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Office— 115 Batb Street.
His Grace the Duke of Argyll, patron ; the Right
Hon. the Earl of Glasgow, president ; James Cleland
Burns, Esq., chairman ; Alex. A. Fergusson, Esq.,
Robert Gow, Esq., J. Carfrae Alston, Esq., vice-chair-
men ; Robert Gourlay, Esq., treasurer ; Mr. J. T.
Strang, secretary.
The general objects of this association are to in-
vestigate thoroughly the cases of all poor persons in
the city who may be brought under its notice, with a
view to forwarding them to the proper quarter for
relief; to bring existing charities into co-operation
with one another and with the Poor-law authorities;
to repress mendicity ; and by these agencies, and the
granting of loans in necessitous cases, to improve the
condition of the poor.
In connection with this society a ladies' auxiliary
has been established for the purpose of aiding the
society by personal visitation of the poor, and also by
providing temporary employment in the way of sew-
ing for poor women, who have been proved to be
deserving and necessitous. Work-Room, 65 Stirling
Street, Cowcaddens; Sale-Shop, 318 New City Rd.,
where useful articles may be had at very moderate
The Most Hon. the Marquess of Stafford and R. C.
Munro Ferguson, Esq., of Novar, patrons ; Donald
M'Phee, preses ; James Miller, vice-preses ; George
M'Donald, D. M'Phee, Rev. Evan Gordon, Alex.
M'Lennan, A. F. M'Bean, Thos. Ross, Alex. Mathie-
son, William Sinclair, Jas. Matheson, Don. M'Donald,
and Donald M'Lennan, directors; Ales. M'Lennan,
10 Prince's Square, treasurer; Martin Mackay, writer,
89 West Regent Street, secretary.
The principal object of this society is to afford
relief to necessitous persons who are natives, widows
of natives, or descendants of natives of the counties of
Inverness, Ross, Cromarty, Sutherland, Caithness, or
Nairn, residing in Glasgow or neighbourhood; or, to
the natives of these counties travelling through the
city, who may suddenly or unexpectedly fall into
The office-bearers for 188G are — President, M. C.
Thomson, Esq. ; vice-president, James MacWilliam,
Esq.; treasurer, E. S. M'Harg, Esq.; vice-treasurer,
Jas. M'Lennan, Esq.; directors, Messrs. Dav. Aitken,
A. A. Cuthbert, R. J. Wilson, D. A. Finlay, J. K.
Shanks, W. M'Leod Jardine, S. Milroy, R. M'Adam,
and John Hannay ; surgeon, Dr. M'Gill ; secretary,
Robt. M'Gowan, writer, 163 West George St.
The society was instituted in 1791 for the purpose
of providing a fund out of which certain allowances
might be made to the ordinary members of the society
during sickness, infirmity, and superannuation.
The entry money for ordinary members is 10s. 6d.,
besides quarter accounts in proportion to age. Hono-
rary members are admitted on payment of ^1 Is.
apd upwards to the benevolent fund, j ,. .^,.
Instituted 1761.
John Knox, jun., president; David Johnston, vice-
president ; J. Anderson, 179 West George Street,
treasurer; J. Graham Girvan, 186 West George St.,,
This is a charitable society — I. For the relief of
persons in reduced or destitute circumstances, bufc
not receiving parochial relief, in the order of prece-
dence following : — (1) Members of the society ; (2)'
the widows, sisters, brothers, or descendants of
members; (3) natives of Ayrshire resident in Glasgow.
II. For the education of children resident in Glasgow,
of existing or deceased members, or of children them-
selves natives or children of natives of Ayrshire ; and
III. For assisting by bursaries young men wishing,
to pursue their studies in the University of Glasgow^
who are either descendants of members, or natives
of Ayrshire, or sons of natives resident in Glasgow.
All persons may become members who are natives
of Ayrshire, or have an interest in the county by-
property, business, or residence, or are connected
by marriage or relationship with members, or with,
persons qualified to be members. Entry money,.
£3 3s., and no further payment is required.
The principal object of this society, the qualifica-
tion for membership of which consists of a small sum
of entry-money, is to afford relief to persons in indi-
gent circumstances, natives, or widows of natives of
Perthshire, and their children resident in Glasgow
and the neighbourhood, or passing through the city,
unexpectedly falling into distress.
The Right Hon. Henry Campbell-Bannerman, M.P.,.
patron ; David Edward, president ; Hugh Kennedy,
late president ; James C. Burns, Jas. Blair, John
Wordie, Robt. Taylor, Wm. Wilson, Rev. Professor
James Robertson, D.D., James Menzies, John Thom-
son, Geo. Ogilvie, John MacGregor, Geo. Ferguson,
and Jas. Graham, directors; Geo. Gray, writer, 72.
Hutcheson Street, secret.ary and treasurer.
(Established 1877.)
The objects of this Association are — To assist
natives of Arbroath in obtaining lodgings or situa-
tions in Glasgow ; to relieve temporarily, by pecuni-
ary or other aid, deserving and necessitous Arbroath-
ians, resident in or passing through Glasgow ; to
promote the intellectual improvement of the members,
and to cultivate social and friendly intercourse, by
literary and other meetings.
Patron s — D. Corsar, Esq., J. P., The Elms, Arbroath^
John Tullis, Esq., Inchcape, Dennistoun. Hon. Pre-
sidents — J. Wyllie Guild, Esq., C. A.; J. Stephen, Esq.,,
Wm. Jolly, Esq., F.R.S.E., F.G.S., D. S. Salmond,.
Esq., J. M. M'Bain, Esq. Hon. Secretary — Thos>:
Mason. President — J. Winton Mackie. Vice-presi-
dents — A. W. Anderson and W. R. Calder. Direc-
tors — J. L. Brewster, James Burnett, H. Croall, W»
M. Brown, D. Knowles, Arthur Hovel 1, J. Carragher,
H. M'Bain, D. P. Taylor, Jas. R.M. Smith, John A...
Peebles, David Simpson. Treasurer — G. B. CroalL
Secretary— G. D. Ferguson, 10 Mauldslie P].,Partick»

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