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Eobertson, John, house factor and insurance agent,
40 Union street; ho. 191 Eenfrew street.
Eobertson, John T., painter and decorator, 211 St.
Vincent st. ; ho. 172 Pitt st ; Telephone No. 3686.
Eobertson, John, writer (of John & James Robert-
son), house, 7 Maxwell terrace, Pollokshields.
Eobertson, John M., writer (at J. M. & J. H.
Eobertson' s), ho. 20 Seyton avenue, Langside.
Eobertson, John B., grocer and provision merchant
476 St. George's rd. ; ho. 474 do.
Eobertson, John, & Sons, plumbers and gasfitters, 76
Brown st., Bridgeton ; ho. 161 Thomson street,
Eobertson, John, cycle maker, 313 Dumbarton road ;
house, 4 Blackie street.
Eobertson, John A., 18 Ann st., Hillhead.
Eobertson, John A. (at John C. M'Kellar Ltd.), 55
Waverley gardens.
Eobertson, John H. (at Arthur & Co.'s, Ltd.), ho.
14 Melville st., PoUokshields.
Eobertson, John, postman, 160 Slatefield st.
Eobertson, John, painter and decorator, 469 and 473
Crown St.; ho. 455 do.
Eobertson, John Jas. (at Austin & M'Aslan's), house,
22 Dixon avenue, Crossbill.
Eobertson, John, janitor, 204 George st.; ho. 73 Johnst
Eobertson, John, manufacturers' agent, 153 Queen
st. ; ho. 56 Kenmure st.
Eobertson, John, teacher, Bridgeton Public School ;
ho. 23 Barrington drive.
Eobertson, John David, wine and spirit merchant,
149 Trongate
Eobertson, John A., 18 Ann st., Hillhead.
Eobertson, Rev. John, 20 WUson st., Hillhead.
Eobertson, John, stationer and newsagent, 227
Saracen street.
Eobertson, John, grocer and provision merchant, 256
Springburn road ; ho. 269 do.
Eobertson, John, butcher, 4 Baronial ter., Radnor
Park, Dalmuir.
Eobertson, J. C. (of John Eobertson & Co, Ltd.), 2
La BeUe place, W.
Eobertson, Joseph M'Gregor, M.A., M.B., CM.,
F.F. P. S.G., physician; at home 4 to 6 p.m.; ho. 26
Buckingham ter. ; telephone No. 2104.
Eobei-tson, L. & E. H., chartered accountants and
stockbrokers, 58 St. Vincent street.
Eobertson, Lockhart, & Co., linen merchants, bag and
sack merchants and manufacturers, 37 Douglas
Eobertson, Mackie, & Co., shipowners and agents,
161 Hope street; telephone No. 4989.-
Eobertson & M'Gill, iron and steel merchants, whole-
sale ironmongers, coUiery and contractors' fur-
nishers, 135 Waterloo st
Robertson, M'lntosli, & Co., oil and chemical
brokers and produce merchants, 17 Oswald street.
Eobertson, Matthew, watchmaker and jeweller, 198
Main street, Anderston ; house, 486 St. Vincent st.
Eobertson, M. W. (of M. W. Eobertson & Co.), ho.
5 Whitehill gardens, Dennistoun.
Eobertson, M. W., & Co., steel manufacturers, Avon
Steel Works, Glenpark street.
Eobertson, M. J., hotelkeeper, Old Waverley Hotel, 185
Buchanan street.
Eobertson, M., stationer, 12 Gibson street, Hillhead.
Eobertson & Mitchell, stockbrokers, 54 Gordon st.
Eobertson, Mure (of Wm. Eobertson & Son), ho. 4
Clairmont gardens.
Eobertson, M., bread shop, 92 Stevenson street ; ho.
198 Boden street.
Robertson & Muir, artists, designers, and engravers,
general, commercial, theatrical and colour printers
and stationers, Madeira Buildings, 257 Avgyle
street; telephone No. 1123.
Robertson, Neil, accountant and house factor, 172
Henderson street, west; ho. 366 Duke street.
Robertson, Peter, wholesale india-rubber mer-
chant, engine packings, valves, joints, machinery
belting, hose, &c., 32 Queen street. Telephone
No. 4194.
Robertson, Peter, elastic stockings, belts, anfi
appliances for hospital, surgical, chemical, scien-
tific, and domestic purposes, 32 Queen street.
Telephone No. 4194.
Robertson, Peter, india-rubber, gutta-percha, and'
waterproof warehouse, 32 Queen street. Telephone-
No. 4194.
Robertson, P., joiner and glazier, 333 Scotland st. ;.
ho. 205 Watt street, s.s.
Robertson, Peter, hotel keeper. The Bath Hotel, 152
Bath street.
Robertson, P. & Co., picture frame makers, 190 anci
192 Eglinton st.
Robertson & Reid, plumbers, gasfitters, and sanitary
engineers, 107 West Nile street.
Eobertson & Ritchie, carting contractors, 169 Fin-
nieston st.
Robertson, E. Hope (of L. & E. H. Robertson), house
4 Park gardens.
Robertson, R. & Son, oil importers and refiners^
paint and varnish manufacturers, 15 and 17
Commerce street; telegraphic address "Punctual,'^
Glasgow ; telephone No. 1671.
Robertson, R., & Son, manufacturers of steam and
hydraulic packings, asbestos and india-rubber-
goods for mechanical purposes, 15 and 17 Com-
merce street; telegraphic address, " Punctual;"
telephone, 1671.
Robertson, Robert, printer, lithographer, book-
binder, and manufacturing stationer, 304 Duke
street; branch, 595 do.; works, 42 Tobago st. j
telephone No. 2602.
Robertson, Robert, & Co., wholesale oil and colour
merchants, 14 Hutcheson street.
Robertson, Robert, pawnbroker, 5 Preston street,
Robertson, Robert, spirit merchant, 115 Bishop st.^
and 115 Garngad rd.; ho. 499 Sauchiehall st.
Robertson, Robert, grocer and provision merchant, 221
Thistle street, s.s.; ho. 323 Allison st.
Robertson, R. S. (at M'Ewan & Co., Ltd.), 52 Rose
Robertson, R. (of R. Robertson & Son, Commerce st.),
ho. Sylvan villa, Millbrae road.
Robertson, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 11&
Garngad rd.; ho. 499 Sauchiehall street.
Robertson, R., manufacturers' agent, 8 Princes sq.-,
ho. Abercorn house, Niddrie st.. Paisley.
Robertson, E. Chisholm, trades union secretary, 11&
St. Vincent st.; ho. 1 Church road, Ibrox.
Robertson, Robert (colliery and fireclay agent, sands
and gravel importer, 5 W- Regent st.), Georgefield,,
Eobertson, R. F., supt. fire station, 509 St. George's
Robertson R., & Son, turners and cabinetmakers.
660 Duke st.; ho. 4 Fleming street. E,

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