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LANGDON, Robt. B. (at Jas. Watson &Co.'i5), lio. 63
Barringtoii drive.
LANGKNBACIIEK, A. G. Ernest, teacher of zither,
18 Annette at.
LANGKIER Ltd., photographic artists, 158 Sauchie-
hall street.
Langlier, Louis S. (of Langfier, Ltd.), lio. 18 IJl^rths-
wood drive.
.LANGLANDS, A. W. (of M. Langlands & Sons),
lio. '.) I'lUle f^.'irderiH, llill)ie;ul.
•Langlands, K. W., house factor and insurance
agent, lliS W. Regent st. and 201) Main street,
Muryhill ; ho. The Acre, Maryhill.
Langlnnds, .Janaes S. (of R. Laiiglunds & Son), res.,
Kilkerr^in, Newlands road, Laiigsidi!.
Langlands, M., & Sons, stoam-ship agents, 45
Hope street.
Langlands, R., & Son, commission agents and mer-
chants, 85 Queen street.
Langlands, William, 41 Lansdowne crescent.
.Langlands, Mrs. William, 22 Windsor terrace.
LANGLKY, J. Mitchel, manager (A. Adams, 10 St.
Enoch siiuure) ; ho. 41 Rose st. Garnethill.
Langley, S., R.S. Major, Queen's Own Yeomanry,
25 Ahbotsford pldc(!.
Langloan Iron Works offices, 127 St. Vmcent
.Langman & Co. printers, lithographers, ticket
■wi'itiTS, and manufacturing stationers, 28 Findlay
st. off ('ovt'caddciis.
Langman & Kwing, general and Hebrew printers,
44 Adelphi Bt. s.s.
■ LANGMUIR, R. G., agent for Johnson .lohiisoii &
Co. Ltd. ii86 Paisley road, west.
Langmuir, Robert, M.A., M.B., CM., physician and
surgeon, 885 St. George's road.
LANOrtiDi'; Established Church, Langside; Rev. J.
M'Neill t'razer, B.D., minister.
Langside Free Church, Langside; Rev. D. F. Mac-
kenzia, minister.
LANGSKAHvL, Charles G., traveller (John Blair &
Co.), ho. 27 liyudhurst gardens.
LAN(ji'i'RY, I'aul, comedian, 56 Gardner street.
LANGWELL, David, wine and spirit merchant, 233
London road ; house, 13 Monteith row.
LAI'l'lN, James (at R. Lappin's), ho. 2 Ruskiu
terrace, Rutlierglen.
Lappin, Robt., fruit broker, 72 and 70 Candle-
riggs ; lio. (ilengyre, Buchanan drive, Cambuslang.
LAl'RAlK, Thomas, M.D., F.F.l'.S., 24 Klyths-
wood square ; at homo 9 to 10 A.M., and 3 to 6
P.M. ; tehiphone No. 297.
LAI'SLIiY, Janet S., dn^ssmaker, 20 Tower St., s.s.
LAItGIi, .John, manager for Scotland Norwich Union
Fire Office ; res. Rosenlaui, IJearsden.
LARKE, A. .J., & Co., maimfacturors' agents and
warehousemen, 2 National Bank buildings, Queen
Larke, A. J. (of A. .J. Larko & Co.), house, Glan-
henwye, I're.stwick.
Lark, T. C, comedian, 22 Canning st., Calton.
Lakkiiall Brickfields, Ltd., 06 West Ri!gent st.
LARSKN, N. F., & Sons, glovers, 201 Sauchiehall st.
.LARTER, F. W. (at Geo. Kenning & Sons'), ho.
03 Kent road.
Lasoai: Transfer Offices, 12 James Watt street;
D. Mackenzie, superintendent of transfers.
.LASCELLES, William (of G.F.O.), house, 103 John
Knox street.
Las I'almas Fruit I'acking Co., packers of tinned
fruits and veg(!tal)les, Faris ; agent, Thos. Lawric,
1(10 Buchanan st.
LASKIE, A. G., 20 Ancaster drive, Jordanhill.
LAST, Edward, Baptist minister, Cambridge Street
B.C.; lio. 143 Hill street, Garnethill.
IjATCH & Batchelor, Ltd., steel makers, wire
drawers, and wire rope manufacturers, Shelfield
and Birmingham; agents, A. & P. Macfarlane, 93
Hope street.
LATIMER, Wm. ,1, produce broker, 137 Stockwell
street; bou.so, 2 Argyll place. Mount Florida,
LAT0UI{, Louis, burgundy shipper, Beauiie, Cot
d'(Jr; agents, Leechman and Gray, 21 Hope st.
Latour, Louis, principal of Gouiri's method language
classes, at the Christian Institute, Bothwell street.
— tS'ee A dot. in Appnndox.
LAT'l'A, James (of Latta Sons & Co.), house, 4
Hillside gardens, i'artickhill.
Latta, John (of Castel & Latta), 138 West George st.;
res. New Club.
Latta, Peter (of Scott & Co., Caledonian Glass Bottle
Works), ho. 28 Wilton st.
Latta, Sons, & Co., woollen merchants, and whole-
sale export clothing manufacturers, 73 Mitchell st.
Latta, Thos., 129 Bath st. ; ho. 32 Annette st.
LattH, William, & Son, slaters and plasterers. Canal
St., Clydebank; ho. Carnarvon place, do.
LATTIMIOR, Robert, tinsmith, plumber, and gaslitter,
30 Charles st., Bridgeton ; ho. 3 Wesleyan st.
Lattimer, Thos., boot and shoemaker, 109 Crookston
street; ho. 11 Portugal street, s.s.
LAIJCHLAN, Andrew, grain and commission mer-
chant, 16 (Jlincart road.
LAUUEK, Alex., manager. Bodegas, 11 So. Exchange
pi. ; ho. 17 f'ollok road, Sliawlaiids.
Lauder, Alex., pawnbroker and jeweller, 1 Ardgowan
St., and 7 Queen st.. Go van; ho. Keduala, Maxwell
Lauder, Archibald, Scotch whisky merchant, 76
Sauchiehall street, and 2 Sandyford st. ; lio. 10
Burnbank gardens
Lauder, Archibald, junr. (at Archibald Lauder's), ho.
10 Burnbank gardens.
I.,au(ler, Archibald, teacher, Dobbie's Loan Public
School; ho. 14 Lyndhurst gardens.
Lauder, Claude It. M. (Francis Lauder & Son), ho.
200 Byars road.
Laud(!r, I'Vancis, & Son, hairdressers and manufactur-
ing perfumers, 272 Byars road.
Lauder, Harry, comedian, 52 I^undas st., s.s.
Lauder, Jajnes manager and secretary (Glasgow
Athenajum, Ltd.), St. George's pi.; ho. 13 Parkgrovo
terrace, west ; telephone office No. 3324 ; house
No. 444.
Lauder, John, grocer, 194 North st.
Lauder, .John (of Thomas Macindoe & Lauder), ho. 9
Ijilybank gardens, ffillhead.
Lauder, John K. (at Andrew .L Kiikpatrick & Co.),
ho. 11 Beechwood drive, .Jordanhill.
Lauder, John, (A. & R. Scott, Ltd.), ho. Invercloy,
Lauder, John, slater, plasterer, and builder, Craigton
road, Govan ; ho. Stanley st , do.
Lauder, Iloltert (of Stevenson, I^auder, & Gilchrist),
house, 40 Albert road, f/xngside.
Lauder, Miss I<'aniiy, 78 Preston street.
LAUDERDALE, John, plumber, 17^ Adelphi st.,
S.S.; ho. Carlton pi.

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