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Campbell, Achnach, & Co. 33
Jamaica st. ; wliolesale ware-
house, 108 Argyle st
Clydesdale (The) Eubber Co. 58
Gordon st. and 2, 4 Eenfield st
Currie, Thomson, & Co., 43, 45,
47 Jamaica st. and 56 Buchanan
St.; wholesale, y Howard ht
Forbes, J. Gilbert (agent), 12
York st
Goudie, James T. & Co. 149. 151
Argyle street and 3 St. Enoch
Harburg and Vienna India-rubber
Co. ; agent, A. C. Jackson, 89
Maxwell street
India-rubber, Gutta-percha, and
Telegraph Works Co. (Limited),
8 Buchanan street ; works, Sil-
vertown, London. E.
Macintosh, Cha?. & Co. Ltd. 22
St. Enoch sq
Maclellan, Geo. & Co. Glasgow
Rubber Works, Mar}' hill ; ware-
house, 37 Hope st
North British Rubber Co. (Lira.),
IOC Buchanan street
Robertson, Peter, 32 Queen st
The Castle Eubber Co. Ltd. 49
Jamaica st
The Scottish India-Eubber Co. 45
Queen st
Thornton & Co. 90 Gordon st
Wotherspoon, James, & Sons, 41
St. James st. Kingston
Cowles Syndicate Co. 26 West
Campbell st
Cockburn, C. T. 23 W. Howard st;
ttlephone No. 3215
Billiard. W. B. & Sons, 65 Een-
field st
Eley Brothers, Ltd., London; sole
agent for Scotland, Jas. Ferrier,
80 Gordon st
Kynoch, G. & Co. Ltd. Birming-
ham, manufacturers of all kinds
of sporting and military ammu-
nition, percussion caps, etc., etc.;
sole agent for Scotland, John G.
Eowan, 13a Bothwell street
(See also Cbam & Anchor Mkrs.)
Parkes, Henry P. & Co. Tipton
Green Chain and Anchor Works,
Tipton, Staffordshire ; makers of
every sott, kird and quality of
chain and chain cables; every
known make of anchors, spe-
cialities; the finest qualities of
chain and cables yet produced
the simplest and best patent
stockless anchor in the market
Brooke, Simpson, &SpilIer, Limited;
agents, Henderson, Hogg, & Co.
15 Cadogan street
Bryce & Eumpff, agents for Farben-
fabriken Vorm Friedr. Bej'er &
Co. Elberfeld, Germany, 141
W. George st
H&ldine, E. & Co. 25a St. Vin. pi.
Hardie, Edward P., 147 West
Regent st
Kalle & Co. Biebrich-on-Ehine,
Germany; agents, D. Mills &
Son, 55 George sq
Leonhardt, A. & Co. 172 Buchanan
Miller, Jas. Son & Co. 79 West
Nile street
Monnet, Gilliard P. & Cartier,
Lyons; agent for Scotland, A.
J. Hayward, 4 Bath st.
Noetzel, Wm. & Co. ; agent, Henry
]\L Hannan, 15 George sq
Read, Hulliday & Sons, Ltd. 188
W. George st
St. Denis Dye Stuff and Che-
mical Co., Wm. Bunten & Co.
26a Eenfield st
Alexander, Ferguson, & Co., 36
to 48 iM'Alpine st. and Euchill
Wharf, Maryhill
Baird, N. F. & Co. manufacturers
of Baird's Patent Anti-fouiing
Composition for Iron Ships, 61
Crawford st. Port-Dundas
Blackley, Young, & Co. 103 Holm
Blackloek & Macarthur, 171, 173
West St. s.s. ; and at Cardiff
Borthwick, J. F. & Co. 13 Dixon
British and Oriental Ship Coating
Co. Cramond, near Edinburgh ;
agents, Robert Douglas & Son,
Eaglesham street. — See Advt.
Brown, Wm. Sons, & Co. 22 St.
Enoch square.
Carbon Cement Co. Ltd. 20 Carlton
Craig & Rose, 85 Cadogan street
Dick & Parker, 76 Milton street,
Dickson, J. & J. & Co. 64 Brown
Dickinson's Patent Anti-fonling
Agent, H. M'Intyre & Co, 6
Oswald street
Eadie, Arch. & Co. Tradeston Paint,
Oil, and Grease Wks. 56 Cook st
Ferguson, Hamilton, & Morrison,
15 E. Vermont st.
Fyfe & Jackson, 68, 70 Paterson
street, Kingston
Forsyth, M'Kecbnie, & Co. 21
Hopehill road
Gardner, G. P. & Co. registered
manufacturers of anti-corrosive
' ' lacquer " for inside of iron
and steel vessels and general
iron work, 73 and 75 Hjdopark
Gilmer, Norman, & Co., 40 St.
Vincent place
Glasgow Patents Co. Limited,
120 Gt. Wellington st. Kinning
Han nay's Ant i- foul ingComposition ,
W. B. Dick & Co., Limited, 22
Hope st
Hartmann's Anti-corrosive Grey
Paint, for inside of steel and
iron ships, bridges, &c., IS
Billiter street, London, E.G. ;
Glasgow branch, 8 York street
Hartmann's " Special " for sailing
ships' bottoms, Suter, Hartmann
& Bahtjen's Composition Co.,
Limtd., 18 Billiter St., London,
E.G.; Glasgow branch, 8 York st
Hird, Hastie, & Co., 106 St. James'
street, Kinning park
Holzapfel's Compositions Co. Ltd.
manufacturers, 12 Waterloo st.
and at London, Liverpool, Cardiff,
Newcahtle-on-Tyne, Antwerp,
Bombay, and New York, witb
agencies at principal ports of the
world; wks. Gateshead- on-Tyne
Inglis, J., jun. 112 Broomielaw
International Antifouling Composi-
tion Manufacturers ; Holzapfel's
ComposidonsCo. Ltd. 12 Water-
loo st.; wks. Gateshead-on-Tyne
" Le Protectif " Paints and Varnish
Manufacturing Co., 65, 67 No.
Wallace st.
Mathews, Maclay, & Manson, 104
Hydepark tt
M'Gregoi-, Peter, & Co. 200, 202
George st. ; works. Bishop St.
M'Innes' Patent; John Inglis, jun.
sole agent in Scotland, 112
M'Intyre, Thomas, & Co. Dund.as
■ Colour Works, 122, 124 East
Milton street
Blaclean Bros. 42 York st
M'Millan, Archd. 8 Kent road
M'Neill, Jas. & Co. 38 French
M'Symon & Potter, 26 Clyde pi
National Anti-fouling Composition
manufrs. Holzapfel's Composi-
tions Co. Ltd., 12 Waterloo st.;
works, Gateshead- ou-Tyne
" Nomos " Composition, made by
R. T. Bruce & Co. Hull ; agents,
Mungo Gray & Co. 93 Hope
Parker's Anti-fouling Composition,
76 Milton street
Peacock & Buchan ; agents, M'Sy-
mon & Potter, 26 Clyde pi

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