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Monaghan, James, coal merchant,
East park coal depot ; liouse, 7
Belfort street
Mockland Iron and Coal Co. (Li-
mited), Skaterigg, Jordanhill,
Cioberhillj & Garscube Collieries
Moore, John, 33 Kelvinside avenue
More, R. R. funeral undertaker, 96
Wjndford st.; ho. 94 do.
Morrison, J. quarry foreman,
Netherton quarry; ho. 21 Camp-
hell street
Moiton, Jeanie, dairy, 214 Main st
Muir, Jas. grocer, 132 Main st;
ho. 12 Lome terrace
Muirhead, James, wright and
glazier, 3 Arden st. ; ho. 2 do.
Munro, A. merchant, 193 Main St.;
ho. Mary's place
Murray, Daniel, contractor, 4 East
Park terrace
Murray, David, carting contractor.
East park; ho. 279 Gairbraidst
Murray, John, contractor, quarry-
master, and brickmaker; resid.
Rockview house
Murray, John, jun. builder and
contractor, Eastpark ; house, 1
Eastpark terrace
Murray, Wm. builder, 280 Ga'r-
braid street ; ho. 75 KelvinisiJe
Newcome, Thomas, barber, 183
Main st
Orr, M. grocer, Netherton quarry
Orr, Robert, tobacconist and sta-
tioner, 173 Gairbraid street;
house, 171 do.
Orrock, Misses A. & J. drapers
and milliners, 193 Gairbraid st.;
ho. 195 do
Partick, Hillhead, and Maryhill
Gas Co. (Limited), William
Graham, C.A. secretary, 212
West Geo. st. ; Hugh Crawford,
collector, Burgh buildings. Hill-
head ; James Hislop, manager,
Gas Works, Maryhill
Paterioa Chemical Manufacturing
Co. (Ltd.), Lochburn
Paterson, George, church officer,
East Park Free Church ; house,
257 Gairbraid street
Paton, M. 150 W. George st; ho.
17 Campbell st
Pattison, Dugald, wine and spirit
merchant, 106 Main street; ho.
Kelvinbank ter
Penman, Robt. (of Penman Bros.),
259 Gairbraid terrace
Perrat, R. bleacher, Stockingfield
Petrie, Alex, architect, 111 JBath
St.; ho. 4 Loroe terrace
Phillips, Jas. boot and shoemaker,
223 Gairbraid St.; ho. 1 Arden
Plews, E. flesher, 118 Main street.
Pollock, Robert contractor, 9
Whitelaw street
Frovan, A. M'D. poitman, 398
Gairbraid st
Provan, Thos. (at Robt. Jeffrey &
Sons), ho. 28 Wilton st
Rae, G. M. M. deputy-supedn-
tendent. Mercantile Marine
Office, 12 James Watt street ;
ho. Gilshochill
Rankine, Wm. F. grocer, 269
Gairbraid St.; ho 377 N. City rd
Eeid, Andrew, grocer and provision
merchant, 190 Main street; ho.
Kelvinbank ter
Reid, William, Ashfield
Reid, Mrs. M. grocer, Netherton
Rennie, Jas. head teacher, Mary-
hill Public School ; ho. Black-
Renwick, And. farmer, Gairbraid
Renwick, John (of Dickson & Ren-
wick), house, Blacklands
Richardson, John, cooper and
general merchant, 39 Conper
street ; ho. Beechbank
Robb, David, wine and spirit mer-
chant, 31, 33 Port Dundas rd;
house, Garscube cottage
Robb, W. S. Garscube cottage
Robertson, B. family grocer, 226
Main street
Robertson, Geo. grocer and spirit
merchant, 8 Whitelaw st. and
148 Main st.; ho. 2 Lome ter
Robertson, Jas. grocer and butcher,
74 and 126 Main street
Robertson, Jas. salesman; ho.
Robertson, Jas. manager, Kelvin-
dale Paperworks; ho. Kelvindale
Robertson, W. provision merchant,
169 Gairbraid street
Robinson & Campbell, manure
manufacturers, Ruchill bridge
Rogers, G. postman, 19 Gairbraid
Rooney, Arthur, draper, 114 Wynd-
ford street
Ross, Alex, teacher, Maryhill
Public School; ho. 132 Cam-
bridge st
Royal Bank of Scotland ; H. & A.
Kirkwood, agents
Russell & Co. plambers and gas-
filters, 30O St. George's road ;
ho. 55 Kelvinside avenue
Russell, Dav. 55 Kelvinside avenue
Russell, J. G. dairyman, Eastpark
Ryan, A. stationer and confec-
tioner, 93 Gairbraid st
Scott, James, wright and glazier.
Watt St. ; ho. 2 do
Shanks, G. A. (at Springbank
L'on Works), ho. the Manse
Shanks, Rev. W. S. minister, E.
Church ; ho. the JIanse
Shaw, James, burgh collector, 9
Gower st. Kelvinside
Shaw, John, & Co. ironfounders,
Maryhill Iron Works
Shields, John, Kelvinside Laundry.
Simpson, Wm. bookkeeper, 16
Argyll street
Sinclair, Alex. T. (at Clippens Oil
Co.'s, Limited), Howard villa
Sinclair, R. W. clerk, Maryhill
School Board, 2 Albert terrace,
Howard villa
Sinclair, Wm. cooper, 140 Gair-
braid St.; house, 121 do.
Skaterigg Co-operative Society,
Smith, Alex. L. engineer; ho. 331
Gairbraid st
Smith, And. commercial traveller,
69 Kelvinside avenue
Smith, D. baker, 53 Gairbraid st
Smith, Jas. working jeweller; ho.
65 Kelvinside avenue
Smith, John D. druggist and den-
tist, 154 Main st. : ho. 257 do.
Soldiers' Home, 406 Gairbraid st
Somerville, A. agent for Union
Bank of Scotland, Limited ; ho.
3 Campbell street
Steel, Geo. provision merchant, 165
Garscube rd.; ho. 37 Kelvinside
Steel, Mark, grocer, 225 Gairbraid
Stewart, Charles, wine and spirit
merchant, 3 Bridge square
Stewart, Donald, wine and spiiit
merchant, 333 Gairbraid st ; ho.
331 do.
Stewart, James, 37 Kelvinside av
Stevenson, G. clerk, Knightswood
Stirling, And. farmer, Anniesland
Stitt, Joseph, bootmaker, 323 Gair-
braid St.; ho. 1 Fernie st
Strang, And. (of M'Farlane, Strang,
& Co.), Lochend cottage
Summerlee Iron Co. Knights-
wood and Garscube Collieries
Sutherland, George, grocer, 146
Main st
Sutherland, J. stationer, 109 Gair-
braid St.; ho. 113 do
Swan, David (of Wm. Swan & Co,
shipbuilders), Collina cottage
Swan, David, jun. Braeside cot
Swan, Jas. D. Willow cottage, 184
Maryhill rd
Swan, WiLliara,& Co. shipbuilders,
Swan, Wm. Daisy brae
Tannock, Wm. grocer, 197 Gair-
braid St.; house, 6 East Park
Telfer, James (of St. Mungo
Chemical Co.), Ruchill
Terrace, David, manager, Corpora-
tion Gas Works, Dawsholm ; ho.
9 Lome terrace
Thomson, A. pattern designer; ho.
12 Lome terrace
Thomson, H. artist, 33 Kelvinside

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