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Hal], J. P. & Co. Oldham ; asent,
Kobl. G. Warren, 115 Welling-
ton street
Eallen, W. Son & Co., Bedford
and London ; agents, Chas. Hen-
derson & Co. Baltic Chambers,
102 Holm street
Hamilton, Claud, Ltd. 247 St.
Vincent st
Henderson, A. 395 Dumbarton rd
Henderson, Jas. Blacklock, 146
Cambridge drive
Hill, Thomas, & Co. 66 and 68
Robertson Pt
Hilliard, W. B. & Sons, medical,
65 Renfield st
Holland House Electrical Manu-
facturing Co. Ltd. 9 Holland pi
Holmes, J. H. & Co. Waterloo
chambers, 19 Waterloo st
Hutcbeson, James, 247 W. George
,«:.; telephone No. 4647
Hunter & Jack, 101 St. Vincent st
Indii-Kubber, Gutta-Percha and
Telegraph Works Co. Ltd. 8
Buchanan st
Johnsons, Messrs. patent office,
115 St. Vincent street. Hand-
book, " Hints to Inventors,"
Johnston, Park & Co. 15 Oswald st
Kelso & Co., 47 to 57 Oxford st.
— See Advt. in Appen
King, Wm. L. 11 Bothwell st
Laing, D. F. & Co. electric bells
and private telephones, 47 S.
Portland st. — See Advt.
Leitch & Davies (consulting), 40
St. Enoch sq
London Electric Wire Co., Ltd.,
London ; agents, Chas. Hender-
son & Co., Baltic Chambers, 102
Holm street
Lowson, Jas. 10 W. Campbell st
Lyle, James, manufacturer, 89 W.
George st
Lyon & Crosbie (consulting), G3
West Regent street
M^Alpine, H. & Co. 248 Hope st
M'Aulay, Cl.'H-k, & M'Laren (elec-
tric light engineers and con-
tractors), 34 Ann st
M'Gibbon, David, 180 Byars rd
MacLellan A. & Co. contractors
for electric light and transmis-
sion of power, contractors for the
wiring and connecting of build-
ings with the Corporation elec-
tric supply, 54 & 56 Waterloo
M'Whirter, A. C. A.LE.E. 212
and 214 Holm st
M'Whirter, "William, M.LE.E.
212 and 214 Holm st
Malcolm, Robt. 23 Dumbarton rd
Martin, P. M. (terneials, screws,
&c.), 29 Waterloo st
Martin, W. C. & Co. 10 W. Camp-
bell st
Martin, W. C, A.LE.E. 10 West
Campbell st
Mavor & Coulson, Ltd. makers of
open and enclosed dynamos and
motors for all purposes ; special-
ities, enclosed motors and gear-
ing for the direct driving of
machine tools, &c. ; the " C.C."
system of concentric wiring,
which is â– waterproof and dust-
proof ; complete electric gener-
ating stations ; 47 King street,
Mavor, H. A. asso. mem. List.C.E.
M.LE.E. 47 King st. Mile-end
Mavor, Sam. M.LE.E. 47 King st.
Mechau & Sons, 60 Elliot st
Meiklejohn, J. B. 91 Waterloo st
Miller, John, for the demagnetis-
ation of watches, jewellery, and
making small parts of electric
apparatus, 40 Union st
Morris, Warden & Co., 25 Gordon
Otis Elevator Co. Ltd., 93 Hope st
Paterson, Cooper, & Co., engineers,
manufacturers, and contractors
for the complete electric light-
ing of steamships, mansions, fac-
tories, mines, &c. transmission of
power plant, supply and erection
of telephones, bells, &c. Thistle
Works, Paisley. Telegrams,
" Patella," Paisley
Paul, V. B. 93 Waterloo st
Pauling & Co. 91 Cambridge st
Pearce, John, & Co. 20 years' prac-
tical experience, electric lighting
of mansion and factory a
speciality, driven by water
power, steam, gas, or oil engine,
estimates free, 182 West Regent
Pollock & Stewart, 41 Renfield st
Pringle, John Q. 90 Saltmarket
Ramsay, W. & Co. 11 Jamaica st
Rudd, J. A. 177 W. George st
Sayers, W. B. M. Inst. E.E. 189
St. Vincent st
Scott, Ernest & Mountain, Ltd.
Close Wks. Newcastle-on-Tyne;
res. repres. R. Hood Haggle, jr.
137a St. Vincent st
Siemens Bros. & Co. Ld, 261 West
George st
Smith, A. C. Imrie, 12 York st
Stewart, D. & Co. London Road
Iron Works
Stewart, W. Maxwell, consulting
and superintending, 96 Bath st
Sykes & Richardson, electric light-
ing and transmission of power,
8 Dixon st
Taylor, Joseph, 153 W. George st.
The Telegraph Manufacturing Co.
Ltd. 177 W. George st
Tidd, E. George, 25 Gordon st
Trotter, John, 28 Gordon street
Turpie, John, specialist and medi-
cal, 339 Sauchiehall st
White, James, sole maker of Lord
Kelvin's (Sir Wm. Thomson's)
patents, 18 Cambridge st
Woodward & Co. 114 W. Nile st
Workman, Jas. 62 Argyle st
Wylie & Lochhead, Limited, 45
Buchanan st
Young, Thos. consulting, 4 West
Regent st
Anderson & Munro, 136 Both-
well st
Armour, Martin, & Chalmers, 57
W. Nile st
Bolton & Sons, 47 W. Nile st
Cassells, R. D. & Co. 168a St.
Vincent st
Dixon, Walter, & Co. 59 Bath
St. (formerly at 164 St. Vincent
Edison & Swan (The) United Elec-
tric Light Co. Ltd. 153 West
George st
Faraday (The) Electrical Engineer-
ing Co. Ltd. Campbell st.Govan
Finlay, John, & Co. Ld. 18 Renfield
St. and Overnewton Works
General Electric Co. Ltd. (The),
71 Waterloo st
Glasgow Electrical Engineering Co.
49 Jamaica st
Haddow & Co. 126 Bothwell st
Hamilton, Claud, Ltd. 247 St.
Vincent st
Hay, Jas. 152 Bothwell st
Hutcbeson, J. 247 W. George st.;
telephone No. 4647
Holland House Electrical Manu-
facturing Co. Ltd ; show rooms
and works, 9 Holland place,
between 304 and 306 St. Vin-
cent st
India- Rubber (The), Gutta-Percha,
and Telegraph Works Co. Ltd.,
8 Buchanan st
International Electric Co. (The) of
London, 11 to 19 Queen st
Johnston, Park & Co. 15 Oswald
Kelso & Co. 47 to 57 Oxford st
King, Wm. L. 11 Bothwell st
Laing, D. F. & Co., electric bell.s
and private telephones, 47 So.
Portland street. — See Advt.
M' Alpine, H. & Co. 248 Hope st
M'Gibbon, David, 180 Byres rd
MacLellan A. & Co. (house, office,
hoist, ship, and mining signals),
54 and 56 Waterloo st.
M'Whirter, WiUiam, 212 and 214
Holm street
Martin, W. C. & Co. 10 West
Campbell st
Mavor & Coulson, Ltd. 47 King st.
Mile- end
Meiklejohn, J. B., 91 Waterloo st.

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