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Reid, Wm. trave'ler, Eastbaok pi
Richardson, Mrs. J. grocer and
spirit dealer
Richmond, David, commercial tra-
vtller, Alexandra place
Robb, James, postman, 19 Green
Robb, Wm. 19 Green st
Robertson, Hugh, grocer, Sandy-
Robertson, J. clerk, 2 Park ter
Rodger, Daniel B. wine and spirit
mtrcbant ; res. Bertrobill
Roger, Dun. schoolmaster, East-
muir; Sunnvbrae, Mt. Vernon
Rodger, John (of J. & W. Rodger),
res. Berttohill
Rodger, Wm. (of J. & W. Rodger),
res. Beitrobill
Salmon, Peter, p'inter, Sandvhills
Seal, Geortre (uf Geo. Seal &'Co.),
ho. Ea'lvbraes, Gartucher road
Service, David D. Wayside cottage
Small, W. A. grocer and provision
me'chant, 54 Main street; ho.
Salisbury place
Smith, Thomas, cemetery supt.
Sandymount ; bouse at cemetery
Speirs, Robert, tailor and clothier;
re«. BertrohiU
Squair, Mrs. Robt. 65 Eastmuir
Stark, John, joiner and cartwright,
Stevenson, John, Helenvale ter
Stodart, John, registrar. Main St.;
ho. Meadowwell cottage
Stokes & Dixon, coalmasters, Gar-
scube Colliery, Maryhill
Stokes. James, coalmaster (of Geo.
M'Nair & Co. and Stokes &
Dixon), ho. Springfield cottage
Siruthers, Wm. 2 Cat'ikin place
Thomson, Archd. & Co. Glasgow
Rope Works ; office, 58 West
Howard st. Glasgow
Thomson, Wm. (of Archd. Thom-
son & Co.), hou^e. Ferndean
Thomson, Wm. M. Bertrobill
Thomson, Mrs. J. spirit merchant,
77 Eastmuir street
Thornton, Jas. 90 Eastmuir st
Todd, And. jnnt secretary Glas-
gow Agricultural Society, South
Mains iirm
Tudd, Jas. farmer, Glenduffhill
Todd, Rich , farmer, South Mains
Turner Br is. ironfds. and engineers
Turner, David, gale and railing
manufacturer, Budhill st. ; ho.
Main street
Ufie, James, cashier (at J. & T.
Boyd's), ho. Cyprus place
Waddell, R. 36 Sandyhills
Walker, Tbomas, fishmonger, 103
W. George st.; ho. 24 Sandyhilk
Walker, Wm. Caledonian Railwayj
rt-s. Park terrace
Watson, Wm. wood merchant,
Shettleston Saw Mills ; resid.
Eastbank house
Weymao, A. J. journalist; house,
White, Wm. teacher, Roughazia
Wdson, And. farmer. North Mains
Wilson, William, postmaster, 257
Main street; ho. 259 do
Young, Wm. postman, 243 Main st
In the North- Western division of
Lanarkshire, .John Baird, Esq.
Adam, Archd. M. Shirgartin, Mt.
Aikmao, Mrs. W. sp. deal. Foxleypl
Allan, James W. supt. physician,
Belvidere hospital
Alston, George, blacksmith
Anderson, David, hardware mer-
chant. Main street
Anderson, J. Adam, 12 Buchanan
gardens, Mount Vernon
â– Andeison, R. W. cashier, 10 Bu-
chanan gardens, Mt. Vernon
Angus, James, cartwrigbt, spring
van and lorry builder, 9 Dal-
marnock street, Parkhead; ho,
Archibald, W. Union Bank of
Scotland ; house, Leslie cottage,
Ashforth, Wm. jun. ; ho. Fuller-
Baird, Matt, farmer, Bumtbroom
Baker, Thomas, Caledonian Tube
Co. Coatbridge; ho. Beach Banh
Bai-ron, Wm. (at David & John
Anderson's), res. Avenue cott.
Beaton, Archd. B.; res. Caledonian
cottage, Carmyle
Bell, John, grocer and postmaster
Blackstock, Wm. H., Willow bank.
Mount Vernon
Borland, Thos. colliery manager,
Clyde terrace
Bowie, James, wine and spirit
merchant, 220 Buchanan street,
Glasgow ; house, 8 Buchanan
gardens. Mount Vernon
Bowie, Wm. wine and spirit mer-
chant, 7 Buchanan gardens,
Mount Vernon
Bowling Club, Tollcross; secy.
David Anderson, Main street
Boyd, Richard H. , Underwood,
Mount Vernon
Boyd, Robert F. (at T. D. Findlay
& Go's), Broomknowe
Brooks, Joseph E., C.E., manager,
Clyde Ironworks ; house, Braid-
fauld villa
Brotbeihood, Thos. teacher. Park-
head Reformatory ; res. West
Thiirn cnttage
Brown, John, grocer, 151 Main st.;
ho. 1 Graham street
Brown, Malcolm, wine and spirit
merchant, Sandyhills, Shettle-
ston ; house, Aunbank cottage
Brown, R. grocer, Clyde store
Bryce, G. H. warehouseman; res.
144 Main st
Bryce, Peter B. tea merchant,
Buchanan gardens, Mt. Vernon
Buchanan, H. R. Mount Vernon
Buchanan, Walter, Clyde terrace
Campbell, Alex, (at Stewart &
M'Donald's), ho. Ashcraig, Mt.
Campbell, Alex. & Sons, black-
smiths, FuUerton ; ho. Dunlop st
Campbell, James (at Paters'm,
Baxter, & Co.'s), ho. WelLliot
Campbell, John, farmer, Muckon-.
Chalmers, John, Mayfield villaj
Cherrie, Jas. M. manager, Parkhead
forge; bouse, Clutha cottage
Clark, John, firmer, Foxley
Co-operative Society (Limited), 99
Main st. ; .T. Stark, salesman
Corbet, Robert, & Sons, Newlands
Brickworks, Westthorn, Lon-
don ro*d
Crawford, David, dver, b'eacherj
and finihhHr, Loudon road; res.
Stanley cott^ige

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