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Phillipsbourne, C. Ld. 51 Buchanan
Poths, H. & Co. (camel hair), 17
Waterloo street
Rattray, Chas. & Co., dealers in
brashes, 14 Candleriggs
Kiddell, Wm. & Co. (boiler tube,
foundry, and dynamo brushes),
636 Springfield road and 36
Mitchell St
Kigby, Battcock & Co., London,
(painiing and fancy) ; agents, J.
King, 191 St. Vincent st
Eowat, Alex. & Co. {for boiler
tubes and foundry purposes), 18
Watson st, late 25 Candleriggs.
— See A d. in App
Eoyal Glasgow Asylum for the
Blind, mo Castle street.
Scrivener, George A. 182 Trongate
Small & Hurry, 9 Carlton place
Smith, John, & Co. 14 Garthland
Stevenson Bros. 3 and 5 M'Alpine
Stewart Bros., 32 Stockwell street
Stewart, Daniel, 45 Anderson st.
off Gallowgate
Stewart, John, & Co. (dealers),
28-32 Oswald st
Taylor, Andrew (paint), 47 Os-
wald st
Taylor & Miller, for boiler tubes
and foundry purposes, 261
Argyle street
Thomson, R. B. & Co. also machine
brushes of every kind, 38 Stock-
well street
Thomson, Stewart & Brown, also
machine brushes of every de-
scription, 63 Glassford st
Wardhaugh, Jas. B. importer, 60
West Regent st
Wilson & Boyd, wholesale, 46
Cadogaa st
Wylie, M'Quarrie & Whiteside,
127 Stockwell st
Adam, Jno. &. Co. 404 Eglin-
ton street
Aitken, J. & W., 255 Pollokshawa
Aitken, Wm. E, 5 Newlands ter.
Alexander. Michael, 29 Apsley pi
Allan & Baxter, Saw mills, 198
Maxwell road
Allan, J. & Son, 567 Cathcart rd.
Allan, James, 1093 Polloksbaws rd
Allan, G. & (J. 204 Albert st
Allan, W. & Cowan, 27 Seamour st
Anderson, George, Waverley park,
Anderson & Henderson, Limited,
KinningParkSaw Mills, Renwick
St. s.s. and 44 W. Campbell st
Anderson, P. & W. 64 Douglas st
Anderson, R. & A. 283 Parlia-
mentary road
Anderson R. & Sons, 190 Dumbar-
ton road.
Andereon, Wm. 49 Bellfield st
Armour, Allan, 14 Bruce road,
Arrol, SirWm.&Co. Ltd. (bridge),
Dalmarnock Iron Works, Pres-
ton street, E.
Baldie, Peter C. 144 W. Regent at
Barlas, Geo. & Co. 13 Ruthven st
Barlas, Moses, 293 N. Woodside
Baxter, John, 20 Catherine street,
Beatson, John, 95 Renfrew Bt
Bell, Hornsby, & Co, 176 Pollok-
shaws road
Benzie, Wm. & Co. 162 Byres rd.
Black, J. W. 34 Ronald st
Blackwell, Robt. 195 Paisley rd
Bogie, Richd. 19 Granville st
Boyd & Forrest, Kilmarnock
Boyd, Jas. & Sons, Macdowall st
Broadfoot, J. C. 27 Westmoreland
Brown, Gavin, 18 N. Portland st
Brown, Thomas, 193 Rottenrow
Bruce, Robert, Rosebery place,
Buchanan, Chas., 65 Montgomerie
Buchanan, John, 128 Mains st
Burns, Robert, 40 Ark lane
Calderwood, Thomas, 31 Albert
rd. east
Campbell, P. & A. Campbell st.
Chalmers, David, 369a St. Vincent
Cleland & Robertson, 51 James st.
Calton and 14J Millroad street
Collier, George, 105 Bajgray hill,
Combe, James, & Sons, hot-house,
103 N. Hanover street
Connell, James, 1a South Cobarg
Connell, Robert, 1a South Coburg
Connell, William, 10 Crossmyloof
buildings, Crossmyloof
Corbet, Robt. & Son, 23 Onslow
Cowan, Wm. & Son, 42 Arlington
Crawford, H. W. & Co. March st
Croggon & Co. Ltd. iron church
and house, 7 John street
Gumming, D. M. yacht and launch,
Blaclihill dock, nr. Parkhead
Davidson, John, 15 Smith street,
Dick & Benzies, 91 Forth street,
Dick, John, & Son, 28 Bath street
Dick, Wra., 175 West Campbell st
Dickie, John K. & Sons, 2u South
Coburg street
Dobbie, W. L. & Co. sole ogents
for "Rogers'" Belfast felts;
large stock at 101 Waterloo st
Dobson, Robt. 23 Kelviuside
gardens, East
Dougall, Thos. M. 41 Circus drive
Drysdale, John, 48 Bluevale st
Duncan, Andrew (van and coach),
Halfway-house, Paisley rd
Duncanson, T. & R. 96 Buccleuch
Eadie, Alex. & Son, 280 Cathcart rd
Eadie, G. 405 Mathieaon street
Eadie, Sam. C. 405 Mathivson st
Edmiston, Alex. 48 Queen street,
Edmond, Andrew, 147 Raeberry st
Emery, John, 9 Newlands terrace,
Kilmarnock road, Shawlands
Ferguson, Alex. .281 Bath st
Ferguson & Anderson, 24 Regent
Moray street. Telephone No.
Ferguson, James, 131 Annfield st
Ferrier, J. & W. 37 Stevenson st
Findlay, J. & G. 24 Grant street
Findlay, Robt. M. 37 M'Aslm st
Fireproof Building Co. of Scotland,
50 Wellington street
Fleming, Wm. 26 Surrey st
Fletcher, J. D. 2 Rosebeiy ter
Eraser, James, & Co., 30 Hope st
Fulton, Wm. Campsie view, Par-
Gardner, Robt. & Son, 6 Hospital
Gemmell, R. T. horticultural, 408
Eglinton st — See Adv. in App.
George, M'D. & Co. 301 Shields
Gibb, James, 115 Smith st
Gibb, Robt. & Sons, 49 Sword st
Gibbon, E., 15 Henrietta place
Gibbon, John, 183 St. James' rd
Gibson, Wm. 2 Wilton mansions
Gilchrist, John, 25 Portland street,
Gilchrist, Robt. & Son, 50 New st.
Gilchrist, Thomas, & Son,Invere3k
place, Coatbridge
Glass, Peter, 200 to 212 Hunter st
Goldie, Jas. & Son, 52 St. Enoch
Gordon, Wm. & Co 385 Great
Western road
Gordon, Wm. & Co. 32 Possil rd
Gow, Angus, & Co., 3 Ingram st
Grant, Cameron, & Curie (carts,
navvie barrows, lorries,vans, and
Dobbin carts), 83 to 99 Kennedy
St. ; telephone No. 3801
Grant, Walter J. 1 Beechwood ter.
Sandy hills, Shettleston
Gray, Alex. HE. Vermont st
Gray, A. & G. 30 Bath st

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