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Ritchie, D, B. 32 Elmbank st
Kobettson, Isdale, 5 Robertsoa st.
Par tick
JRodger, Frank, 39 Abbotsford pi
Boss, Jas. B. 30 M'Intosli st
Kussell & Alston, 294 South York
Scotstoun Estate Building Co., 86
Park drive, south, Whiteinch
Scott, Thos. 515 London rd
Sellar, Jas. & Co. 37 Kelvin st.
Short, Dcavid, & Co. 13 Windsor
terrace, St. George's road
Simpson, D. & A. Thomson st. off
Simpson, M. & Co. 555 Govan rd
Sinclair, J. P. 29 M'Farlane st
SmcUie, John, jr. South street,
Somervail & Co., steel bridges and
roofs, Dalmuir Bridge and Eoof
Works, Dalmuir. — See Advt. in
Spittal Bros. 93 John st. city
Steven, W. & Sons, 481 London rd
Stewart, Gavin, & Co. 79 West-
moreland st
Stewart, John D. 37 West Cum-
berland st
Stewart, Thomas, & Co. 291 Shields
(Strathendrick Building Co. Ltd.
118 W. Regent st. and Balfron;
J. Wilson Bain, secy
Stuart, Jas. 573 Cathcart road
Sutherland & Leslie, 69 Holland
Symington, D. K, & H., 60 Bank
St. Coatbridge
Symington, Hugh & Sons, 12
Ross St. Coatbridge
Taylor, James, 75 Port street
Taylor, Robt. F.S.L 70 Bath street
Taylor, Wm., 183 Saracen street,
Thaw & Campbell, Haghill depot,
Paton st
Thomson, Ales. & Sons, 100
Abbotsford place
Thomson, Wm. 239 Saracen st
Waddeli, Wm. 94 Ledard rd. Lang-
Walker & Dick, 258 Paisley road
Walls, John, 57 W. Nile st
Warnocks & Horsburgh, 33 Farie
St. Rutherglen
Watson, Duncan, 257 Polloksbaws
Webster, Walker, and Webster,
396 Crown st
Wilson, Hugh, & Co. 25 John st
Winton, David, Clydebank, Dal-
muir, and Duntocher
Wood, John, & Son, Hawthorn
villa, Maryhill
Wylie, James, 34 Trongate
Wyper, Wm. 19 Allison st Crcsshil]
Young, Geo. 429 Dumbarton road,
Young, John, 31 Melville street,
Yuill, John R. 13 Well st. Calton
Clydesdale Building Society, J. M.
Davies, C.A. manager, 168 St,
Vincent st
Cottage Dwellings Investment Co.
(Ltd.), A. W. Smart, secy. 66
Bath street
Glasgow and West of Scotland
Savings Investment and Build-
ing Society, 89 West Regent st;
J. Parker & Son, C.A. managers
National Freehold Building So-
ciety ; J. B. Todd, manager, 114
South Portland st
Phoenix Heritable Investment
Building Society, 26 Renfield st;
James Wilson, C.A. F.S.I, man.
Provident (The) Association of
London (Limited), 58 Bath st
St George's Cross Economic Build-
ing Society, 17 Cromwell st ;
Wm. H. Jack, secy. 58 West
Regent street
Western (The) Property Invest-
ment Building Society, 68 West
Regent st
Adam & Wright, 99 Glassford st
Cramer & Korompay (pearl but-
tons), Vieona ; sole agents, A.
M'Kenzie & Co. 224 Ingram st
Dalzell & Graner (pearl), 67
Hutch eson st
Heggie, Wm. & Co., 6 National
Bank buildings. Queen st
James, Robert, 47 Oswald st
Jebb Bros, (bones for button
making), 42 Govan st
Kenning, G. & S>OTi,naval, military,
volunteers, yacht clubs, and livery,
9 West Howard st. and at
London, Liverpool, and Man-
M'Kenzie, A. & Co., 224 Ingram
Melville, Geo. pearl buttons, 14
Princes square
Mulder & van der Briele, ivory,
93 Hope st
Naumann, A. Schmolln, Saxony,
(ivory buttons); sole agents, A.
M'Kenzie & Co. 224 Ingram st
Paterdon, Wm. & Co. 407 Mathie-
son St. S.S.
Plant & Green, Bircningham
(linen and metal) ; agent, Geo.
Melville, 14 Princes square
Poynter, John, Son, & Macdonald
(manufacturers), 72 G. Clyde st
Reid, Brown & Co. 8 John st
Bannerman, Alex. Railway Statn.
Bennie Brothers, 20 Crossburn st
Blair, Alex., 64 Darnley street
Blair, John, 20 Albert rd. Crossbill
Blair, Thos. (omnibus proprietor) 9
and 30 Nelson st. Tradeston
Brecn, Bobt. 2 Garngad road
Clark, John, 784 Govan road
Clingan, William, 114 Parson st
Cowper, A. R. Ltd. 192 Hope st
Craig, John, 174 Springburn road
Craig, Robt Lenzie
Davidson, George, 20 Cumberland
street, Calton
Dobbie, Malcolm, 99 Castle st
Dobbie, W. J., 1 Glebe street, and
Docherty, John, 74 Tobago st
Donnelly, John, 126 Rutherglen rd
Duncan, John, Tramway Co. 39
Cambridge St.; telephone No. 962
Forbes, Wm. Ltd. 224 Byars road
Gardner, Jas. 38, 40 Garnethill st
Gilchrist, Robt B. 651 Gt Eas-
tern road
Gilchrist, Wm., 392 Garscnbe rd.
Gillespie, Francis, 55 Stobcross st
Glasgow Tramway and Omnibus
Company, Ltd. Chief cab office
— 47 Cambridge st ; teleohone
No. 4900
SUB CAB offices:—
Western District
* 47 Cambridge st
130 Renfrew street (stables)
*149 Bath lane (stables)
* 68 Cromwell st
15 Smith st (riding school)
* 17-21 Smith st (livery stables)
*192 Byars road
* 52 North street, Anderston
* Stables, Queen st Partick
» Stables,28WattstMaryhiLl
* Hamilton place, Hillhead
283 St George's road
134 West Campbell street
578 New City road
936 New City road
276 Gt. Western road
2AOtago St. Hillhead
6 Queen Margaret drive
Bute Mansions (Gibson st)'
363 Byars road
Botanic gardens gate
8 Horsletbill rd. Kelvinside
Corner of Crossloan road &
Great Western road
Hyndland road (opposite
Hillside gardens)
7 Minerva street
22 Sandy ford st
India st, west (corner of
Clairmont gardens lane)
477 Dumbarton road, Partick
70 Woodlands road

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