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Object: — The cultivation of iiterature, music, elo-
cution, and art generally, by the holding of meetings
for the purpose of hearing original lectures and papers,
by the holding of high- class concerts, and by exhibi-
tions in art.
j Patrons, His Grace the Duke of Argyll, K.G., the
JMost Hon. the Marquis of Lothian, K.T., the Most
Hon. the Marquis of Bute, K.T. ; president, J. A.
£ Campbell, M.P., LL.D.; vice-presidents, R. "W. Coch-
an-Patrick, LL.D., F.S.A., A. M. Scott, F.S.A.Scot.,
Andrew Blair, F.E.LS., W. P. Buchan, F.R.S.S.A.,
M.S. A. ; treasurer, Hector Winchester, Stock Ex-
change ; auditors, John G. Kerr, M.A., Wm. Davie;
-iiother members of council, Prof. P. A. Simpson, M. A.,
■ M.D,, Eev. Dr. David Walker, M.A., Robt. Renfrew,
M.D., Robert Bird, Geo. M, Cruikshank, C.E., A. J.
: Symington, F.E.S.N.A., J. T. T. Brown, D. Baxter,
Walter Thomas, M.A., John J. Burnet, A.R.LB.A.,
I jA. M. Wright, and W. G. Rowan ; bankers, the Bank
'iDf Scotland, Glasgow. Rooms — 70 Bothwell Street,
1 Glasgow.
t The Society consists of Fellows, Members, and
^ Associates. Fellows are those who have distinguished
! themselves either in literature or art. Members and
'. Associates are those interested in the objects of the
society. Annual subscriptions — Fellows, 10s. 6d.;
i Members, 7s. 6d ; Associates, 5s. Nomination forms
I mi further particulars can be obtained from the
secretary, Alf. J. Weyman, F.R.G.S., F.R.H.S., Ber-
itrohill, by Shettleston.
li This society was instituted in 1874. Its object is
~ i;he improvement of the members and associates in
' ;he theory and practice of art — to be promoted by
ife classes, an annual exhibition, a monthly port-
:olio, criticism on the sketches contained in it, social
jneetings during the winter months, and by conversa-
;ion on kindred topics.
The meetings of the Society are held in the Club
'ooms, 137 West Regent Street, on the first Thursday
)f the month. Members are elected at monthly meet-
ings. For further information apply to the secretary.
'; iMce-bearers for 1886-87 : — President, Mr. Charles
\ jibb ; vice-president, Mr. M'Kinnon ; hon. secre-
' ;ary, George Miller, 137 West Regent street.
: Instituted 6th November, 1847.
|i! Hon. president, Francis W. Clark, Esq., LL.D.,
' iheriff of Lanarkshire; president. Arch. Craig, M.A.,
LL.B. ; vice-president, Wm. Hislop, M.A., LL.B. ;
; iiorresponding secretary and treasurer, A. M. Mit-
ihell, M.A., LL.B., 176 St. Vincent st. ; recording
: ecretary, G. M. Ritchie, B.L.; directors, Geo. Neilson,
lugh Duncan, M.A., LL.B , N. F. Cameron, John
Tubb, B.L., George G. Paton, M.A., LL.B., J. H.
Hamilton, W. C. Roberton, M.A., LL.B., A. Orr Deas,
;tI.A., LL.B., and Wm. Johnstone, B.L.
The objects of the society are the discussion of
■.egal and cognate speculative subjects, and the consi-
leration of questions of juridical interest. Admis-
,ion to it is restricted to members of the legal profession
ijind law students, and its meetings are held evei-y
iiVednesday evening at 8 o'clock, from November to
April, in the Faculty buildings, St. George's place.
Rooms, 114 West Campbell Street.
This is an Association composed principally of
architects' assistants, its object being the advance-
ment and improvement of the members in all matters
pertaining to architecture, by increasing the facilities
for study, by the meeting together of the members
for the reading of and discussion upon essays and
papers on professional subjects, by the exhibition
and criticism of competitive designs, the practice of
sketching, and also measuring old work, and the
publication of a sketch-book, the visiting of build-
ings, and by classes, during the winter, for teclmical
instruction. An annual course of lectures, to which
all professionally interested are welcomed, is also
given. The meetings are held all the year round on
the first Tuesday of each month, but the Rooms are
always open, and the Library free to members. Alex.
M'Gibbon, A.R.LB.A. hon. secretary, 1 Westbank
Quadrant, Hillhead.
Instituted 1867.
The membership of this Club consists of native or
resident West of Scotland artists and amateurs — as
artist members ; and gentlemen interested in art —
as lay members. Its object is to advance the know-
ledge and love of art by means of exhibitions of works
of art, life classes, the acquisition of books and papers
on art, lectures on art subjects, and other kindred
means, and to promote social intercourse among its
Intending candidates for membership will receive
all necessary information from the hon. secretary, with
whom applications must be lodged. Club House, 151
Bath Street.
Objects : — The annual celebration of the birthday
of Robert Burns ; occasional re-unions for cultivation
of social and intellectual intercourse amongst the
members and friends, and the encouragement of Scot-
tish literature. Meets in M. M'Culloch's, 109 Argyle
St., every Saturday at 8 p.m.
Office-bearers — President, John A. Mann ; vice-
president, Jas. Anderson ; secretary, Alex. Dickie,
135 Hospital Street, s.s.
Chairman, Mr. W. L. Blench, 20 Grafton Street ;
hon. treasurer, Jlr. M. S. Grady, 37 Berkeley Ter. ;
hon. secretary, Mr. Wm. R. King, 106 N. Frederick
Objects : The objects of the Association shall be
(a) to unite the Junior Liberals of Glasgow ; (ii) to
extend the political knowledge of its members ; and
(c) to co-operate with other associations in main-
taining and increasing the influence of the Liberal
Formed to secure for women the right of voting
for members of Parliament on the same conditions
as it is, or may be, granted to men, and to further
all measures which tend to advance the political and
social claims of women. General secretary and trea-
surer, James Orr, solicitor, 29 Bath street.

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