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Stewart, Brown, & Co. 116 St.
Vincent st
Stewart & Murison, 57 Miller st.
Stirling, Jas. 55 Glassford street
Sugar Trading and Finance Co.
Ltd. 33 Virginia st. and at
Mincing lane, London, E.G. and
i Sugar Exchange, Greenock
Wight & Wilson, 86 Wilson st
Wilson, Ronald, & Co. 51 to 61
East Howard st
Woodburn, John, & Co. 35 Vir-
ginia street
Askham Bros. & Wilson, Limited ;
agent, A. M. Wilson, 7 Park
ter. Govan
Adam, Wm. (steward), Hender-
son Bro3. 47 Union st
Aitchison, John (passengers), Hen-
derson Bros. 47 Union st
Buchanan, John H. (marine en-
gineer), 5 Oswald street
Butter, AVm. Sighthill Station
Fotheringhani, John, So. Necropolis
Garden, Charles, St. Kentigern
cemelery, Maryhill
Gow, Andrew, Craigton cemetery,
Paisley road
M'Farlane, Geo. (marine engineer),
24 George sq
M'Nicol, Hugh, Sighthill cemetery
Nairne, Miss, Randolph House, 142
Hill street, Garnethill
Scott, Thos. Cal. Rail. General
Seedhouse, E. (Lloyd's Proving
House), 82 St. James' street,
Kinning park
Sladden, Geo. C. (marine), Hen-
derson Bros. 47 Union st
Stoddart, Thos. (Asylum for the
Blind), 100 Castle street
Argyle (The) Rubber Co. 64 Gor-
don st
Cowan, Wm. (vaccination shields),
48 Dundas st
Dick, James, 46 Renfield street
Edwards, M. 209 Sauchiehall st
Forbes, J. Gilbert (rubber appli-
ances), agent, 12 York street
Hill, John, 152 George st
Hilliard, W. B. & Sons, 65 Ren-
field st
M'Donald, David, 208 Sauchiehall
M'Lellan, A. & Co. cautery and
medical batteries, 54, 56 Water-
loo St. — See Advt. in Appen
Valentine, Geo. 266 Argyle street
Wetherall & Taylor, 31 Gordon st
Brown, Jas. 76 St. Vincent st. —
See Ad. in Aj}.
Dick, Alex. 16, 18, & 20 Cam-
bridge street
Gardner & Co. 53 St. Vincent st
Kelso & Co., 2 Commerce st
More, Jas. & Co. 77 Renfield st
Eeid, D. 16, 18, 20 Cambridge st
Watt & Blair, 28 York st
White, J. 16, 18, 20 Cambridge st.;
goods entrance, Renfrew st
Those marked thus (*) are Fellows
of the Surveyors' Institution, in-
corporated by Koyal Charter.
Armour & Lang (land), 207 West
George street
Armour, Wm. (land), 207 West
George st
Auld, Matthew (marine), 4 York st
Bain, J. (marine), 163 St. Vin. st
"^Barr, Jas. 221 W. George street
Beveudge, Rich. G. (Lloyd's), 342
Argyle st
*Binnie, Thos. 207 Hope st
Brown, Donald (land), 249 George
*Brown, Wm. 67 Renfield st
Bruce, Donald, 261 W. George st
*Bryden, Robt. Alex. 212 St.
Vincent st
Buchanan, John H. (of ships and
machinery), 5 Oswald st
*Burnet, Frank, 69 W. Regent st.
Burns, James W. (marine), 74
Burns, John A. (Southern Div.),
Gas Office
Burns, W. (underwriter). Royal
Cameron, Don. L. 1 62 Buchanan st
Cameron, John, Water Office
Cameron, John B. & Co. (ships
and machinery damage claims),
160 Hope st
Caspersen, L- E. (marine), 181 St.
Andrew's road, Pollokshields
Coekeram, Wm. H., 7 York st
Cook, Frank (Lloyd's), 342 Argyle
Cook, Jas. (H.M. Customs)
-Copland, W. R. (land), 146 West
Regent street
Craig, Joseph, 249 George st
Dansken, A. B. (insurance), 179
West George street
i=Dansken John, 121 W. Regent st
Dansken, & Purdie (property), 121
W. Regent st
Dennison, Wm. 175 Hope st
Donaldson, James (marine), 75
Jamaica street
Edwards, Charies (Lloyd's), 342
Argyle street
Elliott, Robt. (Lloyd's), 342 Argyl®
Ewing, P. (insurance), 125 Bu-
chanan st
Ferguson, Daniel (marine), 27
Oswald street
Ferguson, Wm. 7 I'ork st
Frew, Alex. 175 Hope st
Gardner, Alex, (land), 192 Hope st
Gemmell, Edwin W., 7 York st
Hamilton, Wm. (Lloyd's), 342
Argyle st ,,
Hand, Henry (Lloyd's) 342 Argyle
Harv-ey, James, 5 SomcrviUe drive,
Mount Florida
Henderson, W. D. Scottish Union
and National Insurance Co.
Henry, James, 249 George st
Herriot, G. (steam ships), 7 York st
*Hill, T. N. 140 Bath st
Hill, Thos. & Co. 40 St. Enoch sq
Hunter, Hugh M., Queen Insur-
ance Co.
Jago, F. 7 York street
Kerr, John, jun. (General Assur-
ance Co), 141 W. George st
Kidd, Alex. (Lloyd's), 342 Argyle
Kinghorn Bros, (marine), 81 St.
Vincent st
*Laing, John, 20 Bridge street
*Laramie, Geo. 138 Hope st
Lawrie, Stewart, 161 W. George st
Lees, Capt. John (marine), 1
Robertson st
Lloyd's Ofiice, 342 Argyle st
Lucas, P. 29 Waterloo st
M'Alpine, Captain John (marine)^
17 Oswald street
JI-Dougall & Brown, 67 Renfield st
^M'Dougall, Robt. 67 EenBeld st
M'FarJane, Geo. (engineering and
sliipbuilding), 24 George square
Macfarlane, John A. (land), 268
Bath street
M'Kechnie, John (marine), 17
Oswald st
M'Neil, Duncan (marine), 2 Max-
well terrace, Pollokshields
Macnicoll & Co. marine and en -
engineering and for damage
claims, 6 Dixon st. Glasgow
M'Intyre, Hugh, & Co. (marine), 6
Oswald st.
Blakins, W. A. 79 W. Eegent st
Merry, James (water), 45 John st
Miller, W. J. C.E. 261 W. George
Moliison, Jas. (Lloyd's), 342 Argyle
Mott, E. 7 York street
*iIunro, Daniel, 39 Hope street
Neish & Wilson, 23 Eoyal Ex-
change sq
Parker, John D. 146 West Eegent
â– Parnie, James, 27 Union street
Paton, Jno. Corporation Gas Office

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