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Objects — (1) To maintain the Liberal representa-
tion of the district, and (2) to promote tbe adoption
«f Liberal principles in the government of the country.
Rooms — 70 South Portland St. open from 9 a.i
till 10 p.m., with a full supply of newspapers, perio(
icals, games, &c. All friends cordially invited. Ho
secretary, Wm. S. Hart, 133 Norfolk Street.
Principal — George C. M. Douglas, D.D., Appointed 1875.
Apologetic and New Testament Exegesis,... Alexander B, Bruce, D.D., 32 Hamilton Park Terrace, IS;
Systematic and Pastoral Theology, James Smith Candlish, D.D., 5 Ashton Terrace, 18^
Divinity and Church History, Thomas M. Lindsaj', D.D., 37 Westbourne Gardens, Xi't
Hebrew and Old Testament Exegesis, George C. M. Douglas, D.D., 18 Royal Crescent, 18f
Natural Science, Rev. Henry Drummond, F.R.S.E., 185-
Evangelistic Theology, Thomas Smith, D.D. ,
Clerk of senate, James S. Candlish, D.D. ; treasurer, James Low, Esq., 176 St. Vincent St. ; princip
librarian, Thomas M. Lindsay, D.D. ; sub-librarian, C. N. Moody, M.A. ; janitor, David Clark.
Kelvin Bridge, Great Western Road.
Instituted in 1846.
Robert Young, president ; William Ker, vice-presi-
dent. Directors — John W. Ai'thur, Alex. S. Baird,
Robert Balloch, Gilbert Beith, W. G. Blackie, Ph.D.,
Hugh Brown, D. S. Cargill, John M. Cunningham,
James Deas, C.E., Robert Murdoch, James Roberton,
LL.D., J. N. Cuthbertson ; secretary and treasurer,
Arthur Hart, C.A., 63 St. Vincent St.
Rector, D. Morrison, M.A., LL.D.
Classics, the Rector, William Robertson, M.A.,
Robert Brown, and Thomas Adams, M.A.
French, Louis Barbe, B.A.
German, Clemens Schlomka, M.A., Ph.D.
English, head master, Zachary M. H. Ross, M.A. ;
assistants, Donald Ferguson, M.A., and William
Melven, M.A.
Initiatory Class, Misses Campbell and M'Callum.
Mathematics and Science, head master, James
Wood, M.A., Fellow of Queen's College, Cambridge;
assistant, Andrew Muir.
Writing and Book-keeping, head master, John
Drawing, Thomas R. Milligan.
Gymnastics, G. Paul.
Music, Academy Choir, John Maclaren ; pianoforte,
Slisses Campbell, M'Callum, Birrel, &c.
Phonography, R. Kilpatrick, F.S.S.
Dancing, R. S. Thomson.
Janitor, Sergeant John Anderson (late 4th Queen's
Own Hussars).
71 Greenhead Street.
Founded under the wills of the late William Logan,
and his spouse, Mrs. Jean Johnston or Logan, for
the education, upbringing, and assisting in life of
poor or destitute step-children or orphans of Scottish
extraction, those bearing the names of Logan or John-
ston always to be preferred. One hundred and
seventy girls receive a plain English education, in-
cluding reading, writing, and arithmetic, and also
sewing and knitting. Each child receives one suit of
clothing and two pairs of shoes and stockings yearly,
and is provided with some refreshment in the fore-
noon of each day when attending school.
Miss M. D, Grant, lady superintendent.
Kirklee Road, Kelvinside.
Chairman, John B. Wingate, Esq. ; Director
T. Anderson, Hugh Beckett, Robert Brodie, Robe
Gourlay, Anderson Eirkwood, LL.D., P. C. Hart, J.
Mirrlees, Robert Miller, Hugh Steven, J. M. Tayloi
secretary and treasurer, Jas. Boyd, 95 Wellington £
Rector, James Macdonald, LL.D.
English, Arithmetic, French, &c., Jas. Robertso:
Arthur T. Cowley, B.A. (Cambridge), John Marti
and James Potts.
Classics, German, &c., the Rector, Jas. R. Ma(|
donald, M.A., and H. Sutherland, M.A. |
English, History and Physical Geography, Jas. ll
Macdonald, M.A. |
Mathematics, Chemistry, and Experimental Physici
Jas. Barrie Low, M.A. j
French and German, Herr G. J. Tamson. j
Writing, Bookkeeping, and Drawing, William Bi
Drawing and Painting, Arthur Legge.
Singing, Allan Macbeth.
Pianoforte, J. Hutchins, Miss Forbes, and Mi.
Gymnastics and Drill, Arthur Benson.
Phonography, R. Kirkpatrick, F.R.H.S., F.S.S.
Botany, Thomas King.
Elementaiy school, Miss Forbes.
Janitor, James Jardine.
360 Paisley Road.
Trustees, Hon. Wm. IM'Onie, Lord Provost, W
Renny Watson, Esq., Alex. Smith, Esq. ; hon. pres:
dent. Rev. W. W. Tulloch, B.D.; president, Johij
Campbell, Esq. ; hon. treasurer, John Young ; hoi |
secretary, Jas. M'Kelvie, 111 Watt St.; directorh
George Galloway, Charles Smith, John Murdoch, Ja-i
Ryrie, Alex. Stuart, Samuel Riddell, S. Williamfj
Wm. Walker, Thos. Muirhead, D. G. M'Kelvie, J) i
Sherry, and J. A. Smith. !
The objects of the club are to afford to the mem'
hers the means of social intercourse, mutual helpful
ness, mental and moral improvement, and rationaj
recreation. Open daily from 10 a.m. till 10.30 p.m
Annual subscription, 5s.; half-yearly subscriptioB ^
2s. 6d. ; quarterly subscription. Is. 3d.; monthl;
ticket, 6d. ; visitors. Id. per visit.

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