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â– GULF.
GRIMSTONE, Wm. F., family baker, 120 Woodlands
road; ho. 128 do.
GRIND LAY, Alexander, dairyman, 15 Gibson street,
Hillliead ; ho. 110 Park road.
Grindlay, David, coal dealer, 132 Cubie street.
Grindlay, Henry, funeral undertaker and carriage
hirer, 118 Plantation street ; ho. 120 do.
Grindlay, James, funeral undertaker, cab and carriage
hirer, 784 Govan road ; High street, Renfrew, and
Thomson's buildings, Clydebank; stables, 869 Govan
road ; house, Mansefield house, Renfrew.
GRISCHOTTI & Co., merchants and coal ex-
porters, 163 W. George st. Telegraphic address,
" Grischotti," Glasgow. Telephone No. 1059.
Stores and agencies, Glasgow, Granton, Leith,
Dundee, Aberdeen, Belfast, and Dublin.
Grischotti, R. 0. (of Grischotti & Co.), ho. 13
Grosvenor ter., Kelvinside.
GRITTON, Samuel, hardware and ironmonger, 296
North Woodside road ; ho. 298 do.
Grocers' Employment Bureau, Scottish Shop-
keepers and Assistants' Union, 49 Jamaica st. —
See A pp.
GROGAN, John, general draper, hosier, glover, dress
and mantle maker, and milliner, 61 and 53 Great
Western road ; ho. 18 Wilson street, Hillhead.
GROHE, M., managing agent for Scotland, Anglo-
Parisian School of Dressmaking, 52 Kenmure st.
GROSART, James, & Son (telephone No. 3428),
carting contractors; office, 114 Holm st. ; stables,
145 Dumbarton road; ho. 192 Berkeley street.
Grosart, James (of James Grosart & Son), ho. 192
Berkeley street.
Grosart, John, carting contractor, 16 Hydepark st. ;
house, 14 Cadogan street
GROSVENOR, F., stoneware, Rockingham ware, water
filter, and stone bottle manufacturer, 60 Boden st.;
house, 7 Annfield pi.
GROUNDWATER, William, draper and hosier, 554
New City road ; house, 6 Gibson street.
GROVE, John, grocer and wine merchant, 607 Gars-
cube road ; ho 40. Windsor terrace, St. George's rd
Grove, John, jun., writer (at Messrs. John Steuart &
Gillies), ho. 40 Windsor ten-ace.
Grove Street (Home Mission) Institute, 82 and 84
Grove st. ; Robert, Henderson, janitor, 32 Scotia
Grove Street Public School, 90 and 94 Grove st.
GROVER & Co. (Lmtd.), London, manufacturers of
Grover's patent steel spring holdfast washers for
securing the nuts of fish-bolts, also of bolts for bridge-
work, machinery, engines, rolling stock, &c., under
vibration or changes of temperature ; sole agents for
Scotland, William Lester & Son, 11 West Regent
GROZIER, John, inspector of poor and collector of
assessments for parochial board of Cathcart, 5
Victoria drive, Mt. Florida ; ho. 6 do.
Gryffe Tannery Co. (.James A. Muirhead, tanner),
GryfFe Tannery, Bridge-of-Weir.
Guarantee Association of Scotland (Limited), John
C. Reid, C.A., 217 West George st.
Guarantee Fidelity Insurance, Palatine Insur-
ance Co., Ltd.; David Dunlop, manager for Scot-
land, 25 St. Vincent pi. — See Adv. in App.
Guarantee Fidelity Insurance, Norwich and London
Accident Insurance Association (established 1856).
C. H. Dunderdale, manager for Scotland, 179 W.
George street.
Guarantee Fidelity Assurance Office, W'ni. M' Asian,
68 Bath St.
Guarantee, National, and Suretyship Asso-
ciation, Limited, Wight & Ferguson, C.A.,
agents, 150 Hope street.
Guarantee Ocean & Accident Corporation (Ltd.),
James Cunningham, res. secretary, 145 St. Vin-
cent street.
Guarantee Society of London (the original
society), agents, Lindsay, Meldi'uin, & Oatts,
writers, 87 W. Regent st.
Guarantees of Investments and for Positions of
Trust granted by the Law Guar.'intec and Trust
Society, Ltd., 141 St. Vincent street; J. F.
Lament, resident secy.
Guardian Fire and Life Assurance Company,
established 1821. Branch office for Scotland, 187
West George street, Glasgow; John Gilfillan, resi-
dent secy. ; Law agents, Messrs. Mackenzie, Gard-
ner, & Alexander, writers, 153 St. Vincent street.
Guardian Fire and Life Assurance Co. ; agent, Chas.
Air, 80 Gordon street.
Guardian Plate Glass Insurance Co. (Lmtd.),
64 West Regent street ; J. L. & T. L. Selkirk,
C.A., resident secretaries.
Guardian Plate Glass Insurance Co. (Lmtd.) ; agent,
J. Wilson Bain, accountant, 113 West Regent St.
GUELDE-BARTCKY, G. (at C. Schneider's, 33 Ren-
field St.), ho. 55 Vv'est Cumberland st.
GUERET, L., shipowner and coal exporter, 19
Waterloo street.
GUEST, E. & H. painters, 257 Dumbarton rd. and
4 Kensington terrace, Ibrox.
Guest, George, produce merchant and importer of
preserved provisions, 5 Oswald st. ; ho. Dunlappie,
GUIBARA, Jlrs. G. L., 51 Arlington street.
GUILD, H. S., commission agent and merchant, 81
Virginia street; ho. 33 Leven street.
Guild, J. Wyllie, & Fisher, chartered accountants,
63 St. Vincent street.
Guild, J. Wyllie (of J. Wyllie Guild & Fisher, C. A.)
house, 46 Lilybank gardens, Hillhead.
Guild, W. A. (of J. Wyllie Guild >i Fisher, C.A.),
ho. 46 Lilybank gardens.
Guild & Wyllie, Thornbush Brewei-y, Inverness;
Buchanan, Walker fc Co., agents. 60 York st.
GUILFORD, Wm. (recently Ferguson & Forrester).,
purveyor, caterer, and refreshment contractor,
Grand Hotel, Charing Cross.
GUILIANI Brothers, ice merchants, 24 Greenside
St.; ho. 174 Saltmai-kei;.
GUINEFOLLAND, Lde., brandy shipper, Cjgnacj
agent, G. M. ^Macintosh, 95 Bath st.
GUINNESS, Arthur, Son, & Co., Limited, brewers,
Dublin ; agents, Aixhd. Arrol & Sons. 16 Dixon st.
Guinness, Arthur, Son, & Co., Lmd., brewers, Dublin;
agent, Duncan M'Lean, 79 Robertson street.
Guinness, Art&ur, Son & Co., Ltd., brewers,
St. Jame.s' Gate, Dublin; agents, John M'lutyre-
& Co , 27 Waterloo st.
GuioN U.S. mail line of steamei-s for New York, &c.;.
booking and ticket office for United States, Can id^ ,
Pacific ports, China, &c. ; agent, Moses Buchanan.,
62 Buchanan street.
Guion Line, passenger booking office, 162 Argyle st.
Gulf Line Si;eamsliips to West Coast, South
America, Adelaide, 3Ie!bourne, Sydney, and Br's
bane, 29 Waterloo street.

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