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M'Niven & Cameron, Waverley
â– works, Edinburgh. — See Advt.
Malcolm, Alex. & Co., 34 Ann st
Mann, Summers, & Co., 1 and 3
South Hanover st
Marr, Downie, & Co., 67 Ingram
Miller, John, 116 Renfield st.
Monteath, John, 11 St. Vincent pi
Morison Brothers, 62 Eenfield st.
— See Advt. in Appen.
Molherwell,Wm. & Co. 138 Holm
Murdoch, T. & Co. 64 Union st
Murray, Thomas, & Co., 18a Een-
field st
Neilson, Robert, & Son, 80 Gor-
don street
Orr, Francis, & Sons, 131 Eenfield
Parker & Hastie, 106 Brunswick
Paterson, Jas. C. 18 West Nile st
Paton, John, 47, 49 Brunswick st
Pollock, Eobert, & Co. 43 Virginia
Reid, J. & E. & Co. 120 Queen
Eeid, James, 144 Argyle street
Revie, John, 52 Glassford st
Robertson, David, & Co., 94
Mitchell st
Ross Bros., 113 Ingram st
Scott, John C. 227 Ingram st
Sellar, Robt. F., 39 Candleriggs
Smith, Jas. & John, 92 Union st
Smith & M'Laurin, 27 Ann st
Spence, Andrew, 38 Queen street
Spicer, James, & Sons, 58 to 64
North Frederick st
Stewart, John, 33 Glassford st
Sutherland, Wm., 123 Argyle st
Walton, Jas. & Co. 61 Cochrane st
Wardrop, D. C. 57 Oswald st
Wardrop, James, 97 Bothwell st
Watson, G. & Son, 162 Ingram st
Watson, John, & Co. 35 Gordon st
White, Andrew, & Son, 257 Ai-gjle
Wilson,Guthrie,& Co.,34, 36 Frede-
rick street
Wright, C. L. 100 W. George
St., and 102 Stirling road
Garroway, R. &. J. 58 Buchanan
The Glasgow Acetic Acid Co. Ltd.
Speirs wharf, N., Port-Dundas;
reg. office, 107 Buchanan st
Sole licencee of the Adamant Co.
Ltd., to manufacture and sell
same in Scotland, Thos. M'Ghie,
Scottish Plaster Woiks, New
fctreet, Rutherglen |
Brown, W. S. & Co. 137 West
Regent st
Forbes, Alex. 118a Eenfield st
WILSON'S Advertising Offices,
83 Jamaica street. This is the
only office in Scotland ha^'ing
all Kelly's Trade Directories.
Scottish local directories and
shareholders' lists emendated
and corrected to date; immense
saving effected ; returns reduced
to a minimum. Telephone,
4439. — See Advt. in Appen.
Steedman & Co. Ltd. 72 Waterloo
st. and 22 Frederick st. Edin.
Yost Typewriter Co. Ltd., 112 St.
Vincent st
Black, A. & Co. 126 Broomielaw
and 2 York street
Christie, Andrew, 27 Clyde pi
Dobbie, Alex. & Son, Ltd. (by
special appointment), 44 and 45
Clyde pi.
M'Gregor, D., & Co. (by special
appointment, Admiralty chart
agents), 37 and 38 Clyde pi;
also Greenock, 72 South Castle
street, Liverpool, and 14 London
St., Fenchurch St., London, E.C.
Telephone No. 1505
Whyte, Thomson, & Co., 142 and
144 Broomielaw
Adamson, David, & Son, 12
Waterloo st
Aird & Coghill, 263 Argyle st
Archibald, Colin Noble, 37 Cath-
cart st. s.s.
Browne, T. B. Ltd. 141 Buchanan
St.; head office, 163 Queen
Victoria st. London; also Paris
and New York. The entire press
of the British isles, the leading
newspapers, magazines, and peri-
odicals of the whole world
Brown & Young, 6 Montrose st
Cossar, John, "Press Buildings,"
577 Govan road, Govan; tele-
phone No. 1587
Cowan, Walter, 278 St. Vincent st.
CuUen, H. C. & Co. 196 St. Vin-
cent street
Derrick, J. 0. Donnell, 56 George
Duff & Co. 57 Hope st
Fifield, H. 0., 40 Hope st
Forbes, Alex. 118a Renfield st.,
special agent in Scotland for
advertisements in " To-Day,"
Jerome's weekly magaz. -journal;
" The Idler " (monthly); " The
Statist," the leading journal of
finance ; " Baby," the mother's
magazine. Advts. taken for all
publications at cheapest rates ;
sound advice freely given cH
advertising ; replies to advts.
Glasgow Advertising and Bill-
posting Co. 52 Howard st
Granger, John, 205 Hope street
Gray, Thos., & Co. 97 Bishop street,
Kennedy, F. A., 110 New City rd
King, J. G. & Son, 102 Bath st
Liddell, Frank R. sole agent and
contractor for Craig's colliery
reports, the Index Advertising
Co., the Grand Theatre, &c., 33
Baih st
Livingstone Bros. 85 Maxwell st
Macalpine, Alex. 40 Elderslie st
M'Donald, John, & Son, circular
deliverers, 45 Bothwell 8t; tele-
phone No. 3610
Maclaren & Sons, 83 St. Paul's,
London, and 128 Eenfield st. ;
telephone No. 3897
M'Murtne, John, 11 Bothwell St.;
telephone 4398 ; telegrams,
" Courage," Glasgow
Miller, John, 116 Renfield st
Montgomery, John S. 90 Eglinton
Murray, Thos. & Co. 18a Eenfield
Norwell, J. M. 18a Eenfield street
Pollock, Alex. 52 West Nile st
Pollock's Circular Express, 52
West Nile st
Porteous, Wm. & Co., 15 Royal Ex-
change pi
Roberts, Edward F. 97 Bishop st.
Eobertson, Jame?, 95 Bath st
Robertson, T. & Co. Main st.-
Scrimgeour, John, 13 St. Vincent
Sharp, A. F. & Co. 14 Eoyal Ex-
change square
Steedman & Co. Ltd. 72 Waterloo
St. and 22 Frederick st. Edin.
Timniins, J. L. 23 Melrose gdns. -
Watbon, Chas. P. 33 Gordon st
British, Foreign, andColonial Ad-
vertising Contractor; sole agent
for the leading Scottish provincial
newspapers; publisher of Elliot's
Scottish Hotels Hydropathic and
Steamship Directory; sole con-
tractor of the Glat-gow Corpora-
tion Tramway car tickets ; official
agent to the International Ex-
hibition, Glasgow, 1888 ; adver-
tisements received for the entire
press of the world at lowest
publishers' rates ; replies to ad-
vertisements received and for-
warded without any extra charge;
extra discount given when the
same advertisement is ordered
for several newspapers. Selected
lists of the best news-

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