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Henderson, William (of Daniel Duff & Henderson),
ho. 3 Hillview place. Paisley.
Henderson, William T. (at Coustonliolm Weaving
Co.'s, 14 Springfield court), ho. 19 Prince's square,
Eegent Park.
Henderson, Wm, H., of G.P.O ; ho. 7 Haybum
Henderson, Wm., provision merchant and poulterer,
5 Stockwell street; ho. 6 Cathedral st.
Henderson, William M., merchant, 52 W. Howard st.
ho. 31 Paterson street, s.s.
Henderson, William, bar ofBcer, Plantation Police
Office ; ho., 142 Plantation street.
Henderson, Wm. P. (of Henderson, Dobson & Co.) ;
ho. , Lettershaw, Helensburgh.
Henderson, Wm. J., grocer, 236 Main st., Maryhill ;
house, 10 Lome ter., do.
Henderson, Wilson & Anderson, accountants and
insurance managers, 81 St. George's place.
Henderson, Mrs. James, oil and colour merchant, and
newsagent, 7 Old Dumbarton road ; ho. 9 do.
Henderson, Mrs. James, 29 Park circus.
Henderson, Mrs., 49 Arlington street.
Henderson, Miss, ladies' and children's outfitter, 149
Sauchiehall st.; ho. 14 Rutland pi., Govan road.
Henderson, Miss, 28 Arlington street.
Henderson, Misses E. and M. A., 21 Aytoun road.
Henderson, Misses, dress and mantle makers, 76
Oxford street.
Henderson, Jessie Blane, 1 Maule terrace.
Henderson, Lizzie, hardware merchant, 29 lA Par-
liamentary road ; ho. 125 Parson st.
Henderson Memorial Chmxh, Lumsden street,
Ovemewton ; Eev. David Hay, minister.
HENDRY, Alex., packing box maker, and grey lap-
ping ring manufacturers, 3 Canning st., Calton ;
ho. 60 Tobago street.
Hendry, Alex, (at Jas. Hendry's, 41 Canning street),
ho. 113 Great Hamilton street.
Hendry, Andw. B., wine and spirit merchant, 226
Scotland st.; house, 141 Cathcart st.
Hendry Bros., iron and general metal merchants,
and agents for railway and steamship furnishings,
79 and 80 Gt. Clyde street.
Hendry & Campbell, seed merchants, manure manu-
facturers, importers of oil cakes, &c., 60 Howard
st. ; seed and manure warehouse, 97 Clyde St.,
Hendry, Chas., master mariner, 6 Leslie st.
Hendry & Co., coal merchants and shipping agents,
88 Great Clyde street.
Hendry & Co. , steamship owners, 88 Great Clyde st.
Hendry, Ebenezer, manufacturing chemist, 630 Kep-
pochhill road ; house, 366 Duke street.
Hendry, George Scott (of Wm. Hendry & Son), ho.
5 Walworth ten-ace, Kent road.
Hendry, George T., J.P., 12 Prince's terrace, and
Peaton house. Cove.
Hendry, George, tailor and clothier, 221 Argjle st. ;
house, 2 Lome terrace, Pollokshields.
Hendrie, George, skin dresser, dyer, and rag manu-
facturer, 1232- Dulce St.; ho., 120 Wellpark ter.
Hendry, James, saddler and maker of the
"Universal" abdomen and back support belt,
also manufacturer of round leather banding for
sewing machines, 41 Canning st. ; ho. 10 Binnie
place, Monteith row. — See Adv. in App.
Hendry, James, jun. (of J. Maitland & Co.), 46 Eae-
berry st.
Hendry, Jas. G., C.T.P.,F.S.S., teacher of short-
hand, verbatim reporting, typewriting, and lan-
guages, principal Glasgow School of Shorthand,
36 Cumberland st., s.s. — See Adv. in Ap.
Hendry, Jas. G., teacher of Jones' bookkeeping,
writing, arithmetic, English, &c., 3 6 Cumberland st.;
ho. 16 Skirving st. Shawlands, and Hendiyfield,
Kilchattan Bay, Bute. — See Adv. in Ap.
Hendry, James, & Co., brassfounders, 9 Shuttle st.-,
ho. 167 Crown st.
Hendry, Jas., G.P.O., 67 South Wellington st.
Hendry, James, church officer, Young Street F.C.j
ho. 16 Market St., E.
Hendry, James (at Blackie & Son's, Ltd.) ; house, 65
Finlay drive.
Hendrie, James, ironfotmder, Kilwinning Foundry,
Hendrv, John, painter, 508 Govan rd. Govan ; ho.
525' do.
Hendry, John (of Hendry & Campbell) ; house, 205
Albert road, Pollokshields.
Hendrie, John, coalmaster, 202 Hope street; res,
Thornwood house, Uddingston.
Hendry, John, house factor and valuator, 502 St.
Vincent st. ; house, 11 Derby terrace, Sandyfcrd.
Hendry, John, baker, 104 Sister st.; ho. 10 Main
St., Bridgeton.
Hendry, J. D.G. (of Hendry Bros.), ho. 12 Princes ter,
Hendrie, Matthew C. , wine merchant, 78 Welling-
ton St.; ho. 114 Bothwell street.
Hendrie, Patrick Wm., law clerk, 180 St. Vincent
street ; house, 45 Bentinck st.
Hendry, Patrick W. (of Hendry Bros.), house, 19
University gardens.
Hendry, P. D. (of Hendry & Co., 88 Great Clyde st),
ho. Aurora Bank, Fox st., Greenock.
Hendry, Robert K. (of D. Blacarthur & Co., 17
Cadogan st.), ho. Emerald Hill, Milngavie.
Hendry, Robert (of Wm. Hendry & Co.) ; Tio. 3 Darnley
terrace, Shawlands.
Hendry & Steel, house factors, 502 St. Vincent st.
Telephone No. 138.
Hendry, Thos., confectioner, 6 Cornwall st.; ho. 18 do.
Hendry, Thomas, yam merchant, 110 Hope street ;,
house, 1 Queen Mary terrace.
Hendry, Wm., & Son, plmnbers (regtd.), gasfitters, zinc
workers, and lead merchants, heating and ventilat-
ing engineers, 87 Bothwell street.
Hendry, Wm., & Co., brassfounders, 112 and 120
Dundas st., Kingston.
Hendry, Wm. (of Wm. Hendry & Co.), ho. 5 Darnley
terrace, Shawlands.
Hendry, William, commission agent, 24 Springfield
court, Buchanan st.
Hendry, Wm. H. (Macpherson, Foulds & Co.) ; bo.,
6 Braid st.
Hendrie, Mrs. Matthew, wine and spirit merchant, 78
Wellington street; ho. 114 Bothwell st.
Hendry, Miss, dressmaker, 18 Chm-ch street, Partick.
Hendry's City School of Shorthand and Typewriting
Office, 12 Renfield street.
Hendry's Typewriting Office, 36 Cumberland
St. ; James G. Hendry, official and legal shorthand
wi-iter, proprietor. — See Advert, in App.
HENKES, J. H., distiller, Delftshaven, Holland f
Robertson & Baxter, agents, 48 West Nile street.
Henley's, W. T., Telegraph Works Co. (Limited),
manufacturers; works, North Woolwich; Alex.
Smith, agent, 45 Queen street.

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