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Laidlaw, Wm. P. 80 St. Vinct. st
Laird, M'Intyre & Co. 15 Brown
Lang, Chap. P., 189 «& 211 Hope St.
Langman & Ewing, 4i Adelphi ^t
Lawrie & Buchanan, 15 Sauchie-
hall St
Lawson, John, 22 Argyle st
Lawson, Robt. 194 a St. Vincent st
Leggat Bros. 38 Sauchiehall street
Leitch, Wm. M. 8u London st
Lithgow, John, & Son, 76 West
Howard street
Livingstone Bros. 85 Maxwell st
Lorimer, R. & J. 329 Paisley rd
Lorimer, R. 21 and 23 Kenfield st.
and 401 Sauchiehail street
Lorimer, Wm. & Co. 96 St. Vin-
cent sf. and 2 I Renfield st
Lyon, Alex, (from 25 Bridge st.),
printer of artistic marnage and
mourning cards, 6 Union street,
and 172 Argyle si:, third floor
Lyon, Wm. 3^9 Sauchiehall street
Macarthur & Cochrane, 182 Tron-
Macaulay, & Mackinlay, 62
Argyle st
M'Crtw, Stevenson & Orr, Ltd.
(cbromo lithographers), 12 Ren-
tield street
M'Corquodale & Co. (Limited), 96
Maxwell st
M'Cowat, John, 166 Buchanan st
Macdougall, Alex. 68 Mitchell st
M'Oougall, Wm. 3 Gardner st.
M'Dougall, Wm. 738 Govan rd.
M'Ewan, C. & D. 31 Argyle st
M'Gillivray, H. 26 Crnokston st
M'Gillivray, James B. & Co. 51
Watt st
M'Gown, John, 3 Bothwell st
M'llraith, John, & Co. 88 (ilassf. st
Mackay, Donald, & Co. 126 Ren-
field st
M'Kee & Cooper, colour, 35 Mit-
chell St. and 54 Union st
M'K.ellar, Chas. 3(i7 Cathcart rd
M'Kendrick, Alexander, 111 Can-
ning St. Gallon
Mackenzie, A. 2ii0 Hope st
Mackenzie & Co. (ttieatrical), 48
W. Regent st
Mackenzie, Wm 43 Howard st
Mackill & Co. 70 Union street
M'Kim, Adam, 136 Trongate
M'Laren, A. 324 Argyln st.
Maclaren & Sons,commercinl, pnb-
lishing,& general printer s& litho-
graphers ; a leadi' fC spCL^alty iu
canned g'jods lil)els; posters,
thowcards, catilogui'S, circulars,
programmes, svliatm-^es, prospec-
tuses, reports, and all claises of
commercial printing, lithography,
and stationery in best styles ;
the largest stock of ornamental
types and designs in the city,
selected from Germany, Austria,
Switzerland, America, and all
the leadinsj type-foundries in
this country, or engraved from
original designs; 83 St. Paul's
Churchyard, London, and 128
Renfield st Glasgow ; telephone
No. 3897.
Maclaren & Sons, advertising print-
ers and contractors, all the latest
ideas ; special designs got up in
any style ; books and pamphlets
written, compiled, and illus-
trated for advertisers ; specially
advantageous terms for large
orders ; high-class and artistic
printing (testimonials, refer-
ences, and highest recommen-
dations from leading firms) ;
83 St. Paul's Churchyard, Lon-
don, and 128 Renfield st. Glasg.
Maclaren & Sons, newspaper, jour-
nalistic, magiizine printers, pub-
lishers, and contractors — oiiices
of " The British Baker, Confec-
tioner,and Pun'eyor," has a much
larger circulation than any other
journal in the baking trade, gives
more and better reading matter,
and is patronised by more ad-
vertisers; "Confectionery,"' a
monthly journal for conftction-
ers, up to date in every respect ;
the only exclusively confec-
tionery (sugar) journal on earth ;
"Gilt, Colours,aod Drysalteries,"
a first-class montlily j?)urnal,
containing latest market reports,
special articles, and everyihing
interesting these and kindred
trades — a capital medium for
advertising; "The Christian
News," "The Dew Drop," "High-
land Light Infantry Chronicle,"
"The Young Men's Cnrisiian
Magazine," " Scottish Poultry
Journal," &c. ; advice given as
to the projection of news-
papers, journals, magazines,
and other publications ; con-
nection with all the leading
newsagents in Great Britain
and Ireland ; special plant for
this class of work; 83 St. Paul's
Churchyard, London, and 12a
Renfield street, Gla.sgow
Maclaren & Sons, books and pam-
phlets printed in best s'yles, at
moderate rates contracts for
large numbersundertaken; speci-
men volumes shown (highest
testimonials from authors, edi-
tors, and the press) ; estimates
on receipt of particular-*; 83
St. Paul's Churchyard London,
and 128 Renfield st. Glasgow
Maclaren & Sons, illuminators of
testimonials, addresses, and pre-
sentation cards; designs of all
kinds got up in most beautiful and
artistic styles ; 83 St. Paul's
Churchyard, London, and 128
Renfield street, Glasgow ; tele-
phone No. 3897
Maclean, James B. 57 W. Nile st
MacLehose, Jas. & Sons, 61 St.
Vincent st
MacLehose, Robt. & Co. 153 W.
Nile street
M'Lure, David, & Son, 62 Argyle
Maclure, Macdonald, & Co. 2
Bothwell circus
M'Millan, H. & Co. 15 Drury st
M'Millaa & Marshall, 35 Montrose
Macoab, James, 2S Bath st
M'Naughtan & Gowanlock, 109
St. Vincent st
M'Naughtan & Sinclair, 24 W.
Nile St. and 97 W. Campbell st
M'fhee,A. 11 Hyndland st. Partick
M'Raith, John, 525 G. Western rd.
Malcolm, A. & Co. 34 Ann st. city
Malcolm, A. 34 Ann st. city
Marider Bros. Wolverhampton,
printing-ink makers; represents.
Wm. H. Griffin, 4 Wilton cres.
Glasgow, and James Hobbs,
The Kc.owe, Bothwell
Mann, Summers, & Co. 1, 3, So.
Hanover st
Marshall, JI'Millan & Co. 17 Os-
wald st
Martin, Clelland, & Taylor, 66
to 72 Mitchell st
Mathieson & Erskine, 63 North
Frederick street
M-xweil, J. Shaw, 16 Woodlands rd
Miller, John, 116 Renfield st.
M ller, Stephen, colour, 183 Geo. st
MoUison, Ness & Co. (type and
block), 120 Kent rd
Monieath, John, II St. Vincent pi
Mor.-, Kobt. 505 and 507 Sauchie-
hall St. & 725 Gr. Western road
Mons'in Broihers, 52 Renfield st.
— See Advt. in App.
Mo herwell, Wniiain & Co. 138
Holm s-t'eet
Mullienm, Jas. 43 Hospital st
Munro, Wm. (successor William
A -her), «0 Gordon st
Murd"ch, J. & J. Caledonian
Piinting Works, 253 Argyle st
Murdoch, Thomas, & Co. 54
Union st
Murray, Chas. G. 115 Sword st
Murr'ay & Donnelly, 74 Argyle st
Murray, G D. 11 W. Regent st
Murr.-y, Hobert, 167 Ingram st
Nicl, H. 86 Y.rkst
Nisbet, Hay & Co. 16 St. Enoch sq
Niven, W. G. 116 St. Vincnt st

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