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250 Renfrew Street.
The objects of this Institution are to induce women
of high character to devote themselves to the work of
nursing the siclc, to educate them for their work, and
employ them either to nurse patients in the Estab-
lishment or at their residences. The Home in Renfrew
Street has been so arranged as to provide suitable
accommodation for the ladies in charge and for S3
nurses, 10 rooms for private patients, and 2 wards
with beds for 10 patients, operating room, nurses'
dining room, servants' rooms, sewing room, linen
room, committee room, kitchen and laundry accom-
modation, stores room, nurses' box room, lavatories,
and other necessary conveniences. Persons desir-
ous of being admitted into the Home can receive
board, lodging, medical attendance, and nursing,
either in private rooms, or in the public wards, on
terms which may be learned by applying to the lady
superintendent; and they may be attended either by
the physicians and surgeons attached to the Institu-
tion, or by their own medical advisers. In the latter
case, however, the fees of the medical advisers form
an additional charge. Persons suffering from infec-
tious disorders are not admitted into the Home, but
may be attended at their private residences by nurses
trained in the Institution. The charge for nurses
sent out to wait in private families varies according
to the nature of the case, and may also be ascertained
by applying to the lady superintendent.
President, W. J. Davidson, Esq. ; vice-presidents,
Mrs. Davidson, Mrs. John Burns, and Mrs. Hannay ;
directors, ladies' committee, Mrs. Campbell, senr.,
Mrs. Davidson, Mrs. Wallace, Mrs. Holms, Mrs. John
Burns, Mrs. M'Kenzie, Mrs. M'Donald, Mrs. A.
Campbell, Mrs. Whitelaw, Mrs. L. Robertson, Mrs.
Scott, Mrs. Hugh Brown, Mrs. M'Farlane, Mrs. Ban-
Herman, Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Jebb, Mrs. Paterson, Mrs. Han-
nay, Miss Davidson, Miss M'Kay, Sliss J. Murison,
Miss Stewart, Miss M'AIpin, Mrs. Campbell, senr.,
president of the ladies' committee ; gentlemen's com-
mittee. Rev. A. A. Bonar. D.D.. Dr. J. Pirie, Dr. R.
Scott Orr, Dr. A. Fergus, Dr. J. IiI'Laren, Dr. A.
Wood Smith, Dr. Johnstone Macfie, Dr. G. T. Beatson,
Dr. .James C. Ronton, Dr. Hector C. Cameron, Dr. S.
J. Jloore, J. C. Burns, Esq., W. J. Davidson, Esq ,
J. Langlands, Esq., J. B. Wingate, Esq., A. A.
Cuthbert, Esq., John H. N. Graham, Esq., William
Wilson, Esq., Thomas Binnie, Esq., Robert Gourlay,
;Esq., James S. Napier, Esq., R. H. Leadbetter,
Esq. Medical officers — Dr. G. H. B. Macleod and
Dr. G. Buchanan, consulting surgeons ; Dr. W. T.
Gairdner and Dr. M'Call Anderson, consulting phy-
sicians ; Dr. J. Pirie, Dr. George T. Beatson, and Dr.
J. C. Ronton, visiting physicians and surgeons.
Lady superintendent. Miss M'AIpin, 250 Renfrew
Street; hon. secretary, Alex. A. Cuthbert, Esq., 14
Newton terrace; hon. treasurer, Robert Gourlay, Esq.,
Bank of Scotland.
Instituted 1795.
;' Its object being to provide a fund for allowing ali-
'ment to members in sickness, and a sum to defray
jthe funeral expenses of members. President, Mr.
I Charles L. Young, 40 York Street; treasurer, Mr.
i' James M. Campbell, 147 George Street; secretary,
iMr. John Robertson, 104 West Regent Street.
96 TO 108 Castle Street.
For the relief of Indigent and Industrious Blind.
President, the Hon. Wm. M'Onie, Lord Provost.
Honorary Vice-presidents, the Duke of Argyll,
Lord Blantyre, Charles Cameron, LL.D., M. P., Sir
Charles Tennant, Bart., M.P., James A. Campbell,
LL.D., M.P.
Managers — from the University of Glasgow, Pro-
fessor Edward Caird,
From the Town Council, John Laing.
From the Merchants' House, Sir Jas. Watson and
Thomson Aikman.
From the Trades' House, Deacon-Convener Wm.
Maclean, Jan., and Robert Hamilton.
From the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons, Dr.
Thomas Reid.
From the Ministers of Glasgow, Rev. Dr. G. S.
From the Royal Infirmary — Hugh Lamberton, Vun.
Hamilton, and John Miller.
The following from the Contributors: — Alex. A.
Fergusson, David Kinghorn, Howard Bowser, J. E.
Nelson, M. Fairley, Peter Ferguson, Robeit Jameson,
Robert Gourlay, and Jas. Miller. ~
Sir James Watson, chairman of managers ; James
Miller, deputy-chairman.
Principal Campbell, Royal Normal College for the
Blind, Norwood, hon. musical director.
Secretary and treasurer, John Tasker, 26 Royal
Exchange Square.
Surgeon, Dr. Lapraik; teacher, Miss Neil; teacher
of music, Miss Inskip ; matron, Mrs. Jollie ; collector
Geo. Smith ; superintendent, Thomas Stoddart.
Meetings of the managers will be held on the second
Tuesday of each month.
His Grace the Duke of Argyll, patron ; the Right
Hon. the Earl of Eglinton and Winton, president; Hon.
the Lord Provost, Principal Caird, Rev. Dr. Smith,
Oathcart, P. Clouston, Esq.," Sir Peter Coats, vice-
presidents ; Walter Paterson, John N. CuthbertsoD,
DavidM'Cowan, Rev.D. Macleod, D.D., Sir J. Watson,
Geo. Smith, J. Muir, A. Hannay, James Miller, R.
Gourlay, R. Balloch, T. M. Fergusson, R. Gow, Prin-
cipal Douglas, R. Miller, T. Binnie, Arch. Robertson,
R. Barclay, Wm. Ker, Dr. J. Corbett, directors ; B. B.
Macgeorge, 24 George Sq., secretary ; John Tasker,
26 Royal Exchange Sq., treasurer and collector; Dr.
T. M'Call Anderson, 2 Woodside Terrace, consulting
physician ; Dr. E. Duncan, 4 Royal Cres., Queen's Pk.,
surgeon ; J. Thomson, teacher ; Mrs. Thomson, matron.
For visiting blind females, and through means of a
female teacher, teaching them knitting, and provid-
ing work for them. The work of the society is car-
ried on at 6 Bath Street, where all kinds of knitted
work done by the blind are sold, and orders for work
taken in. Mrs. Campbell, 6 Clairmont Gardens,
president; Miss Blyth, 23 Belmont Street, treasurer;
Miss Arrol, 18 Blythswood Square, secretary.

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