 259 So. York st
Ferguson, Daniel, 27 Oswald st.
Finnieston Engineering Co. 169
Finnieston st
Fitzpatrick, H. D. (registd. patent
agent), 100 Wellington st
Fleming & Ferguson ,Phcenix works,
Inchinnan road, Paisley
Follows & Bate, Ltd. Manchester;
paint manufacturing and grind-
ing machinery; agent, James M.
Sim, 2 Royal Exchange court,
85 Queen street
Forsyth, John, 8 Palm st
Foulis, Wm. 45 John street
Eraser, G. W. H. 4 Charlotte st,
Fullarton, Hodgart, & Barclay, Ltd.
Vulcan Foundry and Engine
Works, Renfrew road, Paisley
Fulton, D. & R., 104 and 106
Woodlands road
Fulton, T. Crichton, AI.E.E. con-
sulting and electrical, 44 West
George street
Furnival & Co. (printers). 111
Bothwell street
Ga'e, James M. 45 John street
Galloway, J. & L. 43 Matr street,
Galloways, Lmtd., 128 Hope st
Gardner, W. & Co. Rutland lane^
82 Paisley road, W.
Gauldie, John D. 15 Broomhall s(3
Garnett, S. H. 2 Salloun gardens,
Gibb & Hogg, Limited, Victoria
Engine Works, Airdrie
Gillespie, Andrew, & Sons, 43
Smith St. Kinning park
Gillespie, Jas. 707 New City rd
Gillies, James, & Co. brewers', 140
Glenpark street
Glasgow Locomotive Works, Aik en-
head rd. Govanhill
Glasgow Patents Co. Ltd. 23 Hope
st and 120 Gt. Wellington street
Glenfield Co. Ltd. Kilmarnock
Gordon, J. 12 Cathedral street
Grant, Ritchie, & Co. Townholm,
Grant, John A. & Co. Seafield
Engineering Works, Finnieston
Gray, David, mechanical, consult-
ing, marine, and superintending,
77 West Nile st
Gray, John, & Co. Uddingston Iroii
Works, Uddingston.
Grieve, John, & Co. crane and
engine works, Motherwell
Hall-Brown, Buttery & Co., Helen
street, Govan
Hamilton, Archd. (Siemens gas
lamps, Sc), 35 Aon street, off
Jamaica street
Hamilton, Claud, Ltd. electric light
and power, 247 St. Vincent bt
Hamilton & Co. air compressors,
high-speed engines, air propel-
lors, cattle fittings, 53 Waterloa
Hamilton, John (R. Napier & Sons,
Hamilton, T. & J. 42 Tobago st.

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