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The Linen Thread Co., Ltd.; D. L. Anderson, C.A., sec.;
telephone No. 5673 ; telegraphic address, " Theads,
Glasgow;" 180 Hope street.
The Linwood Brickmaking Co., Ltd., brickmakers ;
works, Linwood, near Paisley; registered office, 6
Oswald street.
The Liverpool and London Plate Glass Insurance Co.,
Ltd., 48 W. Regent st.; A. Allan and Tannett
M'Kenzie, resident secretaries.
The London & Scottish Boiler Insurance
Co., Ltd., 116 St. Vincent street.
The London & Scottish Boiler Insurance Co., Ltd.,
116 St. Vincent street ; agent, W. D. Hamilton.
Boilers inspected and insured ; engines inspected
and indicated ; specifications for new boilers ; con-
structions of boilers superintended.
The Marine Insurance Co., Ltd., of London,
22 Royal Exchange sq.; agent, John R. M'Farlane.
The Maturite Co., 96 Renfield street ; stores, 22
Renfrew court.
The Mayflower Gold Mine, Ltd., 121 W. Regent st.
The Mercantile Agency, R. G. Dun & Co., United
States, Canada, and Australasia, 28 Renfield st. ;
James Horn, manager.
The Mercantile Chambers Co., Ltd., 163 W. George st.;
Brown, Fleming, & Muiray, C.A., secretaries.
The Metal Enamelling Co., 95 Bath street
The Metropolitan Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. ; Steven
& Ker, C.A., resident secretaries, 134 St. Vincent
The Mining Development Syndicate (of Colorado),
Ltd.; R. A. Murray, C.A., secretary, 163 West
George st.
The Mocar Syndicate, Ltd., mot»r car manufac-
turers; office, 94 Hope street ; works, Tate street,
Camlachie; telephone No. 5141; telegrams, "Mocar."
The National Employment Association and
General Registry, 112 Bath street, with branches
and agencies throughout the kingdom.
The New Rossleigh Cycle & Motor Co., Limited,
cycle manufacturers, 20 and 22 Gt. Western road,
44 and 46 Sauchiehall st.,and 461 and 463 Paisley
rd.; T. M. Sleigh, 44 Sauchiehall st.
The New Transvaal Chemical Co., Ltd. ; R. A.
Murray, C.A, secy., 163 West George street.
The Nord Deutsche Insurance Company (Marine),
145 Queen street.
The North British Machine Company, cycle factors
and manufacturers; " Bard," "Ascot," and "North
British " cycles; accessoiy and sewing machine
merchants; sole agents for Brooks' saddles,
Veeder cyclometers, &c., &c. ; importers of all
American cycle accessories ; every trade requisite
kept ; offices, 24 Carlton place ; warehouse and
works, 19 Carlton place; telegraphic address,
" Cycles, Glasgow ; " telephone Nos. 4678 and
4678a; James Robertson, manager.
The North British & Mercantile Insurance Co., Walter
& W. B. Galbraith, chartered accountants, 107
Buchanan st., agents.
The Northern Cycle Manufacturing Co. of Aberdeen,
Ltd. , wholesale cycle factors and manufacturers,
344 Sauchiehall st.
The Northern Guttapercha Co. golf ball mannfrs. 46
West Howard st.; works. Union place, North st.
The Northern Medical Association, Ltd., Grierson
Macara, secy., medium for transference of medical
practices, &c., 62 Buchanan street.
The Old Drug Warehouse, 38 Trongate.
The Ottoman Art Hassock Co., 197 Dumbarton rd.
The Palmer Tyre, Ltd., pneumatic tyre manufrs.
8 Buchanan st.; P. M. S. Brodie, agent.
The Pastureland Improvement Co., chemical manure
manufacturers, Crossloan Chemical Works, Cross -
loan road, Govan.
The Patent Bottle Envelope Co.; John Smith,,
manager; office, 121 W. Regent street; work,.
Coulter's lane, off Abercromby street.
The Patent Office for Inventions, Messrs.
Johnsons, 115 St. Vincent street.
The Patent Process Wire Weaving Co., wire-
cloth manufacturers, Carntyne, by Glasgow.
The Pennsylvania Tube Works, Pittsburg, Pa., U.S.A.;-
sole agents for Scotland, Cyril Dunderdale & Son,^
19 Waterloo st.
The Pequena Iron Ore Co., Ltd., 105 West George sb.
The Phoenix Ashestos Manufacturing Com*
pany, Ltd., 77 Queen st. ; telegraphic address,
" Packing," Glasgow; telephone No. 3427.
The Phosphor Bronze Co., Ltd., London & Birming-
ham; sole agents for Scotland, Cyril Dunderdale &
Son, 19 Waterloo st.
The Pneumatic Hub Syndicate, Ltd. ; D. S. Carson-,
C.A., secy., 209 West George st.
The Poorman Silver Mines (of Colorado), Ltd. ; R.
A. Murray, C.A., secretary, 163 West George st.
The Preston-Davies Tyre and Valve Co., Ltd., makers
of " Scottish " and " Victor " tyres. Broad street,
Bridgeton Cross.
The Proprietary Investment Co., Ltd., 204 St. Vin-
cent St.
The Provident Bank of Scotland, Ltd., 2 West
Regent street.
The Quarrier Co , Ltd.; registered office, IGO Hope st.
The Remington-Sholes Syndicate, Ltd. ; the " Rem-
sho" typewriter and supplies, desks and offica
furniture; L. W. Langford, manager, 111 Hope st.
The Rosmarine Manufacturing Co.'s choice perfumes,
distilled from flowers only ; wallflower, lily of the
valley, and all the fashionable odours ; sole pro-
prietors of " petal dust," the great floral air puri-
fier, London, S.E. ; agent, Wm. Sloan, 15 Renfield
The Rossendale Printing Co., Manchester, calico
printers, 86 Wilson st. ; John R. Taylor, agent
The St. Mungo Manufacturing Co., golf clubs and
golf ball makers, 200 Glenpark street.
" "The Scots Commercial Record," the recog-
nised organ of the Traders' Defence Association of
Scotland. A weekly journal of trade and com-
merce. Telephone 5126; telegrams, "Sentinel,
Glasgow; " 67 West Nile street.
The Scott- Vogt Chemical Co., Ltd., chlorine manfrs.,
Kirkintilloch; registered office, 107 Buchanan st.,
Glasgow; Walter & W. B. Galbraith, C.A.,
The Scottish Concert Agency; Charles D,
Kinnis, manager, 49 Coplaw Park terrace, Smitii
street, Govanhill.
The Scottish Critic (finance, insurance, commerce),
19 Queen st.
The Scottish Furniture Factory, cabinetmakers, up-
holsterers, and general house furnishers, 349, 361
Argyle street.
The Scottish India-Rubber Co., manufacturers, 45
Queen st. ; telephone No. 690.
The Scottish Tea-table Co., Ltd.; George D. Stirling,
C.A., secy., 154 St. Vincent street.

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