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Bodley, E. F. & Son, Longport;
Christie Brothers, agents, 188
St. Vincent st
Bow, Wm. (Bow's Emporium), 65
High St. and 2-14 Bell st. city
British and Foreign Glass Co.
manufacturers of rustic and
moulded wreath cases (Cape
flower and china wreaths, crosses,
&c.), 45 St. Enoch square
Brown, James, Mountblue Pottery,
Buchan, M. G. 367 Cathcart road,
Go vat] hill
Burgess, Jas. 225 Byars road
Campbell, J. (agent), 24 Oswald
Campbellfield Pottery Co. Lmtd.
Fleraington st. Springbum
Caulfield & Co. 21 Jamaica st
Christie, Bros. 188 St. Vincent sfc
Clarke, Thomas, 553 Cathcart rd.,
Cochran, Robert, & Co. VerreviUe
Pottery, 149 Finnieston street
Cochran, Robert, & Co. manu-
facturers of ironstone china and
earthenware dinner, tea, dessert,
toilet ware, &c. &c. Britannia
Pottery ; office and show rooms,
at Wurks, 136 Glebe street, St.
Rollox ; telephone No. 1447
Cotterell, ^Y. 35 Ann St., city
Cullen, John, 88 Paisley road, W
Dalrymple, James, 346a Duke st
De Grelle, Houdret, & Co. Lou-
don ; agts. Robt. B. Thompson
& Co. 45 E. Howard st
Downie, John, 114 Eglinton street
Downs & M'Callum, 43, 45 King
St. city
Drummond, John, 28 Main street,
Drummond, Mrs. E. 72 Saltmarket
Edgar, Geo. 93 Dumbarton road,
Felix, A. & Cie, 321 Saucliiehall st
Ferguson, Mrs. E. 754 N. City rd
Gage, Wra. & Co. 73 Bell st
Garvey, John, 11a W. Milton st
Glasgow Pottery, Stafford street
Gordon, Mrs. Grace, 563 Gallow-
Grant, John, 24, 26 Union street
Grosvenor, F. Eagle Pottery, 60
Boden st
Hazele, R. W. 55 So. Portland st
Irvine, James, 199 Crown st
Jack, James, 340 London road
Johnson, M. J. 497 Gallowgate
Johnstone, Mrs. 7 Findlay street
Lang, James, 166 Garngad rd
Lockhart, D. & Co., Victoria Pot-
tery, Pollokshaws
M'Callum, Daniel, 44 Main st, s.s.
M'Combie, Wm. 21 Royal arcade,
and branches
M'Combie, Robert, 372 Dumbar-
barton rd, Partick
M'Dougall & Sons, 77, 79 Buchan-
' an St. and 8 to 22 Jail sq
M'Lellan, Robert, 402 Paisley rd
M'Queen, E. K. *223 Garscube rd
Mitchell, James, 133 Main street,
Mitchell, J. Dunlop, & Co. and
majolica ware. Corn Exchange
buildines, 75 to 83 Hope st
Mooney, Edward, 20-24 Landressy
More, Misses H. & A. 316 Max-
well road, Pollokshields
Muir, Mrs. J. 346 Crown st
Murray, Colin, 482 New City road
Naismith, Thos. 18 Charing Cross
Napier, Jas. D. 244 Paisley road
Newall, Mrs. C. 485 Victoria rd
North British Pottery Co. 189
Dobbie's loan
Parlane, Thos. 156, 395 Dum-
barton road, Partick
Paterson, James, 354 Garscube
road, and 150 Castle st
Penman, Howard, 217 Sauchie-
hall street, and 11 Rokeby ter
Plant, R. H. & Co. Longton, Staf-
fordshire ; agent, Jas. Campbell,
24 Oswald st
Port-Dundas Pottery Co. 66 Bishop
street, Port-Dundas
Pringle, Peter, 148 Argyle street
Provan, Mrs. 108^ Great Hamilton
Purvis, J. 114 Nelson street, s.s.
Rankin, J. & J. 16, 17 Gt. Clyde
Rattray, Charles, & Co., 14, 16, 20
Rattray, J. 293 New City rd. and
Rigg, I. & Son, 55 Buchanan st
Ritchie, Robt. 2,3 Shawlaods cross
Rowan, Jas. 75 Dumbarton rd.
Saracen (The) Pottery Co. Den-
mark St. Possil Park
Scotland, Alex. 158 Duxibarton rd
and 14 Queen Margaret pi
Semple, George, 34, 38 and 40 So.
Kinning p'ace
Sharkie, Ann, 2 Dougl«s st.
Shearer, H. (importer of Japanese
and Chinese china), 42 Howard
St. and 49, 51 Dunlop st
Shillinglaw, James R. 63 Paisley
road, west
Shine, Mrs. John, 11 Blackie street
Smellie, Thomas, 795 Gallowgate
Sneddon & Sons (wholesale), 125,
127 Stock well st
Sneddon & Sons, 88 Union street
Stark, Mrs. Jas. 571 Gallowgate
Thompson, Robt. B. & Co. (agents
for foreign manufrs. tumblers,
wine glasses, decanters, and
every requisite for the trade in
glass), 45 E. Howard st
ToddjG. & Sons, 71-85 Candleriggs
Towers, Wm. 157 Parliamon'ry rd
Wardlaw, Johnston, jr. Star Pottery,
Wardlaw street
Waugh, Allan, 185 Eglinton st
Abbott, Wm. 97 W. George st.
Galbraith, W. R. 448 Argyle st
Gershon, Julius, 200 St. George's
Norrie, John R. & Co. 109 Union st.
— See Adv. in App.
Rogerson, Mrs. E. 70 St. George'j
Salomon, Henry, jun. 361 Saucbie-
haU st
Tracey, Dr. Thos. F. 8 West Camp-
bell street, also at 312 St.
Vincent st
As'^afrey, A. T. 171 Sanchiehall st.
78 St. Vincent st. 2 Rokeby ter.
Hillhead, and 147 St. George's
Cadbury Bros. Bournville, near
Birmingham; agent, J.W. Stam-
mers, 24 West Howard st
Fry, J. S. & Sons, Bristol; agent,
J. C. Smeal, 21 Hope st
Marb & Bechtle, 72 Waterloo st
Tulloch, Wm. & Co. 5 Oswald st
White Lion Cocoa and Chocolate
Co. Ltd. London ; sole agents
for Scotland, Muiiro & Co. 57
Hope st.
Lorimer, Robert, 21, 23 Renfield
St. and 6, 7 Charing Cross
Aird & Thomson, 139 Buchanan st
Alexander, Wm. & Son (and
clockmakers), 109 Buchanan st.
and 3 Gordon st
Black, A. & Co. 125 Broomielaw
and 2 York st
Christie, Andrew, 27 Clyde place
Dobbio, Alexander, & Son, 44 and
45 Clyde place
Edward, G. & Sons, 92 Buchanan
St. and 1 Poultry, London, E.G.
Hay, Jas. 16 Bridge st
Humphreys, Wm. 266 Argyle st
M'Gregor^ D. & Co. to the Royal
Navy, Greenwich Observatory,
and foreign governments, 37,
38 Clyde place, Glasgow; also at
Greenock, Liverpool, and London
Miller, John, 107 Buchanan st
Mitchell, J. & W. 140 Buchanan
Muirhead, Jam.es, & Sons, 2 and 4
Buchanan st
Sorley, R. & W, (to the Admi-
ralty and Royal Navj),l, 3
Buchanan street

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