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Tennant, Mrs. Jaa. 124 Shamrock
street, west
Tennant, Miss C. 216 Scotland st
Thomson, Arch. 83 Dumbarton rd.
Thomson, David, 337 London rd
Thomson, Robt, 13 Canning st
Thomson, Win. 1 Green st. Calton
Thomson, Janet, 24 Stevenson st.
Thorburii, Thomas, 241 Eglintou
Thornton, W. M. 143 Stockwell st
Timoney, P. 178 Main st Bndgeton
Tudhope, George, i!09 Main st.,
Turner, James, 394 Cumberland
street, 8. a.
Ure, John, 129 Garngad road
Urie, Thomas, 232 Dumbarton rd.
Urquhart, J. & .). 2K8 Bva-s rd
Walker, Thus. W. 129 Dahnarnock
Wallace, John, 678 Rutherglen rd
Watson, Andrew, 670 Gallowgate
Watson, C. 13 George st
Watson, Kd. 17(1 Argyle st
Watson, James, 90 West Scotland
Watson & Lawson, 17 Wilson st
Watt, Robt. 5 St. James's'. Kingst.
Weatherhead, Wm. 31 Gairbaid
St. and 188 Mam st. Marjhill
Weir, David, 91 Albert st
Wetberhead, J. • 63 VV. Scotland st
White, Robert, 7fil GiUovvgaie
Whvte, Wm. 421 Argyle st
Whitelaw, Andw. bl Gnive st
Wighton, Peter D. 120 Stockwell
Wilkie, J. & Sons, 180 Eglinton
Williamson, Thos. 89 Norfolk st
Wilson, Geo. 2 St. James' st.
Kinr.iop; pwrk
Wilson, H. & W. 26 Nithsd^le rd
Wilson, Jame, 311 Nuneaton st
Wilson, J..hi., 7 8 Paisley 'd. W
Wilson, Wni. .50 Al^xaiidra parade
"Winks, John, 80 i Govai, rd
Wood, VVm. f'li Gad -wgare
Woodburn, J^s. A. 211 Dumbar-
ton rd. Parnok
Wright, James, 1^2 Garngad rd
Wylie, R. 414 Npringbum rd
Wylie, Win. 14H Pai>ley rd. W
Wylie, Miss E. l«ti Garngad hill
"Yorston, W. C. 194 Albert road,
PollokshieLis enst
Young, Arcb. 144 Dnke st
Young, hngli, 13 Glebe st
Young, Robert, 98 Main st. And.
Balderston, R-b.-it, 5-i W. Cimpbell
street, lici-ns. d general weigber
and othi iai saniiler of all
kinds of yoods. inward cargoes
or pa- 1 cargoes icieived at ship's
side, carefully st .wed, sampled,
or weighed and delivered to
order ; outward cargoes or part
cargnes weighed and sampled
by a permanent staff of efficient
sworn weighers at ship's side,
and certificates granted ; tele-
phone No. 4765 ; telegraphic
address, " Weigher "
Aaronson, Albert Edward, West
Chapelton, Bearsden, sole agent
for Glasgow and district for the
London and Provincial Directory
and Continental Guide ; all
letters to be addrpssed to Prince
Albert terrace, Helensburgh, —
See Advertisement
Adshead, Neil & Son, 11 and 92
Union street
Aird & Coghill, 268 Argyle st
Allan& Ferguson, 126 Renfield st;
telephone No. 1197. — See Advt.
in App.
Allan, Mozart (music), 70 South
Portland street
Allan, R. L. & Son, 143 Saucbie-
hall st
Annan, T. & R. & Sons, 230 & 234
Archibald, Henry (fine art), 80
Great Clyde st.
Asher, Wm. 80 Gordon st. ; tele-
phone No. 4265
Bayley & Ferguson (music), 64
Queen street
Bell & Bain, Ld. 41, 43 Mitchell
Blackie & Son, Ld. 17 Stanhope st
Blackie & Son, Ltd., 38 North
Frederick st
Bland, F. P. 52 Sauchiehall street
Bower, Kobert, 29 Commerce st
Brown, Jas. & Son, nautical, 15
York st
Brown & Young, 6 Montr^'se st
Bryce, D. & Son, 133 West Camp-
bell street
Bryce & Murray, Ltd. 129 Bu-
chanan st
Burnside, John, 31 N. Frederick
st rcet
Cambridge Bible Warehouse, 263
Argyle st
Cameron, Ferguson, & Co., 63
No. Frederick st
Cameron, James, 59 Bath st
Campbell, Dun. & Son, 96 St.
Vincent st
Campbell, Paul & Sons, fine art,
63 to 69 Waterloo st
Campbell & Tudhope, 45 Cran-
ston street
Carson & Nicol, 13 Dundas st. oily
Carter & Pratt, 62 Bothwell circus
and 315 St. Vincent st
Charles & Dibbe, 155 St. Vincent
Clarendon Press; depot, 104
W. Georgre st
Clarke & Co. 18 Little Hamilton
Clarke, Charles, 18 Little Hamilton
Clay, C. J. & Sons, 263 Argyle st
Collins Bros. & Co. Ltd. Sydney
and Auckland ; office, 129 Stir-
ling roid
Collins, Wm. Sons, & Co. (Lmtd.)
139 to 153 Stirling rd. 43 to 69
Taylor St. and 133 to 139 St.
James' road. — See Advt.
Cossar, John, Press Buildings, 577
Govan rd. Govan; branches, 583
Caihcart road, Govauhill ; and
Dumbarton road, Clydebank;
telephone No. 1587
Cowan, W. 278 St. Vincent street
Crow, G. & Co. (art), 34 St.
Enoch square
Drummonil's Tract Depot; Glasgow
branch, 89 Bothwell st
Ferguson, Alex. 1 1 6 St. Vincent st-
Ferguson, W. M., 116 St. Vincent
Ferrie, Joseph (music), 202 Hope-
st rett
Findlay, Jas. 68 Mitchell street
Fisher, A. Kay, & Co. Ltd. 15, 16
Railway Approach, London
Bridge, S.E., publishers of the
London and Provincial Directory
and Continental Guide ; full par-
ticulars to be obtained at the
agent's address, Mr. A. E.
A<ironson, sole agent for Glas-
gow and disi ricf. West Cliapelton,
Bearsden. — See also Advt.
Forrester, Jas. P. 102 Argyle st
Forrester, Robt. 1 Royal Exchange-
square and 91 Queen street
Frazer, J. 15 Drury street
Frowde, Henry, 104 West George
Gibson, James H. 81 St. George's
Gillespie, Thomas, 83 Renfield st
Gil nour & Dean, 5 N. Hanover sb
(Tilmnur, T. C. 22 Canning street
Glamjoio Medical Journal, 68
Mitchell st
Glnsyow Weekly Mail, 102 to 114
Union st
Glass, Charles, & Co. 33 East
Howard .street
Goldie, A. R. 28 Buchan st. s.s
Gowans & Gray, Bible, 22 Ann sfe
Griham, J. Alex. 83 Jamaica st
t^arri^OM & Co. Ltd. (London), 3S
Bath st
Hay, J. C. 19 Howard st
Hedderwick, James, & Sons, 22 St.
Vincent plcice

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