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Craig, William, stationer, printer,
and bookseller, 47 Main street ;
ho. Mount Zion cot. 56 Cbnrch st
Cra^Yford, Laurence, cashier, Gart-
sherrie Ironworks ; bo. Hornick
Crichton, David, factor for Drum-
pdlier estate ; res. Drumpellier
Crichton, John, auctioneer. Cross-
keys, 123 and 124 Sunn3'siderd
Crichton, Peter, general iron-
monger, 16 and 102 Main street ;
ho. Hyndford cottage, Lanark
Crichton, Robert Furnace, Bank
manager, 9 Park pi. Langloan
Crombie, Henry, dairyman. Sunny-
side road
Cross, Mrs. Hillhead cottage,
54 Church street
Crossan, Thos. grocer, Gartsherrie
Crozier, Robert C. gi-ocer and pro-
vision merchant, 160 Bank st
Cruiclf shanks, Wm., wine and spt.
merchant, 39 Academy st.; ho. 5
Kirk pi. Baird st
Cullen, Arch, dairyman, 15 Baird
st and 8 Water st
Cullen, Arch, farmer, Gartverrie
Cullen, James, portioner. Burn-
bank rd
Cullen, Robert, cabinetmaker and
timber merchant, Coatbridge
Saw mills, 142, 144, and 146
Main st
Cullen, Wm. portioner, Ronald st
Cunningham, Michael, tobacconist,
120 Sunnyside rd
Cutler, E. roll turner. Park cottage,
26 Colt terrace
Cutler, H. J. confect. 51 Sunnyside
Dale, Benjamin, general dealer.
Bank st. Langloan
DaUow, John, N.B. Ironworks, 19
Academy st
Dallow, S. W. Kildonan st
Dalziel, John, portioner, Dalziel
cottage, 46 Church st
Davidson, J. architect, 9 Academy
street ; ho. 4 Graham st. Airdrie
Davidson, James, jeweller, 61 Main
street ; ho. Alpine cottage
Davidson, John W. ironmonger,
59 Main st.; ho. 15 Church st
Davie, John, farmer, Kirkshaws
Davie, Thomas, iron and steel
manufacturer, Waverley Iron and
Steel Works ; ho. 24 Weir street
Denholm, Campbell, bank account.
Murray place. Weir street
Diamond, Patrick, grocer, 205
Bank st
Dick, John, ironfounder, Clifton-
hill Foundry; ho. Coatbank cot
Dick, John, & Co. ironfounders,
Dickson, Geo. shoemaker, 85 Main
Dingwall, H. teacher of music,
Russell's land, Colt terrace
Diver, Mrs. G. T. sale rooms,
Tennant pi
Dixon, Thomas, teacher of music ;
res. Rosemount cot. 35 Church
Dixon, Wm. (Limd.), ironmasters,
Calder Ironworks
Dodds, John, inspector of police ;
ho. 25 Weir st.
Douglas, Rev. Sholto Campbell,
Douglas Support
Dove, Archibald, water inspector,
24 JIuiryball st
Downs, William, cashier, 7 Albert
place, Dunbeth street
DrafFen, George, sen. draper, 94
Main St.; ho. Hillside cot. 29 St.
John st
DrafFen, George, jun. draper, 23
]\Iain st. ; ho. Torriesdale villa
Drummond, Gavin, ironmonger and
commission agent, 74 Sunnyside
Drumpellier Coal Co. Dundyvan
road; Glasgow office, 40 St.
Enoch square
Duncan, Andrew, tailor and clothier,
30 Church st
Duncan, James M'Nab, slater and
plasterer, 18 Dunbeth rd
Duncan, John, spirit merchant and
flesher, Union place, Langloan ;
ho. Greenbank cottage
Dunnachie, James, brick manufac-
turer, Glenboig
Dunnachie, W. J. chemist, Gart-
sherrie Ironworks
Dykes, James, portioner, Melrose
cottage, 44 Church st
Dykes, John, farmer, Kipps
Eadie, James, butcher, 86 Main st
Ellis, John W. ironmaster, N. B.
Ironworks; res. Coatshill, 66
Muiryhall st
Ellis, Thos. iron manufacturer, N.
B. Ironworks
Ellis, Thomas Leonard, North
British Iron Works ; res. Dudley
bouse, 60 St. John st
Erskine, Ralph, flesher, 104 Bank
St. Langloan ; ho. 149 do.
Ewing, Aixh. china merchant, 16
Sunnyside rd. ; ho. Bell st.
Falconer, Alex, wine and spirit
mercht., 20 and 21 Sunnyside rd
Farquharson, James, M.D. 32 Main
street; ho. Mount Zion
Farthing, Jos. flesher, Dundyvan
Ferguson, Henry, coal salesman,
Flowerhill cottage
Finlayson, Finlay, engineer, Alex-
andra pi. Colt terrace
Finlayson, John, manager, Vulcan
Foundry, Muirend cottage
I Fire Engine House, 81 Sunnyside rd
Flannigan, Jas. saleroom, 85 Bank
Flannigan, Jas. spirit merchant,
78 Main st
Fleming. A. S. Albion Chemical ;
Works ; res. 107 Dunbeth tor .
Forrester, Jas. J. coal merchant,
41 Church st
Forsyth, George W. clerk, Gart-
sherrie Iron Works ; house,
17 Church st
Forsyth, James, flesher, 7 Sunny-
side road ; ho. Forsyth's land
Forsyth & Thomson, solicitors,
Academy street, and Bank street,
Foulds, Robert, Gartsherrie Iron
works ; ho. Sunnyside ter
Frame, John, iron merchant, 91
Victoria ter. Dunbeth rd
Eraser, Archibald, Pumpherstont
Oil Co. Ld. ; res. 101 Dunbeth
terrace )
Fraser, Archd. 101 Dunbeth ter
Eraser, Hugh, & Sons, saddlers andl
harness makers, 22 Main st
Fraser, J. A. coal salesman, 20
Weir street
Fraser, Miss, Union Cottage, 44
St. John st
Fraser, Edwin, saddler, 20 Main st"
Freth, Job J. tube manufacturer,
Carradale House
Frew, Annie, grocer and spirit
merchant, Buchanan st
Fryar, Robert, portioner, 3 Colt ter
Fulton, Rev. Wm. M.A. Whiiflet
Free' Church ; ho. Coatbank,
Gall, John, flesher, Dundyvan
store, Dundyvan rd
Galloway & Co. manufacturing
chemists, Clifton Chemical Wks
Galloway, James, spirit merchant,
13, 14 Sunnyside road
Galloway, James, slater and plas-
terer, 49 Colt ter
Gardner, Hugh, saddler and iron-
monger, 7 Main street ; ho. Bank
street, Langloan
Gardner, John, family grocer and
wine merchant, 108, 110 Bank
st. ; ho. Flower Hill, Airdrie
Gardner, Mrs. repairing boot shop,
24 Bank st
Garrett, George, iron and steel
manufacturer, Dunbeth lodge
Gartsherrie Coal Co.
Gartshore,A. 0. storekeeper, Mill-
bank cottage, Langloan
Gartverrie Fireclay Co. fireclay
Garvine, Messrs. & Co. drapers and
hosiers, 149 Main st
Gemmell, S. H. clerk, Langloan
Ironworks ; res. Burnbank cot.
Gibb, Robt. baker, 68 Sunnyside

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