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Forbes, Thos. builder, Stuart villa
Foster, E. & Co. grocers, 99
Brighton street
France & Morgan, general brass
and bell foundry, Wfaitefield
Brass Works, Carmicliael st
France, Wm. (of France & Mor-
gan), ho. 5 Bellahouston ter
Franklin, Eliza, hospital superin-
tendent, Merryflats
Fraser, John (of Govan Weaving
Co.), 1 Alexandra terrace
Freer, Fredk. A. surgeon, Gothic
cottage, Govan road
FullartoD, Dav. head-master, Hill's
Trust School; ho. 6 Bucking-
ham square.
Galbraith, Eev. D. E.U. Church,
Queen street ; res. Broomloan
Galbraith, Robert, Greenhead
Gall, Hugh, & Sjn, clothiers and
boot and shoemakers, 6 Ken-
sington terrace
Gall, Eobt. 10 Ibrox place
Galloway, Arch, wine merchant,
22 Elder st. and 41 Fairfield st
Galloway, George, commis. agent ;
ho. 5 Brighton ter. Copeland
Gait, James E. builder, 24 Lang-
lands road
Gardner, Jas. stationer, bookseller,
and librarian, Ibrox Post Office ;
ho. 1 Ibrox place
Gemmill, George, house painter, 4
Napier st. ; ho. Eden villa, Car-
michael street
Gemmill, John, 5 Woodvale place
Gemmill, Mrs. Brandon house,
Ibrox park
General Cooking Depot, Liathouse
Gibb, James, insurance agent, 32
■ Helen st
Gibbon, Jas. 73 Ibrox street
Gibson, Andrew, grocer, 8, 5
Mon-ison st.; ho. 1 Avoudale ter
Gibson, John, 4 Westminster ter
Gibson, Robert, Langlands house
Gilchrist, M. potato merchant, Half-
way house
GilfiUan, Eobt. house factor, 1
Ibrox place
Gill, And. & Co. ship tackle
manufacturers, Crossloan road
Gilmour, Alex. C. spirit merchant,
48 Victoria st. and 48 Windsor
st. ; res. Dalton villa, Govan
Gilnaou'', A. C. spirit merchant, 3
Victoria street.
Gilmour, Geo. grocer, 81 Queen st. ;
house, 79 do
Gilmour, Wm. M. M.D. 70 G Govan
rd.; ho. 1 Buckingham square
Glasgow and Govan Building
Society (in liquidation), Wm.
Fingland, secy. 545 Govan rd
Glass, P. glazier, &c. 837 Govan
Glass, William, gardener, 4 West-
minster place, Paisley road
Glen, Arch, wrigbt and builder,
49 Fleming street
Goldie Bros, shoemakers, 666
Govan road
Goodwin, Alex, butcher, 38 Har-
mony row ; ho. 33 While st
Goodwin, John, Hazelwood, Dum-
Gorman, Alex, engrav. 1 Ibrox pi
Gorman, Ed. sheriff-officer, 46
Victoria street
Goudie, Jas. grocer, 41 Elder
St.; ho. 35 Graham street
Gourlay, Jno. spirit merchant, 952
Goean road ; ho. 5 Reid street
Govan Bowling Club ; V/jlliam
Frame, secy. A'exandra ter
Govan Forge and Steel Co.(Limd.),
Helen st
Govan, Geo. secy. Govan Forge
and Steel Co. Ltd. Helen st
Govan Old Victualling Society
(Limited), licensed grocers, 641
Govan rd.; Robt. Scott, 6 Brook-
lyn place, manager
Govan Press ; ofSce, Portland bdgs
Govan Public Baths, 960 Govan
Govan Section G.U. Y.M. C. A.;
roonn, 12 Helen street; Thos.
M'Kenzie, general secy.
Govan Shipbuilding Co. 746 Go-
van road
Govan Tube Co. tube makers,
Broamloan road
Govan Weaving Co. power-loom
cloth manufacturers, Helen st
Gow, Andw. superintendent, Craig-
ton cemetery
Gow, Angus, builder, 553 Govan
road ; house. 655 do.
Graham, Rev. J. T. 6 Brighton pi
Grahaai, Robt. clerk, 9 Ibros pi
Gray, Alex, shoemaker, 662 Govan
Gray, Alex. D. 9 Brighton ter
Gray, James, potato merchant,
25 Ibrox pk. Paisley rd
Gray, J. barber, 19 Helen street;
house, 15 do
Gray, Jn. jun. 3 Bellahouston ter
Gray, Miss, Netherton house
Gribbin, Jn. merchant, Merryflats
Griudlay, James, funeral under-
taker, 784 Govan road; res.
Manse, Renfrew
Grojsart, Jas. D. pastman, 92
Queen sti-eet
Guthrie, And. 19 Kensington ter
Guthrie, T. C. (of Guthrie,
Jlandonald, Hood, & Co.), res.
Altair, BeUaliouston
Haddow, John, physician and sur-
geon, 558 Govan rd.; ho. 5
Buckingham square
Hall, James, agricul. implement
maker, Half-way house
Hally, Geo. teacher. Harmony K)
Public School ; ho. 3 Broomli
ter. Partick
Hamilton, Archd. New Dock Wor
Hamilton, George, mason, 5 Sot
Hamilton, Eobt. Middleton shi
yard; ho. 20 Carmichael st
Hamilton, Capt. W. 338 Kensia
ton ter.
Hamilton, Wm. supt. of pDli(|
res. 7 Caimichael st
Hamilton, Wm. (of 23 Hydep
street), ho. 1 Ibrox place
Hannah, Alex, (of Hannah I
Martin), house, " Cairnsmoif
Bellahouston !
Harrington, J. P. Ibroxhill |
Hart, Alex, farmer, Bellahousip
farm |
Harvey, Alex, (of G. & A. Hatve;
12 liighburgh ter. Dovvanhil(
Harvey, G. & A. engineers, ml
Wrights, tool manufacturers, il
factory architects, Albion Won,
Woodville st *
Harvey, Robert, smith and farr L
Halfway house. Paisley rd f
Harvie, Robt. wine and spirit mji-
chan"-, Halfway house
Hay, John, potato merchant, I
doc villa, Ibrox
Hay, Wm. (of 17 Watt street), j.
Madoc villa, Ibrox I
Henderson, Walter, 17 Ibrox U.
Hendry & M'Creath, painters ;|
paperhangers, 508 Govan rd '•
Hendry, Jno. painter, 508 Goi
rd.;''ho. 580 do.
Henry, W. 2 Hawardeu place .',
Hepburn, A. & Son, dairymi,
681 Govan road
Hepburn, J. dairyman, 49 Rol
St.; ho. 51 do
Hepburn, Jas, chimneysweep
slater, 15 Langlands rd
Hill, Hugh, bootmaker, 766 Go
road; ho. 778 do.
Hill, Robt. bootmaker, 15 Wl(fe
St.; ho. 853 Govan road
Hill, William, bedroom furoit
manufacturer, Govan Cabi
Works ; re?. 2 Park terraci
Hinshelwood, Mrs. John, St. V
cent Park, Ibrox
Hislop, Alex, gutta pereha b
and shoe warehouse, 724 Go^j ; u
road; house, 697 do.
Hiilop, And. artist, 6 Wostmins
terrace ; ho. 44 So. Portland
Hislop, Wm. grocer, 687 Go
road ; ho. 42 Scotland st
Hodge, J. cabinetmaker, up!
sterer, and French polls!
9 Napier st.; ho. 1 Govaadal| l,'
Hope, John (of J. Elder & C
res 9 Bloomfield ter.
Hope, John, writer, 203 Hope
ho. 8 West Ibros terrace

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