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Eamsay, Wm. & Co. (embossed
lamp panes), 196J Argyle st
Rankine, J. & J. 16, 17 Gt. Clyde st
Kattray, C. & Co. 14-20 Candle-
Rattray, James, 61 Main street,
Gorbals, and brnnches
Rigg, Isaac, & Son (and cbina), 95
and 97 Buchanan street
Rossenberg, Adolf, manufacturers
and importers of bottles, table-
glass, etc., show rooms, 33 Vir-
ginia st
Russell, J. & H. 102 Gt. Western
St. Rollox Flint Glass Works, 51
Tennant st
Scott, Geo. Caledonian Glass Bottle
Works, Sprinebank
Scottish National Glass and Glaz-
ing Co. Ltd. 273 Hope st
Shearer, H. 42 Howard st
Shillinglaw, James R. 63 Paisley
road, west
Sighthill Glass Bottle Co. Peters-
hill road
Simpson, A. M. 278 Sauchiehall sf
SmeUie, Jas. 248 Main st. Gorbals
Smith, H. & Co., 161 Bothwell st
Sneddon & Sons, 125, 127 Stock-
well St.
Sneddon & Sons, 88 Union st
Stark, Mrs. James, 671 Gallowgate
Steedman, Robt. 121 Croft btreet,
Steel, Jas. & Co. 259 W. George st
Strachan, Alex. 495 Springbnrnrd
Summers, C. & W. 20 Kent st
Summers, Jas. 37, 39 and 41
Moir st
Thompson, Kemp & Co. bottles
all kinds and table glass for home
and export, Eclipse Works, 83
Dunlop st, also at London,
Liverpool, Birraingham, and
Thompson, Robert B. & Co. bottles,
show glasses, &c. of every de-
scription, at prices to defy com-
petition, 47 East Howard street,
corner of Dunlop st
Towers, Wm. 167 Parliamentary rd
Union Plate Glass Co. Ltd. St.
Helens, Lancashire ; agent, Wm.
Maclean, 25 Wellington st. city
Warren, James, 142 Bath st
Whyte, David, 51 Hutcheson st
Wylie & Lochhead (Limited), 45
Buchanan st
Young, S. 13 Findlay street
Young, W. & Sons, 118, 120
Bothwell st
Aitchison, Arch, agent for W. E.
Chance & Co. Oldbury, 70, 72
Waterloo street
Bftird, John, 71 Bishop st. Port-
British and F'oreign GlassCo. whole-
sale depot for glass shades of
every description, memorial
wreaths and crosses, makers of
the new combined wrenth case
and stand, 45 St. Enoch square
Caul Held & Co. 21 Jamaica st. and
31 Trongate
Chijnce, W. E. & Co. OWbury;
aeent, Archd. Aitchison, 70, 72
Waterloo st
Clydesdale Glass and Glazing Co.,
128 Cambridge st
Cotterell, Wm. & Sons, 65 East
Howard st
Fletcher & Sons, 38 Dumbarton rd
Grant, John, 24, 26 Union st
Henderson, Francis, 79 Candle-
King, Alfred, 24 and 2S Union st
Kirk, Geo. G. 7, 9 Stockwell pi.
M'Combie, Wm. 21 Royal arcade,
and branches
Milligan, David, 47 Si. Albion st
M Phie, Jas. P. 6 Bishop street,
Marshall & Miller, 591 Gallowgate
Pilkingtou Bros. Ltd., 44 Robert-
son st
Purdon & Callander, 106 George st
Shearer, H. wholesale depot for
round, val, & square glass shades,
marble, gilt and polished stands,
propagating glasses and frames,
fern shades, stands, and cases ;
memorial wreaths and crosses,
patentee and manufacturer of
the damp proof combined wreath
case and stand, 42 Howard st.
and 49 and 61 Dunlop street
Simpson, A. M. 278 Sauchiehall st
SmeUie, J. 248 Main st. Gorbals
Smith, H. & Co. 161 Bothwell st
The Scottish National Glass and
Glazing Co. Ltd. 273 Hope st
Young, Samuel, 13 Findlay st
Barrowman, Peter, 83 New road,
Burnham & Co. 95 Bath street ;
works, London and Paris
Cotterell, Wm. & Sons, 65 East
Howaid st
Falconer & Co. 20 Dixon st
Forrest & Son, 365 Argyle st
Graham, James, & Co. 184 George
Grieve, John A. 11 St. Peter's lane
Hamilton, Arch. 35 Ann street,
city, off Jamaica street
Humphreys, H. J. & Co., 83
Canribiidge st
Harris & Sheldon, 71 Queen st
Hastie, John, 64 West Howard st
Kdox Bros. 16 York st
Lynn, James H. & Co 13 Royal
Exchange place
M'Ewan, Muir, & Co. (.fhow cases
for jewellnrs, cheiiiist;s, tobacco-
nists, stationers, drapers, &c ;
mirrors, gla->s shelves, and brass
shop fittings of every descrip-
tion), 17 Ward st
M'Kenzie, Donald, 145 St. Vin-
cent lane
M'Laughlan, A. & Co. 9 Bothwell
cir. ; telegraph address, ''Glass-
cutter," telephone No. 4748
Macphail & Co. L'd. 79 Finnies-
ton St. ; telephone 1474
Mair. John, 60 to 64 Dunlop st
Malloch, C. & J. 304 St. Vincent
Marshall & Millar, 591 Gallowgate
Meikle, Wm. & Sons, 19 aud 21
Wellington st
Molliscn, Ness & Co., 120 Kent
Percy, Arch. Allan, 38 Sauchiehall
Ramsay, Wm. & Co. 195J Argyle st
and 11 Jamaica st
Shearer, H. 42 Howard st. and 49
Dunlop st
Templeton, R. 0. shop fittings
and cases of every description
for jewellers, chemists, drapers,
stationers, &c. mirrors, shop
chairs, brass fittings, and glass
letters, 164 Buthwell st. ; show-
room, 106 Bothwell street
Thompson, Kemp & Co. makers of
show card< and metal tablets
for advertising purposes, Eclipse
Works, 83 Dunlop st
Thompson, Robt. B. & Co. 47
East Howard st
Adam, Stephen, & Son, 199 Bath st
Angus, Craibe, &Son, 169 Queen st
Bain, Geo. 10 Royal arcade
Baird, J'lhn, 71 bishop st. Port-
Bennett, J. B. & Sons, 50 Gordon
Blytbswood Stained Glass Co. 187
Bothwell St. and 92 Pitt st
British and Foreign Glass Co. 45
St. Enoch square; works, East
Howard st
Burnham & Co., 95 Bath street ;
works, London and Paris
Clydesdale Glass ai>d Glazing Co.,
128 Cambridg« st
Cotterell, Wm. & Son?, 65 East
Howard st
Couper, John R., 167 Bothwell st.
Donald, H. S. 19 Rutherglen road
Dotchin, James, glazier, 411 Sau-
chiehall street
Drummond, A. & Co. 20 Watson
Drummond, Jas. 89 Abercromby

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