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Instituted 1840. Place of Meeting, 46 John St. city.
This society has for its object the relief of its mem-
bers who may be incapable of attending to business
through sickness, &c., and for securing at death a
payment for funeral expenses. The entrance fees are a
uniform rate of 2s. 6d., and at 21 years of age the con-
tributions are 6d. per â– week. Those above 21 pay
higher, according to the age at which they enter.
Members who have been six months in the society
receive, when unwell, aliment at the following rates :
— 10s. a week for the first six months, 7s. 6d. for the
next six months, and 5s. a week thereafter, with
medical attendance and medicine ; and at the decease
of a member his representatives receive £10 as fune-
ral allowance ; on the decease of his wife he receives
£5. Meets every alternate Wednesday. James Boyle,
12 North Coburg Street, secretary.
This Institution is designed for the necessitous and
deserving of the industrial classes who have been in
illness, in order to give them the benefit of the restora-
tive influences of a short residence at the seaside, dur-
ing the period of convalescence. Since the Homes were
opened sixteen years ago, 29,445 patients have been
restored to health. There is accommodation for 150
persons ; and, added to a generous diet, there is afibrded
the benefit of the best medical advice and medicines,
as also the use of superior hot and cold water baths.
The Board of Management earnestly appeal for annual
subscriptions and donations, these being the only
source of revenue. It may be well to mention that
each donor of £10, or annual subscriber of £1, is
entitled to recommend one person annually for admis-
sion to the Homes.
Board of Management. — Promoter, Miss Beatrice
Clugston, of Glasgow ; president. Sir Peter Coats, of
Auchendrane, Ayr; vice-president, Wm. Maitland,
Esq., 34 Candleriggs; hon. treasurer, Jn. Gray, Esq.,
banker, 191 Ingram St.; hon. secy.,W. MacLean, Esq.,
writer, 81 Bath Street; medical officer in Glasgow,
Robert Perry, Esq., M.D., 252 Buchanan Street;
consulting surgeon to the Homes, J. Denniston, Esq.,
M.D., Albert Ter., Dunoon ; superintendent and
matron, Mr. and Mrs. J. Campbell, Homes, Dunoon ;
secretary and collector, Mr. Robert Hillhouse, 58
George Square, Glasgow.
Above fifty years of age, and unmarried.
Founded 1847.
Patroness — The Queen. Committee of Manage-
ment — Glasgow, Revs. Marcus Dods, D.D., James
Black, D.D., J. Marshall Lang, D.D., Frederic C.
Ridgeway, M.A., James Campbell of Tillichewan,
Sir Arch. Orr Ewing, Bart., M.P., Alex. Allan, Wm. G.
Blackie, Ph.D. ; Edinburgh, Revs. Geo. Philip, M.A.,
Andrew Thomson, D.D., Alexander Whyte, D.D.,
John M'Murtrie, M. A., Norman Macleod, D.D., F.
E. Belcombe, John Cook, W.S., John Kennedy, W.S.,
William Robson, S.S.C; local treasurer for Glasgow,
Robert Gourlay, Bank of Scotland; secretary J. T.
Maclagan, 6 North St. David Street, Edinburgh ; trea-
surer, Jas. Syme, British Linen Company Bank; audi-
tor, Jas. Alex. Robertson, C.A.
Instituted 1822.
The Hon. W. M'Onie, Lord Provost, hon. president ;
the Magistrates, hon. directors; Alex. Allan, 70 Gt.
Clyde street, chairman ; John Smith, 54 Gordon
street, deputy chairman ; R. H. Hunter, 27 Jamaica
street, hon. treasurer and secretary.
For sixty- three years this Society has been seeking the
welfare of all the sailors who visit the port of Glas-
gow. The agents of the Society meet vessels on their
arrival, and direct the sailors to respectable lodgings ;
attend at the pay oflSce and try to get the men to
bank their money ; invite the sailors to the social and
religious meetings conducted by the Society, and
correspond with seamen on long voyages. Libraries
are placed on board out-going vessels, and bags of
illustrated periodicals, scrap books, &c., of an in-
teresting character, are regularly supplied. The
Seamen's Institute, 146 Broomielaw, is free to all
sailors — in 1885 104,985 sailors took advantage of
it— where the daily papers, books, games, &c., are
provided all free ; and 3202 letters were written by
the men. A daily prayer meeting is held there at
11.15 a.m. On the South Side the free reading and
recreation rooms in Eaglesham street, Govan road,
have been largely used; during 1885 68,062 visits
were made to them by seamen. Every facility is
provided for the sailor spending his time happily
when on shore.
At the Seamen's Chapel, 9 Brown street, five
services are held every week, the Saturday night one
being a social free tea meeting ; and at the Seamen's
Bethel, Eaglesham st, Govan rd., six services are held
weekly, the Saturday night one being also a social
free tea meeting. Seats are all free, and books
provided for the sailors.
A new Seamen's Institute, free reading, recreation,
and coffee rooms are in course of erection at 200
Broomielaw, at a total cost of £6500. Donations
are earnestly asked for this special efibrt.
Seamen's families are all regularly visited, and the
widows of seamen who have been left unprovided for
by their husbands — and in many cases with large
families — are helped by money, clothing, work, &c.,
while a large number of orphan children are educated
at the cost of the society.
Eight agents are constantly employed, assisted by
a band of voluntary workers.
The expenditure of the Society this year will be
about £1500. There is no endowment, but it is en-
tirely supported by voluntary contributions. Help
is earnestly solicited.
Donations or legacies to be sent to the hon. treas.,
R. H. Hunter, 27 Jamaica street.
Prospect Bank, Crosshill.
Seen on Wednesdays, at two o'clock. Mr. B. B.
Macgeorge, 24 George Square, secretary; Mr. J.
Tasker, 26 Royal Exchange Square, treasurer.
The object of this Home is to afford a gratuitous
care and treatment hydropathically to the suffering
of any country or clime, and is wholly supported by
voluntary contributions unsolicited. All communi-
cations to be addressed to W. Bryden, Quay Street,

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