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Reid, David, 21 Cochrane St. ; ho.
Duff Bank, Gallowflat
Eeid, Gordon, 40 St. Enoch sq
Rennie, A. D., 124 St. Vincent st
Eichards & Co. 27 Ann st
Eiddell, John H. 40 St. Enoch sq
Riddoch, D. S. 30 Gordon st
Riddoch, John, & Co. 30 Gordon st
Hitchie, J. E. 11 Miller st
Ritchie, Jas. S. 53 Cochrane st
Ritchie, Jas. 40 St. Enoch sq.
Eobb, Alex. 207 Ingram street
Robb, Andrew, 1 Mitchell st
Robb, David, 70 Miller st
'Robertson, Henry, 55 Eoslea dr
Robertson, J. Leslie, 40 St. Enoch sq
Robertson, R. 8 Princes square
Robertson, Wm. jun. 47 Oswald st
Kobinson, S. H. 74 Buchanan st
Roddick, Jas. W. 49 Jamaica st
Ronald, Thomas, 40 St. Enoch sq
Ross, Alex. 40 Union street
Ross. Jas. 153 Queen street
Ross, Thos. J. 196 St. Vincent st
Rudd, J. A. (mechanical and elec-
trical), 177 W. George st
Euxton, Robt. & Co., 40 St. Enoch
Russell, Jas. A. 93 Hope st
Russell, W. F. 8 Princes square
Rutherford, John, 38 Queen st
Salton, John, 73 Virginia st
Salvesen, Chr. &Co.,69 St. George's
Schneider, Carl, & Co., 33 Renfield
Schoelles, G. 143 W. George st
Schuberth, A. & Co. 11 Maxwell
Scott, Colin, & Co. 94 Hope st
Scott, Julius V. Mercantile cham-
bers, 63 Bothwell st
Scott, Thos. 153 Queen st
Seligmann, Charles H. & Co. 59
St. Vincent st
Shanks, Wm. & Sons, 67J Great
Clyde st
Shedden, John, 88 Gt. Clyde st
Shewan, Jas. 11 Miller st
Simmons, Benjamin, 27 Hope st
Sinclair, A. W. 12 Waterloo st
Sinclair, David, 76 Wilson st
Sinclair, Jas. jun. 61 E. Howard st
Sinclair, E. W. 6 S. Hanover st
Singleton, Dunn, & Co. 27 Union st
Slater, D. (produce), 95 Dundas st
Sloan, Arthur F. 49 Jamaica st
Sloane, Egbert, 33 Virginia st
Smith, Alex. 45 Queen street
Smith, A. & Co. 64 Buchanan st
Smith, Barclay, 49 Jamaica at
Smith C, 75 Buchanan st
Smith, Jas. 75 Buchanan st
Smith, J. M. 75 Buchanan st
Smith, J. Wylie, 49 Jamaica st
Smith & M'Kay, 30 Ann st
Smith, T. A. 69 Buchanan st
Smith, Wm. 114 Candlerigga
Stark, Jas. & Co. 11 Bothwell st
Steven, A. F. 1 Prince's square,
Buchanan street
Stevenson, A. C. 76 Virginia st
Stevenson & Porteous, 65 Oswald
Stewart, A. M. & Son, 43 Virginia
Stewart, Chas. E. 57 Miller st
Stewart, E. G. 1 Prince's square
Stewart, Jas. 11 West Regent st
Stewart, Jas. A., 19 Howard st
Stewart, Jas. Co. 207 Ingram st
Stewart, John F., 29 Hutcheson st
Stewart, Walter, & Co. 96 Bath st
Stewart, Wm. 120 Blythswood dr
Stirling, Jas. 144 Queen st
Stobo, J. & G. 23 Nicholson st
Stoddart, James, 11 Miller st
Storey, John, 20 S. Frederick st
Storrie, Wm. 81 St. George's pi
Strachan, A. & Son, 93 Hope st
Struthers, Jas. 0., 79 Paisley rd.
Sturrock, James, 17 Oswald st
Summers, Wm. Byrom, 66 Virg. st
Sutherland, W. A., 8 Prince's sq
Suttie, Eobert, 10 Prince's square
Swan, Finlay, 27 Ann st. city
Swan, J. E. 61 John st
Sweet, Thos. 128 Hope st
Taggart, J. W., 10 Prince's square,
Buchanan st
Tait, Peter, 49 Virginia st
Tait, Robt. C. 51 Buchanan st
Taylor Bros. 8 Carrick street
Taylor, John, jun. & Co. 28 Coch-
rane street
Taylor, John R., 86 Wilson st.
Taylor, Wm. 15 and 21 Pitt st
Templeton, Wm. J. 203 W. Geo. st
Tennant, John, 36 Argyle arcade
Thomson, Jas. D. 105 W. George
Thomson, Hugh, 52 Virginia st
Thompson, Eobert B., & Co. 54 W.
Howard st
Thomson & Park, 20 S. Frederick
Thomson, Wm. N. 134 St. Vin, st
Thomson, Wm. 5 Dixon st
Thornton, M. W. 143 Stockwell st
Tod, Jas. 6 Hanover st
Turnbull, Robt. S. 15 Armadale st
Veitch, Moir & Erskine, 77 to 81
Ingram st
V^rel Bros. 179 W. George street
Verner. L. L. 330 Gallowgate
Walker, Duncan, 223 Hope street
Walker, James, 12 Waterloo st
Walker, Jas. E., box 10, Eoyal
Walker, Wm. 49 Virginia st
Wallace, Jas. 28 Cochrane st
Wallace, Wilkie, & Co. 5 York st.
Walsh, E. C, 42 Finlay drive
Walton, Neil M. 11 W. Nile st
Wardrop, James, jun. 66 W. Eegent
Warnkess, Geo. 44 John st
Warren, James, 142 Bath st
Warwick & Co. 27, 29 Eu'glen rd
Waters, Joseph F. 61 Miller st
Watson, Andw- 13 College st
Watson, Eraser & Co., 33 College sfc
Watson, Thos. B., 85 Queen st
Watson, William, 27 Oswald st
Watt, Archd. 70 Brunswick st
Watt, John, 93 Couper st
Weddell, J. D. 9 Prince's square
White, M. 0., 30 Parnie st
Whyte, John, 52 Virginia st
White, Thos. R. 86 Wilson st
Wight, Robt. T. 31 N. Frederick st
Wight, Wm. 83 Findlay drive
Williamson, Geo., 11 Miller st.
Williamson, Arch. 33 Gladstone sfc
WiJson, Andrew, 224 Ingram st
Wilson, David, 77 Queen st
Wilson, John B., 93 Hope st.
Wilson, Thos. N. 70 Wellington st
Wilson, W. E. 40 Union street
Winton, W. E. 81 Virginia st
Wire, James, 27 Ann st
Workman, John, & Son, 68 Glass-
ford st
Wright, John, & Co. 74 Broomielaw
Wright, Patrick & Co. 85 Ingi-am st
Wright, Ronald, & Son, 310 Een-
frew street
Wright, Wm. & Son, 57 Miller st
Wylie, Hugh K. 52 St. Enoch sq
Wyae, Forbes &Son, 76 Wilson sfc
Yates, Edwin S. 17 Oswald st
Yeats, M'Millan & Co. 153 Queen st
Young, Falconer & Co. (yarn and.
hemp), 128 Ingram st
Young, Jas. G., 196 St. Vincent st.
Young, Peter Dodds, 11 Miller st.
Young, W. F., 4 North court,
Eoyal Exchange
Zeiser, Geo. E. 185 W. George sfc
Zimmermann, E. 8 Gordon st
Black, A., & Co. 126 Broomielaw
and 2 York st
Christie, Andrew, 27 Clyde place
Dobbie, A. & Son (Limited), 44
and 45 Clyde pi.
Gebbie, W. W. 4 Eobertson st.
Kinloch, James (at A. Dobbie &
Son's, Ltd.), ho. 31 Caird dr.
M'Gregor, D. «S; Co. to the Eoyal
Navy and principal shipowners,
37, 38 Clyde place; also at
Greenock and Liverpool ; tele-
phone No. 1505
Mackie, Jas. (at Alex. Dobbie &
Son's, Ltd.), ho. 109 Paisley
road, W
Morton, John, at D. M'Gregor &
Co. 37 and 38 Clyde place
Weir, R. at D. M'Gregor & Co. 37
and 38 Clyde place

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