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Snaillie & Robertson, 208 Dam-
barton rd
Soden, Mrs. R. 28 Pollok street
Temporary Home and Free Rea;is-
try Office for Orpban and Des-
titute Girls, 820 St. Vincent st
White's City & Suburban Registry
Office, 21 Hutcheson st
Wilson, Catherine, 67 Eenfield st
Young Women's Christian Associa-
tion Registry Office and Home
for Servants, 80 Bath st
(^See heginning of Alphabetical List
of Streets^ page 1).
Bottomley & Liddle, patent agents,
154 St. Vincent street
Cruikshank & Fairweather, C.P.A.
62 St. Vincent st
Fairweather, Wallace, C.E. (of
Cruikshank & Fairweather,
patent agents), 62 St. Vincent st
Fitzpatrick, Hugh D., agency for
registering trade marks, 70
Wellington st
Hunt, E. 1-21 W. George st
Johnsons, Messrs. 115 St. Vincent
street ; handbook on registration
Liddle, John, 154 St. Vincent st
Thomson, W. R. M. & Co. British,
colonial, and foreign patent
agents. Designs and Trade
Marks Registration, 96 Bu-
chanan St. — See Advt. in App,
Alston, D. 291 St. George's rd
Armour, John, 189 W. George st
Assafrey, A. T. 171 Sauchiehall
St. and 78 St. Vincent st
Baird, W. 168 Main st. Anderston
Bannerman, John, 83 and 97
Dundas st
Bell, Donald, 7j Thomson's ter.
Berry, Thos. 92 Sauchiehall street
Black, Duncan, 35 Candleriggs
Brown, Daniel, 79 St. Vincent st
Brown, John, 106 Broomielaw
Calderwood, R. W. 252 Sauchiehall
Carson, David, 36 Stockwell st
Caulfield, J. 9 Norfolk st
City Commercial Restaurant Co.
Ltd. 60 Union st.
Clutha Restaurant, 37 Robertson
Cranston's Tea Rooms, Ltd. Stuart
Cranston, founder and manag-
ing direcior, 26 Buchanan st
Cranston's Tea Rooms, Ltd. Stuart
Cranfctnn, founder and manag-
ing director, 43 Argyle arcade
Cranston's Tea Rooms, Ltd. Stuart
Cranston, founder and manag-
ing director", 5 Morrison's cnurt
Cranston's Tea Rooms, Ltd. Stuart
Cranston, founder and manag-
ing director, 2 Queen st
Cratiston's Tea Rooms, Ltd. Stuirt
Cranston, founder and manag-
ing director, 46 Queen st
Cranston, Miss, 205 Ingram street
Cranston, Miss, 209 Ingram street
Cranston, Miss, 114 Arjjyle s-treet
Cranston, Miss, 93 Buchanan st
Cranston, Miss, 91 Buchanan st
Cuddeford, T. E. 117 Virginia st
Davidson, Robt. R. 469 Dumbar-
ton road
Doogan, Geo. 6 Union st
Dunlop, Alex. 6 Adam's courtlane
Fell, Mrs. Herbert, 71 London st
Fergus, Barba'a, 79 Glassf'^rd st
Ferguson & Forrester, Ltd. Prince
of V7alfs, 36 Buchanan street
Finlay, Robert, 219 Argyle st
Flint & Co. (tea rooms) 63 St.
Vincent st
Galloway, .1. C. 19 Stockwell st
Gemmell, Thos. 127 Candleriggs
Godenzi, G. 108 Sauchiehall st
Grant, Mrs. 225 Stobcross st
Grant, Margaret, 92 Mitchell st
Greig, James, 49 and 63 Main st.
Hamilton, Henry A. 60 Broomie-
Hamilton, Peter, 35 and 41 Queen
street and 259a Argjle st
Hamilton & Russell, 39 Glassford
Hitgins, Mrs. 6 Canal pi. Clydeb'k
Hill, A1.-X. 298 New City rd
Hogg, Geo. 1012 Polloksbaws rd
Hudson & Morrison, 317 Argyle st
Hunter, John, 71, 73 St. Geo. pi
Hunter, Wm. R. 62 Argyle arcade
and 101 Union st
Hutcheon, John, 43 Union st
Jenkins, Thns. & Co. 27 Pitt st
Kidd, Mrs. C. 121 Eenfield tt
Lang, William, 73, 79 Queen st
Lee, Wm. 21a Jamaica st
Leitcb, Ritchie, 72 Park rd
Lockhart, Mrs. 183 Govan rd
Logan, David, 18 Springfield ter
Logan, Wm. 34 Argyle st
Lome Restaurant, 22 Dixon st.
and 40 Howard street
Love, Mrs. 441 Aikenhead rd
Lyle, Robt. 151 Main st. Bridgeton
M'Anhur, George, 4 Belmont st.
M Call, Mr-. Victoria Restaurant,
130 and 132 Union st
M 'Galium, Alex. 105 Springbnrn rd
M'Caughey, L. 6 Jamaica st
M 'Donald, Angus J. 127 Trongate
M'Donald, .L 269 Argyle st
M-Dona'd, Ronald, 116 W. Nile st
M'Gregor, Alex. 113 Garscube rd
M'Intyre, Mr.=. E. 232 Broomielaw
M'Kenzie, Colin, 36 John st. city
M'Kenzie, Wm. 64 Candleriggs
M'Kenzie, Mrs. J. 40 Howard st.
and 22 Dixon st
M'Kim, A. 10, 11 Thomsons bdg.s.
Maclei.«h, Robert, 84 Gordon st
M'Millan, Mrs. James, 415 Argyle
M'Phee, Arch. 601 GaMowgate
M'Pberson, Catherine, 177 North st
M'William, J. 159 W. George st
Malcolm, Andrew, 161 Crown st
Marr, Wm. 36 and 38 Nelson st.
Mdthieson, Wm. 479 Victoria rd
Meikle, Mrs. Wm. 139 London st
Midoleton, John D., 4 64 Paisley rd
Mikado Tea Rooms, 21a Jamaica
Miller, Mrs. Wra. 140 Queen st
Mills, James, 74 Maxwell st
Mills, W. D. 29 Candleriggs
Muirhead, David, 141 and 143
Rufherglen road
Murdoch, J. F. 345 to 349 Sauchie-
hall street
Nimmo, Agnes, 249 Crown st
Nimmn, Wm. J. 594a Gallowgate
Or, Wm. 465 and 467 Gallowgate
Patrick, Robert, 58 Argyle st
Patterson, James H. Queen's dock
Picken, J. M. 375 Paisley rd
Pollock, Andrew, 41 Argyle st
Prosser, Richard, 7 Dunlop street
Queen's Restaurant, 70 and 74
Buchanan street
Rathie, Ltd. 122 St. Vincent st
Rutherford & Co. 9, 11 Jamaica st.
and 31 Gallowgate
Scott, John, 90 and 9S Queen st
Shankland, John, 65 Ingram st
Smitb, Wm. jun. 117 Argyle st
Steel, Miss Agnes, 86 Glassford
Stevens, Mrs. 299 Main st. Brdgtn.
Stewart, Hugh, 8 Queen st
Thompaon, David, 170 Castle st
Thompson, R. B. & Co. 47 East
Howard street
Turntr, David, 441 Victoria rd
Turner, Jas. B. 6 W. Howard st
United Co-operative Baking So-
ciety, 62 Renfield st
Waddeil, Matthew, 60 Union st
Walker, A. M. 361 Argyle st
Walker, Daniel, 186 Hope st
Walker, John, 17 Bothwell st
Watson & Blane, 91, 93 West
George street
Weir, James, 61 Glassford st. 72
Wilson St. and 120 Gt. Hamil-
ton street
White, Thos. & Snnith, 7 and 9
Gordon st. 8 9 Glassford st. and
88 Virginia st
Whitelaw, Win. 76 Gordon at. 38
Bridge st. and 58 Jamaica st

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