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Reid & Todd (specialities and
best class goods), 8 Renfield st.
56 Gordon st. 66 Glassford st.
and 73 Wilson st
Adams, Eliza, (mantle maker),
37 Abbotsford pi
Agier, Mile. Emilie, 1 and 5 Uni-
Tersity avenue
Aiken, Miss, 96 New City road
Allan, A. & Co. 207 Cumberland st
Allan & Fair weather, 329 Great
Western rd
Allison, Misses, 71 Braeside st
Anderson, Cath. 74 Muslin st
Anderson, Miss, 116 Norfolk st
Anderson, Misses, 38 Norfolk st
Anderson, Misses, 179 Crown st
Anderson, Miss Mary, 8 Whitehill
Anderson & Sharp, 5 Bellgrove st
Andrews, Miss, 188 Eglinton st
Annand, Mrs. 447 Sauchiehall st
Armour, Mrs. Mary, 1 Weymouth
ter. Paisley road, W.
Armour, Miss, 355 Bath st
Arnott, Mrs. J. 65 Hyndland st.
Baird, Misses, 5 Derby street
Ballantine, Miss, M. 18 Willow-
bank street
Bankier, Miss, 228 Gt. Western rd
Barr, Misses M. & A. 20 South
Apsley pi
Beatson, Annie T. 309 N. City rd
Beith, Miss M. S. 84 Cumberland
street, s.s.
Bell, Miss, 120 Renfrew street
Bell, Miss, and mantle, 4 Holy-
rood quadrant
Bennett, Mrs. Wm. 101 South
Portland street
Bertram, Misses, 150 Buccleuch st
Bicket, Miss Mary, 16 Albert rd.
Binnie, Jessie, 38 Apsley pi
Blaikley, Miss, 28 Arlington st
Blumenstein, Mrs. C. 26 Glad-
stone street
Boyd, Miss S. 114 Eaglesham st
Brace, Miss (children's), 36 Elm-
bank cres.
Braidwood, Misses A. & J. 296
Great Western road
Brown, Misses, 4 Derby st
Brown, Misses, 109 Golfhill ter
Brown, Misses, 73 Roslea dr
Brown, Miss, 34 Danearn st
Bruce, J. 35 Paterson st. s.s.
Bruce, Mrs. R. 31 Old Dumbarton
Bryan, Miss, 6 W. Bank terrace,
Bryan, Miss I. 51 Cumbernauld rd
Bryce, Misses, 264 Bath st
Bunten, Misses, 41 Arlington st
Burns, Miss, 192 St George's rd
Burt, Mrs. 102 Byars rd
Butler, Mrs. M. 27 Kirk st. Calton
Cadzow, M. 48 Abbotsford pi
Calder, Miss, 509 New Keppoch-
hill road
Calderhead, Miss, 378 N. City rd
Cameron, Misses, 28 Rupert st
Campbell, Mrs. R. 141 London rd
Campbell, Miss, 1 Wilson street,
Campbell, Misses, 6 Chatham pi
Candlish, Isa. 118 Elderslie st
Clark & Wallace, Misses, 67 Elm-
bank st
Clarke, Mrs. 33 Roslea drive
Clifford, Mrs. 73 Finlay drive
Coghill, Misses, 43 Westmoreland
street. Crossbill
Coghill & Johnstone, Misses, 301
West Princes st
Connell, Mrs. A. D. 19 Gleneaglea
cottages, Scotstoun
Copland & Lye, 165 and 167
Sauchiehall st
Corbett, Miss, 179 Crown st
Costigane Brothers, 187 to 199
Costigane, W. & J. T. 173 to 185
Argyle street
Cragie, Miss, 46 Gibson st. Hillhead
Craske, M. 119 Sauchiehall street
Crawford, Mrs. E. 8 Morris pi
Cruickshank, Misses, 10 Steven st
Dallas & Co. Milton House, Cow-
Daly,Jas. & Co. 60 Trongate, and
199 Sauchiehall street
Devers, Martha, 576 Cathcart rd
Dickie,Mrs. W. 207 St. George's rd
Dickson, Miss, 532 St. Vincent st
Dickson, M. 251 Gt. Western rd
Dickson, Mrs. & Co. 216 Bath st
Doak & Co. 10 and 14 Garthland
Dodds, M. & H., 351 Parliamen-
tary road
Dollar, H. & J. W. 138 Holland st
Douglas, Miss, 83 Gairbraid st
Dow, Miss, 57 West Graham st
Dron, Mrs. R. 409 Gt. Western rd
Duncan, D. 1 to 9 Gt. Western rd
Duncan, Miss B. 18 Carrington st
Dunlop, Miss A. 7 Radnor st
Eadie, Mrs. Leslie, 3 Cecil place
Etherington, Miss, 538 Cathcart
• road, Govanhill
Ewing, Miss, 3 Abbotsford pi
Farms, Misses, 35 Woodside quad
Ferguson, Miss Isabel, 486 St.
Vincent street
Ferguson, Misses, 541 Victoria rd.
Ferguson, Mrs. 160 Oxford
Findlater, A. & J. 459 Duke st
Findlay, Miss, and mantle, 12
Rupert st
Findlay, Jane B. 14 Stewartville
street, Partick.
Fleming, Miss M. 14 South Apsley
Fletcher, Maggie, 290 High st
Forbes, Miss, 40 Buccleuch st
Fowler, Miss, 3 Buccleuch street
Fowlie, Miss Marjory, 10 Albert
road, Crossbill
Eraser, Miss Annie, 59 Raeberry st
Eraser, Miss, 280 N. Woodside rd
Fulton, Mrs. 5 Morris pi
Fulton, Mrs. 140 Nithsdale rd
Gall, Sarah, 54 Jane st
Galloway, Miss, 2 Abington st
Gardner, Mrs. 64 Abbotsford pi
Gardener, Miss, 293 London rd
Gellaitry, Miss, 39 Blythswood dr
Gentles, Miss J. 50 South Wood-
side rd
Gibson, Miss A. R. 523 Victoria
road. Crossbill
Gibson, Mrs. M. 25 Eglinton street
Gilchrist, Misses, 33 Abbotsford pi
Gillies, Miss, 88 Abbotsford pi
Glencross, H. M. 122 Duke st
Graham, Janet, 161 Shamrock st
Grant, Miss A. 132 Mains st
Grant, Miss, 133 Dumbarton rd
Grant, Miss, 511 Duke st
Gray, Miss, 16 Govanhill st
Gray, Miss, 689 Gt. Western rd
Gray, Miss, 21 Nicholson st
Grieve, W. R. 226, 228 Sauchie-
hall street
Gunn, Miss, J. L. (and mantle
maker), 307 St. Vincent st
Guthrie & Mathieson, and mantle
makers, 103 Raeberry street
Guthrie, Misses, 242 W. George st
Guthrie, Miss E, 4 Scotia street
Hamilton & Sinclair, 272 Bath st
Hannington, Mrs. 22 Abbotsford pi
Hardie, Misses, 177 Paisley rd. W.
Harper, Miss, 240 Paisley rd
Hart, Chris. S. 109 Eglinton st
Henderson, A. & K. 70 Dumbar-
ton rd
Henderson, Jno. 215, 219 Cowcad-
dens st
Henderson, Miss E. 47 Annette st
Henderson, Misses, 110 Oxford st
Hendry, Miss, 18 Church street,
Heron, Miss, 36 Gt. Western rd
Hill, Miss, 114 Dunchattan st
Hill, Miss, 120 N. Hanover street
Hodge, Thos. & Co. 42 to 60 Main
St. Anderston
Hogg, Miss, 11 Carnarvon st
Holland, Miss, 14 Lawrence st.
Howe, L. & A. 8 S. Woodside rd
Humphrys, Mrs. 43 London st
Hunter, Miss M. 17 Bolton drive,
Mount Florida
Imrie, Miss E. 166 W. Regent st
Inglis, Miss Isa, 328 Saracen st
Ingram, M. J. 281 Byars road
Izett, Geo. & Co. 187 and 189
Cowcaddens street
Jack, Miss, 304 Bath st.
Jamieson, Miss, M. 40 Apsley pi

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