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M'Diarmid, Finlay, & Co. 42, 44
Eenfrew street
M'Diarmid & Co. 86 Helen street
and 9 Marr street, Govan
"M'Glashan, John, & Co. engineers
and furnishers to the trade ; Al-
bany Works. Catherine lane, 100
Stirling road.
Mackay, John, & Go. 76 Lance-
field street
Moore, G. & C. 181 Mordaunt st
Murray, John, agent, 88 Bath st
Niven, John (bottles), 61 Bishop
st. Port-Dundas
Quinn, Dan. 56 High st
Roger, W. & J. 1 6 Foundry open
Schweppe, J. & Co. (Lmd.) 50
York st
Simpson, David, 63 St. Ninian st
Small, Thos. & Co. 22 Portman st
Stenson, Robert, 66 Society street,
Stevenson & Hovrell, 128 Hope st.
Stout, Andvr. 202 Great East, rd
Truesdale, J. & Son, 147 Stockwell
Wallace, Wra. 89 St. Vincent st
Waugh, Jas. 186 Albert st
Waugh & Eigby, 24 Ropework lane
Aitken, James, English and Irish,
92 St. Vineent street
Brodie, Robert (of M'Clure, Nai-
smith, Brodie & Co.)
Buchan, W. R. 227 W. George st,
Frame & Macdonald (English,
Irish and Australian), 149
Hope st
Kay, Cathcart (of M'Clure, Nai-
sraith, Brodie & Co.)
M'Clure, Naismith, Brodie, & Co.
77 St. Vincent st
M'Laren, J. Fisher, 134 St. Vin-
cent street
Morrison, Wm. (of M'Clure, Nai-
smith, Brodie & Co.)
Muirhead, Jas., English and Irish,
30 Gordon street
Paterson, W, B. & Co. English,
Irish, and foreign, 101 St. Vin-
cent St.
Paterson, Wm. B. & Co. for Eng-
lish, Irish, Australian, Canadian,
Indian, African, and foreign,
101 St. Vincent street
Ramsay, Wm. Craig, 163 St. Vin-
cent st
Stout, Thos. 178 St. Vincent st.
Adam, David, 128 Annfield st
Affleck, F. 162 Argyle street
African (The) Trading Co. 35
Robertson st
Agar, Alex. 81 Virginia st ., ■
Agency for British, Colonial, and
Foreign designs, patents, and
trade marks; W. R. M. Thom-
son & Co., 96 Buchanan street,
exports in patent cases,
from their long and practical
experience, give the fullest and
most important information re-
garding patents, designs, and
trade marks, and undertake
every business in connection
therewith at lowest charges ; the
"Inventor's Guide" gratis; tele-
phone No. 829. — 8ee Advt. in
Agency for obtaining patents, D.
F. Ma,son, C.E. 2ia St. Vin-
cent st
Agency for obtaining patents for
inventions and registration for
designs and trade marks, Bot-
tomley & Liddle, 154 St. Vin-
cent street ; " Handbook to In-
ventors " gratis ; telephone No.
Agency for obtaining British,
foreign and colonial patents for
inventions and registration for
designs and trade marks; hand-
book " Hints to Inventors "
gratis; Messrs Johnsons, char-
tered patent agents, Fels. Inst.
P. A., experts in legal proceediug-j
regarding patents, 115 St. Vin-
cent street
Agency for obtaining patents, E.
Hunt, 87 St. Vincent street
Agency for obtaining patents for
inventions and registration of
designs and trade marks; Cruik-
shank & Fairweather, 62 St.
Vincent sireet
Agency for obtaining patents and
registering designs and trade
marks; H. D. Fitzpatrick ob-
tains British and foreign patents
and registers designs and trade
marks at lowest charges, 70
Wellington street
Aird, Jas. 9 West st. Calton. —
See Ado
Aitchison, Arch., agent for Chance
Bros. & Co., Ltd., Birmingham;
W. E. Chance & Co., Oldbury ;
Sharratt & Newth, London ;
Locke, Blackett, «fe Co., New-
castle- on- Tyne ; Parker and
Lester, London ; Hooper and
Bullock, Moseley; 70 Waterloo
Aitken, Geo. (leather), 4 Bath st
Aitken, Speirs & Co. (yarn), 21
Cochrane st
Alexander, D. (property), 134 Bath
Alexander, Eben. 19 Waterloo st
Alexander, Frank E. 150 Eenfield
Allan, G. C. 182 Trongate
Allan, Jas. (tea), 27 Oswald st
Allan, Win. & Co. 95 W. Nile st
Amos, David W., 53 Waterloo
Andersor, J. T, (manufacturers'),
51 Miller st
Anderson, Jas. (tea), 76 West
Howard street
Anderson, William, N.B. Eaihvay
General Terminus
Anderson, Nicol, & Co., 31 St.
Enoch square.
Anderson, Wm., manufacturers', 49
Virginia street
Angus, Craibe, & Son, 159 Queen
Arbuckle, Thos. 132 Oxford st
Archibald, Henry, 80 Great Clyde
Arrol, Arch. & Sons 16 Dixon st
Arthur & Hinshaw, 11 Bothwell
st. — See Adv. in App.
Atkinson, J. & Co. (metal), 109
West George street
Austin, D. Drysdale (patent), 45
Hope st
Austin, Eobt. 76 W. Howard st
Ayton, Robt. S. (boot), 29 Young
Bain, Geo. 115 Bath st
Bain, W. B. & J., 93 Holm street
Baird, Archd., & Son, 59, 61
Waterloo street
Baird, David D. LTnion Bank, Ld.
Baird, J. F. Canal st. Port-Eelin.
Baird, John, & Co. 146 West
Eegent street. — See Advt.
Baird, Eobt. 117 Stockwell ,st.—
See Advert, in App.
Baird, Wm. & Co , 42 John st.
Baker, George E. 87 St. Vincent
Ballantine, Andrew, C.E. mineral
agent, West Street Depot
Bald, Jas. 192 New City road.
Barclay, James, 17 Oswald i,t.
Barclay, Mackay &Co. 13 Eobert-
son street
Barclay, Samuel, & Co. 45 Hope st
Barnett, A. (for Anchor Line), 36
Dunmore street
Barnett, Eobert, tea, 33 Ann st
Barnicott, J. A., 28 St. Enoch sq
Barrie, D. H. 115 Waterloo st.
Bartlett,M. V. B., 20 W. Howard st
Barton, AVm. 13 Dixon street
Baxter, David, Bingfoot cottage,.
by Mary hill
Eayne, John, 21 Grafton st
Bayne, Robt. (yarn), 5 Montrose st
Begg, Eben., 25 to 33 Hope st
Bell, Charles, 29 Waterloo st
Bell, Wm. M. 33 Ann sr.reet
Bell, Wm. S., 37 Jamaica street
Bennett, Peter P., Vacuum Oil Cov
5 Cyprus place, Shettleston

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