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Henderson, A. 6 Leblie bt. Pollok-
Hotige, Wm. & Co. Scoltith Law
/Review and Sanitary Journal,
-26 Botliwell st
Huntly, Wm. A. (fine art), 124
Woodlands rd
Hutchison, G. & Co. 363 Spring-
burn road
Index Advertising Co. (London),
S3 Bath St
Johnsons, Messrs. office for reaister-
ing patents and trade mart?s,
115 St. Vincent St. Haudbooli
on regi-tratidn gratis
Kelly & Co. Ltd. 1«2, 183, 184
High Holborn, London, W.C.
publishers ot the Post Office
London Directory, Trade and
County Directories of Great
Britain and Ireland, Colonial
Directories, &c. Slater's Direc-
tories of Scotland, Ireland, &c. ;
Glasgow branch office, 137 W.
Regent street
Kenning, G. & Son (masonic), The
Freemason, The Glasgow Pro-
vincial Masonic Calendar, &c. 9
Howard street, and at London,
Liverpool, and Manchester
Kerr, James S. (music), 314
Paisley rd
King, John C. 53 W. Regent st
Labour Literature Society, 19
Hutcheson street
Lamburn. Charles, publi^he^ of
the " Counties' Business Direc-
tories of Scotland," 22 Mont-
gomery St. E.
Leader Publishing Co. Ltd. 74
Bath street
Livingstone Bros. 85 Maxwell st
M' Galium, John, & Co. 204 Bu-
chanan st
M'Caw, Stevenson, & Orr, Ld. 12
Rentield st
M'Clure, Robert, 206 Biirhanan st
M'Dougall, Alex. 68 Mitchell st;
M'Dougall, Wm. 3 Gardner sireet,
M'Gready, John, 80 Gt. Clyde st
M'Gregor, D. & Co. 37, 38 Clyde
Mackay, R. 112 Bath street
M'Ken'iie, Alex., 200 Hope st
Mackenzie, Wm. 43 Howard st
Mackenzie, Wm. 41 Howards!.;
agent, Peter Genimill
Maclaren & Sons, general, news-
paper, journalistic, and niagHzine
printers and publishers, " The
British Baker, Confectioner, and
Purveyor," " Elliott's Hotel,
Hydropathic, and Steam-hip
Directory," "Oils, Colours, and
Drysalteries," "The Young Men's
Christian Magazine," '• The
Bulwark," " The Christian
News, " " The Dew Drop, "
" Highland Light Infantry
Chronicle, " " Coofectionery, "
" The Scottish Poultry
Journal," &c. Advice given as
to the projection of any work of
the above or similar classes.
Large connection with all the
leading newsagents and book-
sellers in the kingdom. Special
plant for this work. Printing
and publishing offices, 83 St.
Paul's Churchyard, London, and
128 Rentield st. Glasgow
Maclaren & Sons, printers and
publishers of books, pamphlets,
&c., special advantages for larye
orders, specimen volumes shown
(testimonials, references, and
recommendations from authors,
editors, and the press). Esti-
mates sent on receipt of particu-
lars. Printing and putdisbing
offices, 83 St. Paul's Churchyard,
London, and 128 Rentield st.
Glasgow; telephone No. 3897
MacLetiose, Jas. & Sons, 61 St.
Vincent street.
Maclure, Macdonald & Co. 2 Both-
well circus
Maciiab, James, 23 Bath street
i^yu^7(Tbe) Newspapers, Ltd. 102
to 114 Union street
M'Queen, J. & W. 8 Cadzow st
Malcolm, Alex. & Co. 34 Ann
St. city
Margey, Hugh, 14 Great Clyde st
Martin, Wm. & Co. (geographical
models, alto-relievo continents
and countries), 341 St. Vincent
Matheson, Alex. 1 Hilton terrace,
Mathieson & Erskine, 63 North
Frederick st
Mennie, Morrison, & Co. 57 West
Nile st
Menzies, D. H. 192 Hope st
Menzies, John, & Co. 90 West
Nile street, 406 Gallowgate,
3 Kennedy st., 7 Gt. Wellington
St., and 140 Crown st
Mdler, John, 116 Rentield street
Morisoa Brothers, 52 Renfield st.
— See Adv. in App.
Morison, John, 11 Burnbank gar.
Morrison, Thomas D. 225 Ingram
Murray. T. & Co. 18a Renfield st
Nisbet, Hay, & Co. 16 St. Enoch sq
North Britiih Daily Mail, 102 to
114 Union st
Orr, F. & Sods, 131 Renfield st
Outram, Geo. & Co. 65 and 69
Buchanan st
Oxford University Press Depot,
104 W. George street
Paterson & Ross, 101 Byarsroad,
Pennycook & Co. 462 Paisley rd
Pickering & Inglis, 73 Bothwell st
Porteous Bros. 116 Sc, Vincent st
Porteous, Wm. & Co. 15 Royal
Exchange place
Rae, John J. publisher, printer,
and stationer (publisher of " Tbe
Cluistian Citizen," " National
Christian Union " " The Child-
ren's World," " The Snowdrop
Series," " The Friendly Monthly
Visitor," " Evangelistic Weekly
Tracts," and other religious
literature), 127 Stockwell st
Rankin, Win 146 Rentield st
Robertson, David, & Co , 94 Mit-
chell st
E ibertson, .Tames, 95 Bath st
Scottish {The) Cyclist, 25 Jamaica
s^r et
Scottish Sports Agency, Ltd., 16
St. Enoch !-q
Semple, Jas. 7 Stirling road
Sharp, A. F. & Co., 14 Royal
Exchange square
Shearer, James (music), 43 Lon-
don street
Sinclair, Archd. 10 Bothwell st
Sinclair Bros. 97 West Campbell
Single (The) Tax, 56 George sq.
Slattr's Directory, Ltd., see Kelly
& Co. Ltd. ill General Directory
Smith & Ctirisiie, 115-127 James'
St., Bridgeton
Smith, John & Son, 19 Renfield st
Sitiitt], J. M. Lid. 67 Hope st
Steedman & Co. 72 Waterloo st.
and 22 Frederick s'. Edinburgh
Stewart & Co. 51 Duodas st
Stuart, Robert, & Co. Weekly
Register, Itil St. Vincent st
Strathern & Freeman, 145 West
Nile street
Thomlinson, John, 182 Dumbar-
ton road, Partick
Thomson, W. & D. C, 146 Bu-
chanan st
Virtue, J. S. & Co. Ld. 68 Bath st
Walker, Fraser, & Steele, 74 Bathst.
Walker, Jas. & Co. (almanacj, 76
Howard st
Watson, Chas. P. newspaper ad-
vertising contractor, and pub-
lisher of Elliot's Hotel, Hydro-
pathic and Steamship Directory,
33 Goriou street. —.S'ee Advt.
between Streets and Trades.
Watson, George, & Son, 162, 164
Ingram street
Whyte, Thomson & Co. (nautical)
144 Brooinielaw
Wilson, Frederick W. & Co., 57
Hope st
Wilson, Tohn,publisher of" Wilson's
Time Table and Guide to the
W.CoasI;" •' The GlasgowMonthly
Reader," &c. 83 J-imaica street
telephone No. 4439.— A^ee Adv
in Ajjp.

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