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Mowatt, Alexander, 66 Paisley rd.
Jluir, D. 645 Dalraarnock road
Muir, David, 10 Cambridge st
Muir, John, 43 Belgrave street
Mair, Mrs. 308 Cumberland st
Munro, Agnes, 57 Caledonia rd
Murdoch & Co. 471 Eglinton st
Murdoch, J. & J. 253 Argyla st
Murdoch, Thomas, & Co. 54 Union
Murray, Geo. D. 11 W. Regent st
Murray, Robert, 25 Queen street
Murray, T. 410a Parliamenty. rd
flsMurray, Thomas, & Son, 68 Bu-
chanan st
Neal, Charles, 440 St. George's rd
and 229 Cambridge st
Neilson, Alex. A. 454 Springburn
Neilson, R. & Son, 80 Gordon st.
Nicholsim, John, 2 Love loan
Nicol, Miss M. 707 PoUoksh^ws rd
Niddrie, Mrs. A. 320 New City rd
Niven, Wm. 17 Bridge street
jSfiven, W. G. 40 Union st
Oatts, Charles, & Co. 198 Bu-
chanan st
Orr, Francis, & Sons, 131 to 135
Eenfield st
Parker & Hastie, 106 Brunswick
Parker, William, 160 Great Hamil-
ton street
Paterson, J. C. (& account book
maker), 18 West Nile st
Paterson, Rich. 25 Elderslie st
Paton, John, wholesale and export,
49 Brunswick street
Paton, Matthew L. 308 Cathcartrd
Paton, Annie, 08 Paisley rd. west
Peden, Maiion, 162 Duke st
Pinkerton, Mrs. 115 Caledonia rd
Plenderleith, Mrs. W. 100 Main
St. Anderston
Pollock, Robert, & Co. 43 Virginia
Porter, Wm. 139 Kent rd
Rae, J. G. 208 Saracen st
Rae, John J. 127 Stockwell st
Ramsay, John, 13 Kennedy st
Rankin, Robt. 125 George st
Rankin, W. 146 Renfield st
Eeid, James, 144 Argyle st
Reid, John, 725 PoUoiishaws rd
Keid, J. & E. & Co. (wholesale),
120 Queen street
Reid, Jn. & Sod, 97 West Campbell
Reid, Agnes, post oiSoe, Langside
Ritchie, E. B. 160^ Dumbarton rd
Ritchie, Wm. (wholesale fancy), of
Elder street, Edinburgh, 33 Ann
Robb, Wm. J. 183 Eglinton st
Robertson, Andrew, 227 St. James'
Robertson, David, & Co. 94 Mit-
chell street
Robertson, M. 12 Gibson street,
Robertson, Pet. 151c Garngad rd
aRobertson, R. 304 & 595 Duke st
aRobertson, Miss C. 213 Albert rd
Ross, D. & Co. wholesale fancy,
63 N. Frederick st
Ross, Isa. 47 Old Dumbarton rd
Ross, M. 101 Byars rd. Partick
Ross, Miss Jane, 487 N. City rd
Runciman & Co. 34 St. Enoch sq
Rutherford, C. R. 1 Govan st
Sawyers, Allan, 61 Paisley rd. W
Scott, John C. 227 Ingram st
Scott, Mrs. J. 288 South York st
Seaton, J. & Co. 83 Dunlop street
Sellar, Robert F. 39 Candlerlggs
Shanks, Miss, 621 Gallowgate
Shannon File Co. (Ltd.), 95 Bath st
Shaw, Miss, 84 Woodlands road
Shedden Brothers (wholesale), 33
Hope street
aSime, W. S. 120 Sauchiehall st
aSimpsoa, Frank, 69 Sauchiehall st
Simpson, James, 42 Saltmarket,
and 6 W. Milton st
Sinclair, A. 10 Bothwell street
Sinton, J. 3 Oswald place, White-
Smith, Alexander, 32 Duke street
Smith, D. L. 3 Lambhill st.
Smith, J. H. 13 Scotia street
Smith, Jas. & Jno. (general manu-
facturing), 92 Union street
Smith, Jno. E., 217 Gt. Western rd
a Smith, J. & Son, 19 Renfield st
Smith & M'Kinlay (wholesale &
export), 5 St. Vincent place
Smith, Wm. 22 Gibson st. Hillh'd
Smith, Mrs. 11 Grove street
Smith, Miss Annie, 358 Cumber-
land street, s.s.
Smith, Miss Agnes, 21 Alexandra
Smith, Miss M. 5 Rokeby terrace
Soady, Wm. E. 86 Cambridge st
Spence, Alex. M. 112 Ingram st
Spence, Andrew (wholesale, ex-
port & retail), 38 Queen st
Spence, Stuart (manufacturing),
62 Virginia st
Spicer, James, & Sons (wholesale),
58-64 N. Frederick st
Staning, Wm. F. 12 Montague st
Stather, Miss S.300N. Woodsiderd
Steel, A. 133 New City road
Steel, Mrs. E. 7 Old Dalmarnock
aStenhouse, A. University avenue,
College gate, Hillhead
Stewart, A. B. 58 Ingram st
Stuart & Brown, 160 Buchanan st
Stewart, David, 1064 Dumbarton
Stewart, John, 33 Glassford st
Stewart, Robt. 197 George st
Strathern, Alex. F. & Co., 118
Union st
Strathern & Freeman, 145 West
Nile st
Sturrock, Eliza, 14 Crown st
Summers, Mrs., 118 Cathedral st.
aSulherland, Wm., 307 Maxwell.
road, Pollokshields
Sutherland, Wm. 123 Argyle st
Tait, Wm. & Co. 91 to 161 Miie-
end Mills, Fordneuk st
Taylor, M. vS; J. 183 Main street,
Taylor, Mrs. 232 Allison st
Tennant,Mrs. J. 247Rutherglen rd
The A. C. Thomson Co. mercantile,
law, and general, 111 and 113
Union street
The Glasgow Numerical Printing
Co. pawnbrokers' print er.^, and
stationers, 52 Ropework lane
Thomlinson, J. Stanley Works,
182 Dumbarton road, Partick
aThomson, A. B. , 15 Bridge st.
Thomson, John (and mercantile),
103 W. Nile street
Thomson, John, 253 Maxwell road
Thomson, John, 116a Dumbarton
Tindall, Wm., 400 Argyle st
Todd, Samuel A. C. 27 Union &t
Tollins, James, 5 Main st. Bdgtn.
Tullocb, A. 299 Dalmarnock road
TurnbuU, Miss, 331 Cumberland st
Urquhart, J. 53 Main st. Bridgt'u
Urquhart, J. 505 Dumbarton road
Walker, John, 12 Church street,
Walker, J. D. 42 Clyde pi
Walker, Miss, 193 Duke st
Wallace, A. 34 Eghnton st
Walsh, Mrs. 5 Portugal st
Walton, James, & Co. 51 Coch-
rane st
Waterlow & Turner, 74 Waterloo
Wardrop, D. C. (commercial), 57
Oswald st
Wardrop, Jas. 97 Bothwell st
Warren, A. 475 Victoria road
Watson, George, & Son, 162 In-
gram street
Watson, John, & Co. 35 Gordoa
Webster, Jane, 131 Nelson st s.s.
Weddell, Mary, 95 Houston st
Weir, Andw. 279 Rutherglen rd
Weir, Mrs. A. 60^ Thistle st
Whitcombe, Jessie, 8 Queen arc
White, ]\Irs. A. 519 Gallowgate
Whyte, Andrew, & Son, 20 Union
White, Wm. 136 Stockwell st
Wighton, D. J. 67 Stevenson st.
aWilkie, C. A. ?7 Stevenson st
Wilkie, J. 225 Paisley road
Williamson, Richard, 346 N. City
rd. and 193 Cambridge st
Wilson, Andw. 191 Gt. Ilastern rd
Wilson, Grace, 590 Rutherglen rd

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