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Hinshaw & Darroch, 38 and 76
Howard st
Jack, Pi,, jewellers', 31 Argyle st
Kerr, Robert, 35 Paisley road, W.
King, John, 175Trongate
King, Wm. 71 Dundas street, 7, 9
High street, and 4 Cathedral st
Laird, Andrew, 32 Brunswick st
Lorimer & Moyes, 56 Howard st.
and 15, 16 Argyle arcade
M'Corkindale, A. & Sons (for
boiler tubes and flues), 182
Broomielaw and 11 James Watt
M'Donald, D. K. 70 Brunswick st
M'Donald, Robert (for boiler tubes
and toundry purposes), 45 Union
St. ; works, 28 Thistle street, s.s.
M'Farlane, J. & A. (carpet broom),
63 Houldsworth st
Mackie, J. F. 39 Argyle arcade
Maclacblan, Paler, & Co. (bristle
importers), 134 St. Vincent st
M'Lardie, R. 25 Commerce st
M'Laren, W. (dealers iu), 9 Madeira
court, Argyle st
M'Nab, Robt. (manufrs. agent),
202 Hope st
Morier, W. 145 Argyle st.
Motherwell, William (steel wire),
32 Poitman street
Moyes, Jas. R. 453 Sauchiehall st.
Moyes, John Y. 49 St. Vincent st
Panton, George, & Son, watch and
plate, 34 Stockwell st
Phillipsbourne, C. 51 Buchanan st
Kattray, Chas. & Co. (dealers in),
14, 20 Candleriggs
Eiddell, Wm. & Co. (boiler tube,
cast pipe cleaning and moulders,
also steel and brass scratch
brushes), 142 Trongate
Robertson, Arthur L. dealer, 9, 11
Lambhill st
Eowat, Alex. & Co. (^for holier
tubes and foundry purposes), 25
Candleriggs. — -See Ad.
Euddach, J. 39 and 40 Argyle
Scrivener & Melrose, 182 Trongate
Small & Hurry, 9 Cailton place
Stewart & Co. 11 Stockwell street
Stewart, Daniel, 45 Anderson st.
off Gallowgate
Taylor & Miller (for boiler tubes
and foundry brushes), 261 Ar-
gyle st
Thomson, J. C. & Co., 27 West
Howard street
Thomson, E. B. & Co. 38 Stockwell
Wilson, Charles, 62 Princes st
Wishart, William, dealer in, 44
Adam, Jno. & Co., 42 Pollok st
Aitken, J. & W. 167 Hospital st
Alexander. Michael, 7 Apsley pi
Allan & Baxter, Sawmills, Max-
well road
Allan, J. & Son, 567 Cathcart rd.
Allan, James, 4 Mossview, Cross-
Allan, W. & Cowan, 27 Seamour st
Anderson, R. & A. 110 iNortb
Hanover street
Anderson, P. & W. 60 Bofhwell st
Anderson, Geo. Park st, Whiteinch
Anderson & Henderson, Ltd. (tun),
Kiuning park Saw Mills, Renwick
St., s.s. and 44 W. Campbell st
Armour, Allan, 65 Jamaica st
Arrol, Wm. & Co. (bridge), Dal-
marnock Iron Works, 241 Baltic
Bain, Andrew, 114 Cubie st
Bain, George, & Co., 30 Mount st
Barlas, Geo. & Co. Rnthven street
Barlas. Moses, 352 N. Woodside
Barr, A. 20 So. Apsley place
Barr, Geo. 31 Springburn road
Baxter, Jno. 20 Catherine st. north
Beatson, John, 95 Renfrew st
Bell, Hornsby, & Co. 176 Pollok-
shaws road
Bell, John, & Co., 864 Govan rd.
Bogie, Richd. 29G New City rd
Boyd, James, & Sons (horticul-
tural), Macdowall St., Paisley
Brae & Clark, 82 M'Alpine street
Broadfoot, Hugh, 27 Westmoreland
Broadfoot, J. C. 27 Westmoreland
Brown & Gilchrist, Dunbeth road,
Brown, Thomas, 193 Rottenrow
Bruce, Alex. 298 St. George's rd
Bruce, Robert, Rosebery place,
Buchanan, Charles, 3 Huntly ter.,
Burns, Robert, 40 Ark lane
Calderwood, Thomas, 300 Langoide
Cameron & Dalgleish, Thornlie-
Cameron, Duncan (of Cameron &
Dalgleish), Thornhebank
Cameron, H. P. (greenhouse), 64
Douglas st
Campbell, P. & A. Campbell st.
Chalmers, David, 54 Bothwell st
Christie Bros, (iron church and
hall), 188 St. Vincent street
Clark, Robt. 9 Sword st
Cleland & Robertson, 51 James
street, Calton
Cochrane & Craik, 109 W. George
Coghill, W. 0., Aytoun road,
Combe, James, & Sons, hot-house.
103 N. Hanover street
Connell, James, 1a So. Coburg st
Connell, Robert, 1a So. Coburg sfc
Connell, William, 10 Crossmyloof
buildings, Crossmyloof
Corbet, Robt. & Son, 13 Onslow
Costley, Thomas, 52 Elmbank st
Costley, Wm. & Son, 52 Elmbank st
Cowan, William, & Sons, 96
Bishop St. Port-Dundas
Crackston, J. & Son, 95 Bath st
Crawford, H. W. & Co. March st.
Croggon & Co. Ltd. iron church
and house, 7 John street
Cunningham, Arch. 9 Grafton st
Dalgleish, Andrew (of Cameron &
Dalgleish), Thorriliebank
Devlin, John, & Son, 11 Bothwell st
Dick, John, 28 Bath st.eet
Dick, Robt. Castlewood, Cathcart
Dickie, John, 15 Greenside st.
Dobbie, William, 118 Parson st
Drummond's Patent Glazing Co.
(horticultural), 35 Montrose st
Drysdale, John, 242 Crown street
Duncan, Andrew, jun. (van and
coach),Halfway-house,Paisley rd
Duncan, Jas. & Son, 2 Willow-
bank ores
Eadie, Alex. & Son, 280 Cathcart rd
Eadie, G. 405 Mathieson street
Ferguson, Ale.';. 281 Bath st
Ferguson & Anderson, 24 Regent
Moray street
Ferrier, Alex. 376 Lansdowne ter.
Ferrier, J. & W. 37 Stevenson st
Findlay, J. & G. 24 Grant street
Fletcher, John D., 37 Bank street,
Fulton, Wm. Hyndland rd. Par-
Gardner, D. 665 Cathcart rd
Gardner, Robr.& Son, 6 Ho.^pital st
Garscadden, J. R. & W. & Co. 248
W. George st
Gemmell, R. T. horticultural, 408
Eglinton st — See Adv. in App.
George, Wm. M'D. 88, 90 Port-.
man st
Gibb, James, & Son, 162 PoUok-
shaws road
Gibb, Robt. & Sons, 49 Sword st
Gibbon, E., 15 Henrietta place
Gibson, Wm. 2 Ettrick terrace
Gilchrist, John, 25 Portland street^
Gilchrist, Robt., 50 New st. Calton"
Gilchrist, Thomas, 66 Colt terrace,
Glenday, Frank, 59 Victoria road"
Goldie, Jas. & Son, 40 St. Enoch,
Goraon, \Nm., 213 Great Western.
road and 162 W. Graham st
Gow, Angus, & Co., 553 Govan rd
Gray, A. & G. 30 Bath st

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