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Rodger, A. painter, &c., IJ Regent
Rodger, Rev. Philip, Established
Church ; ho. The Manse
Ross, Andrew, 26 Garment drive
Ross, Alex. 11 Grantly st
Ross, Robert, Victoria place
Ross, Thomas, Ayrdale villa
Russell, Robt. (of Russell & Ful-
lerton), 2 Garment drive
Russel, Wm. 7 Walton street
Samson, P. 7 Walton street
Sclanders, Alex. 19 Garment drive
Seaton, John, 1 Garment drive
Shaw, Donald, 4 Miller st
Shaw, James, 2 Bothweil terrace
Shaw, Jas. 10 Botliwell ter
Shaw, Mrs. 5 Daroley ter
Shaw, Misses, 9 Regent pi
Shearer, Jas. S. 7 Grantly street
Sinclair, Thos. 5 Garment drive
Slimon, John B. 3 Bothweil ter
Smeaton, D, 8 Grantly st
Smith, Alex. 12 Granily street
Smith, Thos. G. 22 Skirving st
Smith, Mrs. T. 3 Bothweil ter
Sons of Temperance Friendly
Society, West of Scotland
Grand Diviiion ; secy. J. B.
Slimon, 3 Bothweil ter
Stalker, Duncan, Kerrsland
Stark, Wm. slater, Shaw, cross bdgs
Steel, Thos. G. Fowlerfield
Stevenson, John, 20 Skirving st
Stewart, Alex. 7 Regent pi
Stewart, Kev. David, E. F. Chur.
Rosendale road
Stewart, Donald, Rowan bank
Stewart, James, Sweethope
Stewart, John, 12 Granily st
Stewart, Matthew, Laurel bank
Stewart, Peter, agent, 15 Garment
Stewart, Robert, Laurel bank
Stewart, R. H. Laurel bank
Stewart, Thos. Armadale cot
Stewart, Wm. engineer, Primrose
villa, PoUok road
Stewart, W. 12 PoUok road
Stirling, R. G. 11 Garment drive
Stirling, Miss, 26 Garment drive
Stobbs, Wm. 8 Grantly terrace
Taylor, Alex, stationer, Tijuca cot
Taylor, John, colliery salesman, 10
Skirving st
Taylor, John, artist, 5 Walton st
Taylor, Wm. Southbank
Taylor, Mrs. Alex. Tijuca cottage
Thom, Wm. G. clerk, Darnley
Thom, Wm. treasurer, Scottish
Legal Life Assurance Society,
3 Walton street
Thomson, Andrew, teacher, Laurel
Bank villa
Thomson, D. G. 21 Garment drive
Thomson, David, 9 Bothweil ter
Thomson, R. Burns, 26 Garment
Thomson, Mrs. 21 Garment drive
Thomson, Misses, dressmakers, 5
Regent place
Todd, John S. Laurel Bank place
Turnbull, Alex. Lansdowne place
Urquhart, A. builder, 11 Garment
Waddell, Ja-. 1 Miller st
Waddell, Mrs. 7 Walton st
Walker, George Brown, measurer,
1 Darnley terrace
Walker, James, Fyfe place
Walker, Wm. M.D. Kirkland villa
Wallace, James, 3 Grantly st
Wallace, James, surgeon dentist,
Westfield villa
Wallace, J. 5 Regpnt place
Wallace, Jas. S. Manse villa
Wallace, J. Paik, butcher, Manse
Wallace, Mr. 4 Garment place
Wardhaugh, W. J. Sweethope
Wark, Robt. joiner, 3 Grantly st
Waters, Harry, 16 Skirvmg st
Watson, Arch. B. measurer, Alder-
Watson, Duncan, J.P. Alderwood
Watson, J. D. 12 Garment drive
Watt, J. & R. wholesale grocers,
Nancy villa
Wbyie, Mrs. Fred. 1 Miller st
Whitehill, Mrs. 5 E. Park bdgs
Williamson, Thos. Lena bank
Wills, Peter B. 10 Skirving st
Wilson, Hugh, provision mercht.
Newton pi
Wilson, John, Newton place
Wilsnn, P. B. 22 Skirving st
Wishart, Jas. 22 Skirving st
Young, D. 18 Regent place
Young, Thos. L. cashier, 9 Regent
Younger, Mrs. 9 Regent pi
Younger, Thos. 10 Botbwell ter
Yuille, W. G. 12 Grantly st
In the North- Western division of
Lanarkshire, John Baird, Esq.
Registrar, John Stodart, Meadow-
well cottage; office hours, 8.30
to 10.30 a.m., and 6 till 8 p.m.
Saturdays, 8.30 to 10.30 a.m.
Ackers, Harry A. commercial tra-
veller, 1 Hillview ter
Adam, John (of Russell & Adam,
. R'lyal Exchange buildings), res,
j Larch grove
Alton, Wm. warehouseman; ho.
Park terrace
Alexander, Archd. P. (of Milne &
I Alexander), ho. Park place
Alexander, Jas. (of Robert Walker
j & Co.), ho. Edgerston villa
Alexander, Mrs. R. Park place,
Allan, John, grocer and provision
merchant, 82, 84 Easimuir st ;
ho. 94 do.
Anbuhl, Otto, draughtsman; ho.
Cyprus pi
Anderson, Jas. farmer, Sandyhills
Anderson, Jn. farmer, Wellhouse
Anderson, Robt. brassfounder, 39
Old wynd, Trongate, Glasgow ;
house, 98 Eastmuir st
Arthur, John, bootmaker, 163
Trongate ; res. Gartcraig house
Arthur, John M. (at Mowat &
Muir's), ho. Helen vale ter
Barr, Robt. 61 Main street
Barrie, Peter, collector, Caledonian
Railway Co. ; ho. Sandyhills
Begg, A. (of A. & T. Begg, timber
merchant"), house, Lome villa
Berry, Rubt. mechanical draughts-
man (at J. & T. Boyd's), house,
Park place
Black, Wm. accountant, &c. Miln-
croft house
Blackley, John, land agent and
property valuator, 203 Hope st.
Glasgow ; res. Greenfield
Blackley, Wm. Greenfield
Bow, Wm. p^iraffin lamp manufac.
91 High St.; ho. 3 Girdon ter
Boyd, J. & T. Shettlest. Iron Wks
Boyd, Richd. H. (of J. & T. Boyd),
Shettleston Iron Works
Boyd, Thos. A. (of J. & T. Boyd),
Shettleston Iron Works ; ho,
Bertrohill, by Shettleston
2 R

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