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Smith, W. & J. G., & Co., manufacturers, Empress
Mills, 388 Swanston street, Dalmamock road.
Smith, Wm. E. & W. & Co., yam agents, 6 Han-
over street ; telegraphic address, " Bestegarne ;"
telephone No. 757.
Smith, Wm. G. (of Smith & Christie), ho. Olive hank,
.. Gallowflat, Kutherglen.
Smith, William, watchmaker, chronometer maker,
and jeweller, 13 SauchiehaU street.
Smith, W. Macadam (of Smith & Wellstood, Ltd.),
res. Abbotsfield, Wiveliscomhe, Somerset.
Smith, Wm. (of A. & W. Smith & Co.), ho. 1 Kosslyn
ter., and Auchentroig, Buchlyvie.
Smith, Wm., upholsterer and bedding manufacturer,
283 Byars road, Hillhead; ho. 85 do., Partick.
Smith, Wm., wine and spirit merchant, 147 Castle st.;
ho. 317 Onslow drive
Smith, William Alex, (of Wm. E. & W. Smith & Co.),
residence, Taybank, Helensburgh.
Smith, Wm., commission agent, 114 Candleriggs ;
ho. 1 West Princes street
Smith, Wm. (of Smith & Steven), ho. Laigh Park,
Smith, W. Sydney (at E. & C. Allan's), 28 Millbrae
Smith, Wm., saddler, 67 St. James rd. ; ho. 176
Stirling rd.
Smith, Wm. A. C, optician, photographic, and
scientific instrument maker, 58 Dundas st., City ;
ho. 48 do.
Smith, Wm., grocer and provision merchant, 156 Een-
field st. and 169 Cowcaddens st; ho. 17 do.
Smith, Wm. (of Smith and M'Lauchlan), 28 Devon
Smith, W. W. C, & Steven, shipbrokers and mer-
chants, 93 Hope street; telegrams, "Starboard;"
telephone No. 4719.
Smith, W. W. C. (of W. W. C. Smith & Steven), 154
Cambridge drive.
Smith, Wm., manufacturers' agent, 27 Oswald st.
Smith, Wm., clothier, 184 Oxford street.
Smith, William Kidd, solicitor, B.L., 11 W. Regent
St.; ho.. Jessamine, Lethington avenue, Langside.
Smith, William (of Thomas Smith & Son), ho.
34 Newark drive, Pollokshields.
Smith, Wmiam (of W. & J. G. Smith & Co.), ho. 208
Bath street.
Smith, Wm., & Son, plasterers, 45 Victoria road;
ho. 10 Battlefield cres.
Smith, Wm. B. (of J. & W. B. Smith), ho, 76 Cumber-
land street, s.s.
Smith, W. Eobertson (of Fraser, Kirkpatrick, & Smith,
stockbrokers), ho. 8 Windsor terrace, W.
Smith, WUliam, cabinetmaker, 207 St. James' rd. ;
house, 21 Grafton street.
Smith, Wm. (at Eowat & Co.'s), ho. 675 Govan rd.
Smith, Wm. H. (at Sim, Harvey, & Company), 19
Waverley gardens.
Smith, Wm. F., violin maker, 11 Hill street, west
Smith, Wm. (at M'Call & Stephen), ho. 370 North
Woodside road.
Smith, Wm., printers' furnisher, 198A St. Vincent st
Smith, Wm., accountant (of John & Wm. Smith),
ho. 3 Belhaven terrace.
Smith, Wm., B.L., writer, 95 Bath st; ho. 88 Abbots-
ford place.
Smith, W. A., Brigade secretary of the Boys'
Brigade, 162 Buchanan st.; ho. 12 Hillsborough
Smith, Wm. B., wool and woollen yam agent, 116 St.
Vincent street; ho. 1 Eildon villas, Mount Florida.
Smith Wm., inspector, Govan Ferries; ho. Albert
cot, Govan.
Smith, Wm., 96 Calder street.
Smith, Wm., silk manufacturer, 38 Queen st; ho.
18 MUler st., Hamilton
Smith, Wm., manufacturers' agent, 13 St. Vincent
pi.; ho. Thornwood, Grove park, Lenzie
Smith, W. M. (Lever Bros., Ltd.), 5 Derby st.
Smith, W. M'K., postman, 16 Nicholson st.
Smith, Wm. W. (at W. D. Gillies'), 5 W. Garden st.
Smith & WUliamson, chartered accountants, 149 W.
George St.; London office, 27 Comhill, London, E.Cj
Smith, Mrs, A., laundrywoman, 35 W. Graham st.
Smith, Mrs. C, remnant shop, 34 Nelson street,
s.s. ; ho. 38 do.
Smith, Mrs. Catherine, 35 Kersland ter.
Smith, Mrs. Charles, 10 Sardinia ter.
Smith, Mrs. E., dairy, 40 Albert road ; house, 36 do.
Smith, Mrs. Henry, lady supt, Working Men's Mission,
and Mission to the Friendless and Fallen, 8 Watson
st, city; and Aged Poor's Holiday Home, Mount
Pleasant cottage, Kirn; ho. 5 Tower st,Parkgrove.^
Smith, Mrs. Isabella, tobacconist and chandler, 384
Govan st; ho. 390 do.
Smith, Mrs. J., Bumbank laundry, 50 NapiershaU st.
Smith, Mrs. James, 20 Park terrace.
Smith, Mrs. Osbourne, 28 Albert drive, Pollokshields.
Smith, Mrs. Eobt., 7 Keir st, Pollokshields.
Smith, Mrs. Thomas, dressmaiker, 207 Kent road.
Smith, Mrs. Wm., 12 Woodside place.
Smith, Mrs. Wm., spirit merchant, 53 Cowlairs road;
ho. 480 Springburn road.
Smith, Mrs., vocalist, 272 St George's rd.
Smith, Mrs., chandler and hardware merchant, 24
Wolseley street ; ho. 26 do.
Smith, Mrs., 220 West Eegent street
Smith, Mrs., oils and colours, 52 Abercromby st.
Smith, Mrs., boys' suit maker, 11 Gt George st.
Smith, Mrs., furnishings, 50 Parliamentary road.
Smith, Mrs., confectioner, 7 Nuneaton st; ho. 5 do.
Smith, Miss Agnes, milliner, 293 SauchiehaU st.
Smith, Miss Agnes, stationer, 21 Alexandra parade;
house, 33 do.
Smith, Miss Annie, stationer and tobacconist, 358
Cumberland street, s.s. ; ho. 360 do.
Smith, Miss C. , druggist, 141 Gamgad rd.
Smith, Miss E., furnishings, 46 Norfolkst; ho. 48 do.
Smith, Miss J., draper, 106 Cathedral street ; house,
91 N. Frederick st.
Smith, Misses J. & C, dress and mantle makers,
370 North Woodside rd.
Smith, Miss Eose, music teacher, 69 Prince Edward
Smith, Miss S., milliner and dressmaker, 63 Kirk-
land street
Smith, Miss, dress and mantle maker, 472 Paisley rd.
Smith, Miss, milliner, 17 Schipka pass.
Smith, C. & M., dressmakers, 19 Caledonia road.
Smith, Jane, furniture dealer, 6 Ferguson st.
Smith, Janet (of Smith & Lockhart), ho. Loudon
villa, Caledonia rd.
Smith, Margaret, stationery and fancy goods mer-
chant, 5 Rokeby terrace.
Smith, Mary Eadie, pawnbroker, 13 Albert street,
Smith Steamship Co, (Lim,), Glen & Co., managers,
107 St Vincent street,

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