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IIATFIELD, Cameron, Ss Co., " Bay " Line of
sailing ships; agents for "White Star" Line,
ship and insurance brokers, 11 Bothwell st.
Hatfield, John S. (of Hatlield, Cameron, & Co.), lio.
Acadia, Innellan.
HATItlCK, W. Lindsay (W. R. Hatrick & Co.), ho.
Barrochan house, PoUoksliields.
Hat rick, W. & R. , & Co. , -wholesale and export chemists
and druggists, 152 to 170 Renfield St.
H ATTON, J. H., professor and teacher of pianoforte,
harmonium and singing, American organ and sing-
ing (late of 11 Abbotsford place), "29 Keir st.,
IIattonridge Colliery Office, 172 West George
HAU & Co,, champagne shippers, Reims ; agent,
<;. i\L Macintosh, 95 Bath st.
IIAUGH, David (Firth & IMiller, Huddersfield) ; ho.
10 Ardgowan ter.
Haughhead (The) Coal Co. (Lmd.), Colin Dunlop,
juu., managing director, 223 W. George st.
Havana Direct Steamers; Whimster& Watson, 157
St. Vincent street.
HAVILAND,Geo. W., mercantile stationer, 53 Dun-
das street; house, 61 Carnarvon street.
HAVRE, Rev. Thomas, Free Church minister, Kep-
pochhill Free Church; ho. 5 Flemington street,
Havre Steam Packet Co. ; John & Peter Hutchison,
31 Hope St.
Hawaiian Consul, James Dunn, 33 Virginia street.
HAWKS, R., bridle, bit, stirrup, and spur maker,
25 Brunswick street; ho. 15 Camden street, s.s.
— See Advt. in App.
Hawkes, Z. C, tea and wine merchant, 192 West
George street ; ho. Edenbank, Lenzie.
Hawks, Mrs., A., draper, 243 London rd.; ho. 293 do.
HAWKINS, James, commission agent, 85 Queen
street; house, 148 Garthland drive.
Hawkins, 0. G. (Chas. Morgan & Co., 98 and 100
Holm street), ho. 253 Sauchiehall st.
HAWORTH, Richard, & Co., manufacturers, 85
Queen st.
HAWTHORNE, C. 0., M.B., CM., physician and sur-
geon, 4 St. Mary's place. Great Western road.
Hathorn, Douglas, treasurer's office, Caledonian
Ey. Co., 302 Buchanan street; house, 3 Leven
Hawthorn & Goodlet, milliners, 8 Newton st,
Ha'nrthorns & Co., Leith, manufacturers and fin-
ishers of all kinds of forged work; agents, Morris,
Warden & Co., 60 Robertson st.
HAXTON, Frank, coke maker, 83 Renfield st.
HAY, Ales., hide and leather merchant,19 Howard st.;
ho. 10 Abbotsford place.
Hay, Archd., provision merchant, 3 Windsor place,
Byars road ; ho. 363 Dumbarton rd., Partick.
Hay, Alex. Mackinlay, cashier (Robert Anderson's, 22
Ann St.), ho. 15 Cora-linn ter.
Hay, Alex., county and district sanitary inspector,
lower ward of Lanarkshire, 56 George square; ho.
591 Alexandra parade.
Hay, A. B. (of Ha}-, Steven & Co.), ho. Burlington
house, Maryhill.
Hay, Alex., M.D., Mount Pleasant ; ho. The Grange,
Hay, Arch., wright, 16 James Morrison st.; ho. 30
Moir St.
Hay, A. J., commercial traveller (Smith & Sharp),
Hay Brothers, wholesale confectioners, 130 Stanley
street, Kinning park.
Hay, C. E., chairman. The Gas Residual Products
Co. (Limited), 156 St. Vincent st.
Hay, C. & Co., oil and colour merchants. Barrack
Hay, David, currier, 187 Rutherglen road ; house,
408 Crown st.
Hay, David, minister, U.P. Henderson Memorial
Church, Overnewton ; ho. 1 Royal ter.
Hay, D. & P., curriers and leather merchants, 187
Rutherglen road.
Hay, Edward A. B., architect, 261 West George
street ; house, 14 Walmer crescent. Paisley road.
Hay, Francis (of Laird & Hay), ho. 34 Glencairn
Hay, George M., ironfounder, 86 and 88 Arthur street,
Bridgeton ; house, Ferndean, Braeside avenue,
Hay, G. B., Burlington house, Maryhill.
Hay, Jas., provision merchant, 239 St. George's rd. ;
house, 4 Carlyle terrace, Kelvinside.
Hay, .James F., 28 Sardinia terrace, Hillhead
Hay, James, gi'ocer, 365 Springburn rd.; ho. 510 do.
Hay, James, carting contractor, 9 So. Shamrock st.
Hay, J. & J., shipping and forwarding agents, 58
Renfield street and 106 Mid wharf, Port-Dundas.
Hay, James, pianoforte, organ, and harmonium manu-
facturer, chronometer and watch maker, 16 Bridge
street ; house, 41 Darnley street, PoUokshields.
Hay, James G., bootmaker, 5 Cross street, Partick.
Hay, J., & Sons, steamship owners and brokers, 58
Renfield st.
Hay, J. Douglas, traveller (at Archibald Cousland &
Co., Ltd.), ho. 104 Hill st., Garnethill.
Hay, John, teacher, Thomson Street Public School ;
house, 153 Garthland drive.
Hay, John, & Co., heating and ventilating engineers,
gill stoves, a speciality, 64 Douglas street.
Hay, John (of Hay Brothers), ho. 9 Aytoun road,
Hay, John, writer, 212 St. Vincent st.; ho. 244 St.
George's road.
Hay, John, wholesale remnant and rag merchant,
27 North Albion st. ; ho. 13 Monteith row.
Hay, J. C, publisher, Scottish Leather Trader^ 19
Howard street ; house, 10 Abbotsford pi.
Hay, John, bootmaker, 41 Dorset st.
Hay, John (of J. & J. Hay, and J. Hay & Sons),
ho. 383 St. George's rd.
Hay, John, pattern and model maker, 318 Paisley-
road ; ho. 72 Houston street.
Hay, John, stationer, 20 Queen st.; ho. 55 Renfrew
Hay, John (at J. C. M'Naughton & Son), ho. 62 W.
Clyde St., Helensburgh.
Hay, Rev. John, M. A., minister of Port-Dundas Parish
Church ; house, Oakbank, 55 Possil road.
Hay, John Ingram, writer, 136 Blythswood drive.
Hay, Matthew Brown, straw hat maker, 13 Wemyss
place; ho. 11 do.
Hay, MeiTicks, & Co. (Limited), gunpowder manu-
facturers, 166 Buchanan street.
Hay, P. W., ladies' hatter, &c., 109 Eglinton street.
Hay, Robt., & Son, tinsmiths and gasfitters, 226
Paisley road, west ; house, 214 do.
Hay, Samuel, pianoforte, organ, and harmonium
maker, 99 Renfield st. ; ho. 2 Royal cres., Queens

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