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Established 1822.
Objects — 1. To provide extended Eeligious and
Secular Instruction among the Deaf and Dumb
throughout Glasgow and the West of Scotland, after
they have quitted School 2. To visit the sick, un-
employed, and other Deaf and Dumb persons at their
homes. 3. To assist the Deaf and Dumb who have
good characters in obtaining employment. 4. To
provide an Interpreter where necessary. 5. To grant
relief in cases found to be really deserving.
Patron— The Most Noble The Marquis of Lome,
KT. ; president, the Hon. the Lord Provost ; vice-
presidents, John Burns, Esq., Sir Peter Coats; com-
mittee, Rev. Prof. Bruce, LL.D., Rev. Dr. D. Macleod,
G. Munro Kerr, Esq., Sheriff Clark, J. Gourlay, Esq.,
C.A., D. M'Cowan, Esq., Walter Paterson, Esq., Henry
Watson, Esq., Robt. Gow, Esq., G. Smith, Esq., A.
F. Strathern, Esq., Alex. Macgregor, Esq., William
Agnew, Esq.; hon. treasurer, Alex. F. Strathern, 153
W. Nile St.; missionary and secretary, John Hender-
son, Hope Hall, 65 Renfrew Street ; collector, Arch.
Goold, 544 St. Vincent St.; janitor, Robert Brogan,
21 Shamrock Street.
Mrs. Buchanan, Antermony House, Milton of
Campsie, president; Mrs. M'Ewen, 11 Park Terrace,
Mrs. Ebenezer Watson, 1 Woodside Terrace, and
Mrs. Scott, 1 Woodside Place, vice-presidents;
Mrs. E. Caird, the College, treasurer; Mrs. Pol-
lock, 15 Kersland Terrace, and Mrs. Candlish,
5 Ashton Ten, HiUhead, secretaries; W. M'Ewen,
Esq., 11 Park Ter., auditor. This society has for its
object the relief of indigent females above 60 years of
age. Before receiving assistance they are visited at
their houses. Any person subscribing 20s., or 10s. for
two years, is entitled to recommend a pensioner.
Twenty ladies act as visitors, who, with the office-
bearers, meet on the first Wednesday of every month,
in the Religious Institution Rooms.
Has been established for sixty years. Its ob-
ject is to rescue orphan and destitute girls of tender
years, and give them an education and upbringing
fitting them for good domestic servants. Homes, 339
South York St., matron, MissHyslop; and Whiteinch
House, Whiteinch, matron, Mrs. Clark; R. Blyth,
C.A., 115 St. Vincent Street, Mrs. Gow, Cairndowan,
Dowanhill, and Miss Kerr, 5 Newton PI., joint secre-
taries ; J. 0. Mitchell, 69 East Howard St., treasurer.
Its object being to provide means for rendering
assistance to such persons (natives of the parish) as
may be in destitute circumstances ; and also the pro-
moting of a friendly feeling amongst its members.
It meets in the Loudoun Arms Hotel, Duke Street, on
the first Tuesday of each month, from September to
President, James Morton, 23 Walkinshaw Street.
All applications for aid to be made to the secretary,
Richard Young, 223 Baltic Street.
308 Renfrew Street.
Established in 1873, and supported by voluntary
The aim and object of this Home is to supply a
desideratum, the want of which has been long experi-
enced in this city and the West of Scotland, viz., to
afford temporary shelter and maintenance to destitute
and houseless mothers, with their helpless infants.
Those only who have for the first time deviated from
the paths of virtue, or who have been led astray, are
eligible for admission. WMle resident in the Home
a vigilant supervision is exercised over them. Much
attention is paid to their moral and religious welfare,'
and every effort made to procure suitable situations
for them. The infants are placed under the care of
proper and trustworthy nurses, all of whom are under
the oversight and supervision of the matron.
The Home is managed by a committee of ladies,-
assisted by a board of gentlemen, and is under the'
general superintendence of a matron.
President, The Earl of Glasgow; vice-presidents.
Sir P. Coats of Auchendrane, Jas. King, of Levern-
holm ; directors. Rev. G. L. Carstairs, J. T. Whitelaw,
T. M. Fergusson, Robert Miller, J. B. Sherriff; trea-
surer, Robt. Gourlay, Bank of Scotland ; secretary, J..
B. KidstoUj 50 W. Regent St.; matron, Mrs. Arbuckle»
The Board of Management consists of the members
selected by the subscribers and various public and'
charitable bodies in the city of Glasgow. WUliam.
Ker, Esq., 27 West George Street, chairman.
The Home is situated at Lenzie, about half a mile
to the south-east of the railway station. It has accom-
modation for 67 patients, of whom 30 are taken from,
the Glasgow Royal Infirmary, and 27 from the general:
public resident in Glasgow and the neighbourhood,
and 10 from the Western Infirmary of Glasgow.
The subscribers to the Home have the privilege of
recommending the general public patients.
Drs. D. P. Stewart and William Whitelaw, Kirkin-
tilloch, visiting medical officers ; Dr. John Wilson,
2 Eton Gardens, Glasgow, examining medical officer ;
Miss J. S. Smith, matron ; John Pirrie, 207 W. George
Street, treasurer; G. Paterson, 183 West George St.,.
secretary; James Dougall, 4 Bath St., collector.
Has under its care nearly 1200 blind persons,,
resident in Glasgow and the counties of Lanark,
Renfrew, Ayr, Dumbarton, Argyle, and Bute. These'
blind persons are sought out, visited at their own
houses, taught to read, and provided with books in
raised type free of charge. The great majority being.
deprived of sight at, or near, middle life, and are
thereby rendered unfit to follow their ordinary occu-
pations, means are used to find employment for them
suited to their altered circumstances.
President, Sir Jas. Watson, 40 St. Vincent Place?
hon. treasurer, Arch. Arrol, Esq., 16 Dixon St. ; hon.
secretary, James Miller, Esq., 5 South Hanover St.r
superintendent, John Macdonald, 4 Bath Street.

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