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Ramsay, Wm. & Co. 254 Argyle st
Robertson, Wm. (engraviog by
machinery), 62 Argyle street
Winthrope, W. 44-46 Elrabank st
Buehan, Hugh (shop front decor-
ator in brass), 50 Oswald st
Chisholm & Law, 46 and 50
Washington street
Falconer & Co. 20 Dixon st
Hamilton, Archd. 32 Ann st. off
Jamaica st — See Adv. in App.
Hamilton, Eobt. 32 Ann st. off
Jamaica st. — See Adv. in App.
Harris & Sheldon, 254 Argyle st
Macfarlane Bros. 11 Springfield
court, Buchanan st
Metallic (The) Art Co. 103 Bishop
St. Anderston
Munro, Donald, 13 Robertson st
Williams, James, & Co. , 5 Salkeld
St., off Cook St.
Wilson &, M'Lellao, 104 Renirew st
Winthrope, W. 44, 46 Elunbank st
Hamilton, Arch. 32 Ann st. off
Jamaica st. — See Adv. in App.
Hamilton, Eobt. 32 Ann st. off
Jamaica st. — See Adv. in App.
Harris & Sheldon, 254 Argyle st
M'Laren & Meikle, 25 Gordon st.
— See Advt.
Metallic (The) Art Co. 103 Bishop
street, Anderston
Munro, Donald, 13 Robertson st
Williams, James, & Co., 5 Salkeld
St., off Cook st
Baird, Archd. & Son, 59, 61 Wat-
erloo St.; branch warehouse,
stores and works, Hamilton
Borthwick, J. F. & Co. 13 Dixon st
Briggs, Thos. 187 E. George st.
Brown, Hugh, & Co. 213 Argyle st
Cousar, John, & Co. 65 Hope st
Crawford, John E. 43 Robertson st
Clyde Felt and Composition Co.
Darnley st., Pollokshields
Dalziel & Co. 8 Bothwell street
Fleming, J. W. & Co. 109 Ingram
Gartly, John B. & Co. ; office, 13
Dixon St.; works, Carmichael st.
Govan road
Macbean, Edward & Co. 4 Well-
ington street; works, Wellington
Mills, Port-Dundas
MacLellan, P. & W. Ltd. (mer-
chants), 129 Troiigate
Milne, J. Vannet, & Co. 128 Hope
Neilson & Cleland, 116 to 126
Main st. Coatbridge
Robertson & Eraser, 12 St. Vin. pi
Robertson & M'Gill, 135 Waterloo
Somerville & Morrison, Clyde Fac-
tory, Easlfield, Eutherglen
Wilson, Wm. & Alex. 151-153
Canning st. Bridgeton
Aitchison, John, & Co., 152 West
George st
Aitken, James, & Co. Falkirk ;
Glasgow office, 211 Hope street
Allsopp, Samuel, & Sons, Limtd.,
89 Bath st
Anderston Brewery (Wm. Dawson),
60 Bishop St., Anderston
•Arrol, Archd. & Sons, Alloa Brew-
ery, Alloa; office, 16 Dixon st
Baird, Hugh, & Co. Great Canal
Brewery, Fossil road
Barclay, Perkins, & Co. London ;
agents, J. G. Thomson & Co.
110 Wellington st
Bass, Eatcliff, & Gretton (Lim-
ited), Burton-on-Trent ; offices,
115 Hope St.
Bernard, Daniel, 182 Hope street
Bernard, T. & J. Edinburgh; agent,'
Geo. Brownhill, 97 W. Regent st
Bischoff, A. & Co.; 112 Bath st
Blackford Brewery, Perthshire
(established 1830); agents, A.
Ferguson & Co. 108 W.Eegent st
Blair, Charles, Craigwell Brewery,
Edinburgh ; agent, Jas. Gordon,
167 St. Vincent-street
Blair & Co. of Alloa (Ltd.), Town-
head Brewery, Alloa; agent,
Wm. M'Kenzie, 3 Broomhill ter.
W., Partick
Calder, Jas. & -Co. Skpre Brewery,
Alloa, 9 .London st. The Cross
Campbell, A. & Co. Edinburgh ;
Hope & King, 154 St. Vincent
street, agents
Carmichael, Thomas, Edinburgh ;
agent, Wm. Watson, 79 Baih st
Castle Brewery,' Maryhill ; office,
25 St. Enoch square
Charrington & Co. Abbey Brewery,
Burton-on-Trent, 66 Yorli st
Clydesdale Brewery, ,44-50 Victoria
road and 327., 329 Pollokshaws
road ; M. D. Dawson & Co.
Colquhoun, Andw. & Co. Stirling;
agent, Thomas S. Short, 11
Bothwell st
Combe & Co. Ltd. London ; agts.
Arch. Arrol & Sons, 16 Dixon
Cooper & M'Leod, Edinburgh ;
agent, E. H. Arnott, 101 West
Regent street
Cox & Co., London (anti-Burton:
ales), agent, C. B. Lawson, 22
York street
Crown Brewery, Slatefield street,
Gillespie, Sons, & Co.
Dalrymple, G. & Co. ; agent, James
Gordon, 167 St. Vincent st
Dalrymple, G. & Co. 469 Great
Eastern road
Dalrymple, G. & Co. Home Brewery,
D'Arcy, John, & Sons, porter
brewers, Dublin ; J. Baird & Co.
agents, 146 West Regent street
Dawson, M. D. & Co. Clydesdale
Brewery, 50 Victoria road
Dawson, William, Anderston Brew-
ery, 60 Bishop st
Drybrough & Co. 73 Bath st
Edinburgh & Leith Brewery Co.'
Eobert Brown, 17 Hope st
Edinburgh United Breweries, Ltd.
Bell's brewery ; agt. D. Walker,
223 Hope st
Edinburgh United Breweries, Ltd.,
Palace Brewery, Edinborgh; A.
Wilson, agent, 60 W. Efgent .st
Edinburgh United BrewerifS, Ltd.,
Palace Brewery, Edin.; Bernard
Dempsey, agt., 51 W. Eegent st
Fischer, Eichard, Dantzig (spruce
beer) ; Robertson & Baxter,
agents, 48 West Nile st
Fowler, John, & Co. (Ltd.), Pres-
tonpans ; agents, Smith Bros.
22 Hope street
Gillespie, Sons, & Co. Crown
Brewery, 58 Slatefield street
Gray & Co. Davidson st. Bridgeton
Great Canal Brewery, off Fossil rd.
Port-Dundas, PI. Baird & Co.
Greenhead Brewery, Steel, Coulson,
& Co. Ltd. 80 Canning st
Guild & Wyliie, Thornbu^h Brew-
ery, Inverness, 66 York street
Guinness, Arth. Son, &, Co. (Ld. ),
Dublin; Archd. Arrol & Sous,
agents, 16 Dixon street
Guinness, Arthur, Son,& Co. (Ltd.)
27 Waterloo street
Guinness, Arthur, Son, & Co.(Ltd.)
Dublin; agent, D. M'Lean, 79
Eobertson street
Heinekens Lager Beer Brewery Co.
Amsterdam ; agents, British and
Foreign Mineral Water Co. 500
and 508 New City road
Hoare & Co. Eed Lion Brewery,
London ; agents, Hope & King,
154 St. Vincent st
House, John Thomas (brewery
engineer), 18 Tylefield street
Ind, Coope, & Co. Ltd., Burton-on-
Trent, 172 High street; W. J.
Capes, manager
Jameson, Pirn, & Co. North Ani;e
Street Brewery, Dubhn; agent.a,
Jas. Murray & Sons, 43 Oswald

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