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Gibb, Thomas, ironmonger and
colliery furnisher, 28,30 Bank st.
Gibson, Archibald W. painter and
glazier, 57 Church street; res.
Haldane cottage, Church st
Gibson, James, salesman. Phoenix
Ironworks ; ho. Mun-aj place
Gibson, Jas. W. teacher, Public
School ; ho. Havelock ter. 48
St. John st
Gibson, Matthew, spirit merchant,
Langloan ; ho. Union place
Gibson, William, grocer and pro-
vision merchant, 111 Main st.
Gilbert, James, dairyman, Bank st
Gilbert, Eobert, dairyman, 17
Muiryhall st
Gilbert, William, dairyman, 114
Bank st
Gilchrist, Andrew, builder. Weir st
Gilchrist, John, brickbuilder, Port-
land street
Gilchrist, Thomas, builder, 56
Colt terrace, Cosie cottage
Gillespie, John, spirit merchant,
102 Bank street
Gillespie, John, cashier, Coats
Iron Works; ho. 107 Danbeth ter
Gillies, Alex, portioner, 13 Albert
place, Dunbeth st
Gillies, Mrs., gi-ocer and spirit
merchant, Laigh Coats; house,
Viewfield pi., Dundyvan rd
Gillon, Ralph C. S. School Board
officer ; ho. 1 Baird st
Gilmour, John, boot and shoe
maker, 6 Main st
Girdwood, David, house factor,
Buchanan place, Langloan
Glathe, B. manager, 17 Baird
Glenboig Union Fireclay Co. fire-
clay manufacturers
Grant, Alexander, painter. Sunny-
side road ; ho. 18 Baird street
Grant, James, cashier, Vulcan
Foundry ; ho. Greenhill road
Graven, John, pipe maker, 1G4 .and
j 166 Main st
Gray, Andrew, draper, 35 Bank
St.; res. 107 Dunbeth ter
Gray, John, & Co. boot and shoe
I makers, 84 Main street
Sr.ay, William, bootmaker, 4 Gart-
sherrie rd
3ray, T. A. Maybole Shoe Ware-
house, 34 Main st
Greenock ]\Ierino Mill Yarn Store,
30 Sunnyside road
'Greig, James, wine and spirit mer-
chant, 121, 123 Bank st. and
149, 211, 213 Main street; ho.
Newmains cottage, Langloan
Hagan, John, grocer, 62, 64
Buchanan st
Hall, James, North British Iron
Works; ho. 7 Baird street
Hall, Jas. confectioner, 27 Sunny-
side rd
Hamilton, James, cashier. Sunny-
side Boiler Works ; ho. Alex-
andra place, Colt terrace
Hamilton, James, cashier. Crown
Ironworks, 107 Dunbeth terrace
Haney, John saleroom, 43 Bank st
Hanson, Jas. clerk, Murray place,
Weir st
Hanson, John, grocer and spirit
merchant, 109 and 153 Bank st
Hardie, William A. cashier, Cale-
donian Tube Works ; house,
Greenhill terrace
Hartill, Jos. confectioner, 121
Main st. ; house, Burnbank
Harvie, Thomas W. grocer and
spirit merchant, Newfield pi.
Harvie, William, music teacher,
Murray pi. 4 Weir street
Henderson, George, clerk, Whifflet
Foundry ; house, Tennant's land,
Henderson, Mrs. James, spirit
merchant, 2 Canal street
Henderson, M. M. watchmaker and
jeweller, 73 Main st
Henry, John, contractor, 17 Water
Herron, Alex., portioner, Albert pi
Hill, Samuel, superintendent. Pru-
dential Assurance Co. Murray
place. Weir st
Hill, James, wine and spirit
merchant, Dundyvan Old Store
Hill, .John, tailor and clothier.
Wood's cottage, Dundyvan rd
Hillson, Mr,s. dressmaker, 6 Gart-
sherrie ro.ad
Hind, Henry, Benview House, 22
Weir st
Hobbs, Rev. D. E.U. minister,
Blair grove, Langloan
Hobbs, Wm. salesman, 59 Church st
Hodson, John, clog maker, 51 Bank
street ; ho. Eosehill, Sunnyside
Howat, Daniel, Braxfield place
Hudson, Thomas, boilermaker,
Sheepford Boiler Works
Hunter, Jas. wine and spirit mer-
chant, 78 Sunnyside rd
Hunter, John, bolt and rivet manu-
facturer, Sunnyside road ; ho.
Kildonan st
Hutcheson, Rev. William, minister,
Coats Manse
Hutton, And. butcher, 117 Bank st.;
ho. Briarfield house, Blairhill
Hutton, Andrew, flesher,33 Sunny-
side rd
Hutton, James, file cutter, Laigh
Coats; ho. 87 Victoria ter
Hutton, M. stationer, 82 Sunnyside
Hutton, Robt. roller; ho. Murray
place. Weir st
Hyslop, Wm., engineer, Gart-
sherrie Iron Works; res. Rowend
cottage, Gartslierrie
Jack, James, cashier, Coatbridge
Ironworks; ho. Havelock ter.
54 St. John st
Jardine, Wm., Coats Iron Works;
res. Rhinds Ho. Baillieston
Jardine, Wm. H. accountant and
public auditor, 10 Sunnyside rd
Jarvie, James, portioner. Ivy cot-
tage, 42 Church st
Jeffrey, John, factor, 21 Albert pi.
Dunbeth st
Jenkins, John, Congregational min-
ister, Blairgrove cot. Langloan
Johnston, Alex , 107 Dnnbeth ter
Johnston, Alfred, wine and spirit
merchant, Burnbank
Johnston & Co. clothiers, drapers,
and milliners, Clydesdale place,
104 Main st
Johnston, Jas. oil refiner. Anchor
Oil Wks. Glasgow; ho. 24 Weir st
Johnston, Jas., tailor, 28 Main st
Johnston, Jas., grocer, 11 Main st
Johnston, P. B. & Son, grocers
67 Main street
Johnston, Stewart B. spirit mer-
chant, 48 Main st. & Drumpellier
Store, Langloan ; res. Kirkl.and
house, Blairhill
Johnston, Sophia, teacher, Murray
place, 2 Weir st
Jonas, Rev. Ed. James, F.R.H.S.
Episcopal clergyman; house, St.
John's Parsonage, 64 Muiryhall
Kelly, John, photographer, Clydes-
dale place, 106 Main st
Kelly, Mrs. M., wine and spirit
merchant, 137, 139 Main st
Kent, Jas. contractor, Caledonian
Kent, James, grocer, Greenhill ter
Kennedy, Wm., flesher, 134Main st
Kerr, Wm., engineer, 55 Church st
Killem, John, studgroom, Drumpel-
lier House
King, Thomas M. draper, 13 Main
St.; res. Portland st
Iving, Mrs. John, wine and spirit,
mercht , 141, 143 ]\Iain st
Kirk & Martin,plumbers, tinsmiths,
and gasfitters. 6 Bank st
Knox, Jas., hatter, 91 Main st
Laird, Jas., family grocer, 51 JIain
street; res. Co-operative build-
ings, Muiryhall street
Laird, Wm. draper, 106 Bank st.,
Lamb, James, agent, The Clydes-
dale Bank (Ltd.), 21 Academy st
Lamberton & Co. engineers and
ironfounders, Sunnyside Engine
Lang, Alex, bank accountant, The
Clydesdale Bank Co. (Ltd.); res.
Murray pi. Weir st
Lang, Wm. F. engineer, Sunnyside
Engine Works ; res. Victori.T
terrace, 81 Dunbeth rd

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