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E Aa W A y " C A R;^^^si^^
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"- -"- ADVERTrSffla.
ADVERTISEMENTS arc now appearing on the back of the Car
Tickets on all the Rentes, and the Corporation have placed the
entire Contract in onr hands, averaging So million Tickets per
annum. Terms and full particulars regarding this unique method of
reaching the vast population of Glasgow and the West of Scotland
can be had on application. ■ :.;. i ;i.'
OWING to the large business done through these Offices with
the leading Newspapers and Magazines in the Kingdom, we are
in a position to quote exceptionally favourable terms for one or
any number of Publications. • ' ,
SPECIALLY selected Scottish, English, and Irish Provincial Lists,-
ranging from 20 to 1000 .Newspapers, in which many of the Leading
Advertising Firms in the Kingdom advertise, through our Agency,
will be sent on application. -
CONTRACTS are also made in this Office at an average all-round
Price for every Weekly Newspaper in England, Ireland,, and Scot-
land, 2000 Newspapers inclusive. Terms on application.
Special Quotations per Inch for Three, Six, and Iwelve Aloiiths' Contracts.
CHARLES P. WATSON, 33 Gordon Street,
Established 1856.
Established 1856.

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