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Kay, Robert, fleslier, 157 Gairbraid
street ; ho. 147 Gairbraid street
Kedslie, James A. 3 Campbell st
Kelvin Chemical Co., match, black-
ing, and chemical manufacturers,
Craighall Works
Kelvinside Laundrj' ; M. Shields,
laundress, 67 Kelvinside avenue
Kennedy, Wm. plumber and gas-
fitter, 218 Main street; ho. 20
Argyll street
Kennedy, Mrs. Eliza. pawLbroker,
147 Gairbraid street
Kirk, Wm. joiner, Whitelaw st. ;
house, Ga'rbraid terrace
Kirkman, Peter, agent Benhar
Coal Co. ; ho. Mary's place
Kirkwood, Allan, agent, Royal
Bank of Scotland; ho. Killer-
mont cottage
Langlands, E. W. house factor, 113
W. Regent st.; ho. 7 Lome ter
Latta, John, grocer, 92 Wyndford
st; ho. 94 Wyndford st
Leask, Henry, paraffin was re-
finer, Ruchill ; ho. 24 Kelvinside
gardens, Kelvinside
Lees, Thos. clerk, Kelvin Foundry;
ho. 21 Argyll st
Lees, David, Gilshochill
Lees, Wm. foreman with D. C. Dick
& Co.; ho. 38 Main st.
Lennie, Thos. baker, 319 Gairbraid
St. and 542 New City road ; ho.
317 Gairbraid st
Lennie, Wm. -wine, provision mer.
198 Main st.; house, 200 do.
Lennie, Mrs. Wm. 200 Main st
Lindsay, Thos. Maryfield cottage
Lowrie & Lockhurst, chemists,
311 Gairbraid street
Lumsden, grocer, 149 Gairbraid st;
ho. 12 Kelvinside avenue
Lyle, W. (at Mackenzie, Gardner,
& Alexander's), Knightswood
Lynas, W. J. clothier and hatter,
245, 247 Gairbraid st ; house,
243 do.
j\rAdam, Ales, flesher, 646 Gars-
cube road ; ho. 190 Gairbraid st
M'Adam, Wm. 2 East Park ter
M'Adam, JIartha, v?ine & spir. mer.
402 and 404 Garscube rd. ; ho.
190 Gairbraid street
Macaulay, James, assistant agent.
Royal Bank
Macintosh, Robert F. provision
merchant, 136 Main street; ho.
M'Callnm & Hope, ironfounders,
32 Cadogan st. ; works, Ruchill
M'Coll, John, grocer, 8 Kelvinside
avenue ; ho. 10 do.
M'Coo, Patrick, sheriff officer, 257
Gairbraid street
M'Covrat, Robert, boot and shoe-
maker, 184 Main street; house,
Mary's pi
M'Crae, John, Baronald house
M'Culloch, Gavin (at Corp. Gas
"Works, Dawsholm), house, 3
Robertson place, Watt st
M'Donald, W. physician and sur-
geon. Burgh house
M'Dougall, Jas. wright and glazier,
Athole pi; ho. 3 Campbell st
M'Evoy, Wm. (of D. C. Dick &
Co.), ho. Burlington house
M'Ewan, Ales, commission agent,
69 Kelvinside avenue
M'Fadyen, Andrew, cabinet and
chair works, Ruchill Factory; ho.
4 Harrington st.
M'Farlane, D. & Son, timber
merchants and saw millers,
Ruchill Sawmills
M'Farlane, Daniel (of D. M'Far-
lane & Son, Ruchill Sawmills) ;
ho. 326 Gairbraid street
]\IFarlane, Daniel, jun. (of D.
M'Farlane & Son, Ruchill
M'Farlane, Hugh, postman, 7
Campbell street
M'Farlane, John, jun. stationer,
89 Wyndford street
M'Farlane, J. porter and ale mer.
93 Wyndford st; ho. 104 Main
M'Farlane, Walter, dairyman and
cow feeder, Gairbraid ho.
M'Gill, Ales, plumber, 178 Main
street ; ho. 4 Kingston pi.
M'Ginty, Edward, ham, butter,
and egg store, and wine mercht.
161 Main street; house, 155 do.
M'Guire, James, 17 Campbell
M'Indoe, R. A. house factor and
insurance agent, Daisy brae
MTntyre, John, confectioner, 176
Main st
Maclntyre, Neil, grocer, 161 Gair-
braid street ; ho. 155 Gairbraid
M'Kaig, S. bootmaker, 137 Main
street ; ho. Mary's pi
Mackay, Mrs. D. ladies' nurse, 2
Belfort st
M'Kellar, J. house factor, pro-
perty and insurance agent, 253
Gairbraid st.; ho. 25 Kelvin-
side terrace, south
M'Killop, William, architectural
sculptor; ho. 34 Kelvinside avn
M'Lachlan, John, contractor, 10
Lome ter.
M'Lachlan, John, wholesale and
retail wine mere. 181 and 183
Gairbraid st. and 1 Belfort st.;
ho. 90 Great Western road
M'Laren, Jas. butcher, 153 Main
street ; house 155 do
M'Lean, D. C. S. postman; ho.
15 Gairbraid avenue
M'Leod, Ales, wine and spirit
merchant, 244 Main street ; ho.
Gairbraid terrace
M'Leod, Wm. wine and spirit mer-
chant, 281, 283 Gairbraid st.
and 3 Vernon street; house, 322
Gairbraid St.
M'Millan, W. 19 Campbell st
M'Nair, Dav. contractor, Netherton
M'Nair, Wm. farmer, Netherton
M'Nicoll, Chas. (of Wm. Swan &
Co. Kelvin dock) ; ho. Cherry-
bank villa, 35 Main st.
M'Onie, Walter, flesher, 203 Kel-
vinbank terrace. Main st ; ho.
Gairbraid ter
M'PhersoD, Miss, 33 Kelvinside
M'Sherry, M. E. grocer and spirit
merchant, 2 Bridge St.; ho. 37
Apsley place, Glasgow
Main, A. wine and spirit merchnt.
100 Wyndford st. ; house, 12
Kelbourne st. Kelvinside
Martin, Geo. joiner, 16 Argyle st
Martin, Wm. provision merchant;
ho. Compass cottage, Anniesland
Martin, Miss, innkeeper. Black
Bull Inn
Marwick, J. D. LL.D, Killerraont
Maryhill Agricultural Society, Geo.
Hoggan, hon. secy
Maryhill Loan Office, 167 Main st;
Jas. O'Hear, pawnbroker
j\Iaryhill Public Library, Burgh
Mathers, James, army Scripture
reader, Maryhill Barracks ; ho.
15 Campbell street
Mathews, John, carriage hirer, 195
Main street
Maxwell, Wm. fruiterer, 32 Main st
Meikle, James, tailor and clothier,
30 Argyle st
Meiiilejones, J. & R. house factors,
1 Walker street
Meiklejones, Robt. house factor and
insurance agent; ho. 10 Lorne
Meiklejones, Mrs. Poplar villa
Melvine, E. slater and plasterer,,
SO Whytelaw street; ho. 131
Main street
Menzies, R. plumber, 121 Main
St. ; house, 7 Janefield place
Millen, John, butcher, 196 Main
street; house, 194 Main street
Miller, A. bread and biscuit baker,
84 Main st
Sliller, D. & Co. Kelvin House,
150 Main street; ho. West End,
Miller, Wm. 15 Gairbraid avenue
Mitchell, Robert, dairy, 203 Gair
braid street
Moff'at, Alex. Wm. (at William
Henry Pot(s'), ho. 69 Kelvin^
side avenue
IMoir, John, carrier and dairymai
174 Main st
Moir, Wm. baker, 204 Main st

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