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Patrick, William A. Corporation
Water Works
Pattie & Auld, 4 York st
Pattie, Robt. (marine), 4 York st
Pollock, David, 128 Hope st
Potts, J. C.E. 241 St. Vincent st.
and 1a Hamilton ter. W. Partick
Rait, William (public lighting), 43
John street
Ramsay, Capt. Wm. 17 Oswald st
Reynolds, S. M. 7 York street
Robertson, Ales. D. 32 Daisy st
Robertson, Duncan, 29 Waterloo st
Robertson, T. W. 32 Daisy street
Robertson, W. & Laird (land), 123
St. Vincent street
Robinson, J. 32 Royal Exchange sq
Robson, W. E., Lloyd's, 342 Argyle
Rowley, Thos. 7 Y'ork st
Sanderson, John (Lloyd's), 342
Argyle street
Scott, Andrew, H.M. Customs
Sheriff, Thomas (marine), (R.
Mackill & Co.'s)
«Smellie, Thos. D. 209 St. Vine, st
Smith, Andw. 12 York st
Smith, D. (buildings), 3 Radnor ter
Smith, Jas. 280 George st
Smith, Eobt. 159 Hope st
Sommerville, John (insurance), 107
Buchanan street
Southorn & M 'Donald (land), 248
West George street
Stewart, Robert(land and mineral),
1 Bison street
Stobo & Bain (marine), 163 St.
Vincent st
Stobo, James (marine), 163 St.
Vincent st
Stodart, Arch. 79 W. Regent st
Strathern, R. land and mineral,
122 Wellington st
Symons, Gustavus, 7 York st
Taylor, Robert (property) 70 Bath
Tessier, E. L. (Bureau Veritas), 29
Waterloo street
Thearle, S. J. P. (Lloyd's), 342
Argyle street
Thomas, Jas. B. (marine), 105 St.
Andrew's road, Follokshields
Thomson, Joseph (Lloyd's), 342
Argyle street
Thomson, Gilbert, M.A. (land), 75
Bath street
Turnbull, Robt. I. A. 122 Wellmg-
ton street
Warren, John A.' 115 Wellington
Watson, G. L. & Co. 108 West
Regent street
Webber, W. S., 280 George st
Wharrie, Colledge, & Brand, 109
Bath street
*Whyte, Wm. M'Nicol, 103 West
Regent street
Wilkie & Lees (captains), shipping,
&c. 1 Robertson street
Williamson, W. (land), 64 Coch-
rane st
Willoughby, W. H. (Board of
Trade), 7 York st
Young, Wm. (marine), 27 Oswald
More, James, 77 Renfield street
Abercromby, Robt. C. 470swald st
Aitken, E. 41 Hyndland st. Partick
Albert, Chas. & Co. 21 Hope st
Alexander, A. 166 SauchiehaU st
Alexander, A. 26 S. Portland st
Alexander & Co. 22 Ai-gyle st
Alesauder, H. & Son, 120 and 138
Allan, D. M. 84 Hutcheson st
Allan, Hugh, 1080 Dumbarton rd.
Anderson, George, 339 Argyle st
Anderson, H. 68 Trongate
Anderson & Lyall, 34 Paisley rd. W.
Anderson, Joseph, 4 St. Enoch sq
Anderson, P. 8 Scotia street
Anderson, Wm. 263 Argyle st
Angus, David, 88 York st
Ai-chibald, W. 13 SauchiehaU at
Arkison, J. 9 Main st. Anderston
Baird, John, 1 Holmhead street
Baird, Wm. 48 London st
Ballantine, G. 80 S. Wellington st
BallantjTie, John, 76 Robertson st
Barr, D. 78 Oxford st
Barr, Geo. 85 So. Portland st
Beck, D. 5 Rosevale ter. Partick
Bell, D. 97 SauchiehaU st
Benzie, John, 63 George st
Birse, David, 373 Cathcart road
Blackwood & Anderson, 55 Hope st
Blackwood, J. & Son, 55 Hope at
Blair, Wm. 50 Abercromby st
Blue, Dugald, 129 London st
Bogue, E. A. & Co. 197 Ingram st
Booth, James, 6 Union street
Border & Co. 120 St. Vincent st
Borland, J. & J. 109 St. Vincentst
Borthwick, W. 241 Cumberland st
Boyd, D. 330 Cathcart rd
Boyd, E. 227 High st
Boyd, Jas. & Co. 145 Argyle st
Boyd, John, 77 Nicholson street
Brannigan, G. 347 Crown st
Brogan, D. 11 Dundas st. city
Brown, John, 292 Argyle st
Brown, John, 7 Hopetoun place
Brown & Mathieson,106 London rd
Brown, R. 27 Nicholson street
Brown, Wm. 168 M'Lean st
Bruce, jEneas, 20 Shamrock st
Bryce, Picken, & Co. 106 New
City road
Bryson & Manson, 65 Jamaica st
Caledonian Clothing Co. 124 Cow-
caddens street
Callender, A. & J. 40 Main St. s.s.
Cameron, D. & A. 516 Springb. rd
Cameron & Hallybm-ton, 103
Sandyfaulds street
Cameron, Jas. 49 Shamrock street
Cameron, John, 372 Argyle street
Cameron, Matt. M. 48 St. Enoch sq
Campbell, John, 30 Hope st
Cavenie, John, 101 West Nile st
Chalmers, Alex. 35 Shuttle st
Chalmers, David, 365 to 369 Pais-
ley road
Chalmers, M. R. 73 So. Portland st
Christie & Baillie, 478 Crown st
Chrystie & Brownlee, 28 Union st
Clarke & CaldweU, 48 Argyle st
Clark, Wm. 205 Buchanan st
Cochrane, A. 14 Renfrew st
Cohen, Morris, 744 New City rd
Cohen, Morris, 64 Paterson street,
Collins, Wm. 277 Gallowgate
Comrie & Co. 62 Gallowgate
Connell, A. 9 Bridgeton cross
Co-operative (The) Drapery and
Furnishing Society, Ltd. 20 to
24 Great Clyde st. and 300 St.
George's road
Copland, Wm. 50 Bedford st
Corstorphine, Wm. & Son, 93
London st
Costigane, Bros. 187, 199 Trongate
Costigane & Leithead, 374 Dum-
barton road, Partick
Cowan, Brownlie & Campbell, 94
St. Vincent street
Craig, Adam, 88 Cowcaddens st
Craig, Wm. 379 St. Vincent st
Craighead, Wm. 51 Whitevale st
Cromar, John, 39 Glebe st
Cromwell Clothing Co. 10 Crom-
well st
Crothers, John, 184 W. Nile st
CuUins, Andrew, 172 New Dal-
marnook road
Gumming & Tweedale,40 Union st
Dallas & Co. Milton House, Cow-
caddens st
Daly, Jas. & Co. 60 to 68 Trongate
Davidson, John, 91 S. Portland st
Davidson, W. 572a Gallowgate
Davies, John, 8 Exchange square
Davis, James, 41 Apsley place
Dawson & M'NicoU, 421 Sauchie-
haU st
Dickie, Wm. 518 and 520 St.
George's rd
Dobson, W. L. 6 Dixon st
Doody,Chas. & Son, 60 MitcheUst
Drennan, John, 27 S. Portland st
Drummond, Allan M. 34 Hutche-
son street
Drummond, John, 15 Hutcheson
Dunan, Don. 300 Cumberland st
Duncan, D. 154 Crown st
Duncan, Thos. 296 Argyle st
Dunlop, A, M. & Son, 26 Glassford
Dunn, Wm. 270 Cumberland st

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